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Testy wrote ...

"I think Dave is actually right ..."


This should be on your headstone Dave.  It's such a perfect example of how you interact with the world and with others.  You read a bit you like, then /thread.

You do it with everything.  Skim for the nuggets you like then /read.

Sort of like with science - get to a bit you can't explain then "God did it" /research.

  I even know priests who understand science just fine.
Georges LemaƮtre ftw
Yeah.  It's true that some Gods are not falsifiable and so safe from science, but Dave's God is not only falsifiable but falsified. 

Which is good because Dave's God is also a monster.

I believe in God, but does it stop me from studying science? Hell no.
Actually it does.
Not "believing in God", per se, but believing the way you do in the "God" that you believe in.

I'm a perfect case in point. I believe in God, but does it stop me from studying science?
it certainly stops you from understanding science.
To be fair, it's his personality that stops him, not religion necessarily.
I'm pretty sure it's a truth he's holding too tightly to even know what it looks like anymore, let alone to examine.

Absolutely.  I know lots of scientists who believe in God, and understand science just fine.  I even know priests who understand science just fine.  And they have better theology than Dave too.

I DO think Shapiro and Co. are moving us closer to a "God view" but not because they advocate any kind of woo.  Rather, it's because they are helping biologists recognize the "chicken / egg' nature of all biological systems.  They are forcing biologists into head scratching mode.  Which is where creationists have been forever.  We look at biology and scratch our heads and say "WTF ... we cannot figure out how this stuff could come to be except via some Highly Sophisticated ET that we know very little about."  In human technology, stuff like we see in biology comes about only via Intelligence.  So why should it be any different in Biology?  Until we know better, that's the best explanation, although admittedly it's not an "explanation" at all in the normal sense ... it's just "all we've got."

You keep missing the point, Dave.  A "God view" is, in scientific terms, equivalent to "We do not have a natural explanation for this therefore we give up and say God did it".  Scientists don't do that.  They say "We do not have a natural explanation for this YET, therefore we will have to keep looking and thinking and observing and modifying our models and continuing our quest to become incrementally less wrong".

If Shapiro wants to science at God Musta Dunnit, then that's up to him. The rest of cell biology will keep on going.

But I don't think he does. No scientist wants to stop trying to find out more about the world.  Dammit I'm 66 and only reluctantly considering cutting my hours to 66% next year.  And that's largely so I can do less teaching.
A minority of scientists says God must have done it because they can't think of anything else logical

Well, shame for them.  I hope they enjoy gardening instead or something.

and it seems like the most sensible quote unquote explanation

It's not an explanation, Dave.  An explanation that can explain anything explains nothing.  That's the point. "God did it" explains nothing.  It just says "God must have done something but we don't know what or how".

in light of what they know about human  technology but this does not stop them from studying biology. Why would it?

Well, I guess they can continue studying the bits they haven't given up on ever explaining.
They haven't given up on anything. This is just a myth propagated by materialist zealots who want to convert others to their materialist zealotry. 

It's not a myth.  It's simple logic.  "God did it" doesn't explain anything. So if you get to a point in an investigation where you can't think of anything other explanation, "God did it", what you say.  It means you've given up finding any natural explanation. What else could it mean?

I'm a perfect case in point. I believe in God, but does it stop me from studying science?

I didn't say it did.  Lots of scientists believe in God. But using "God" as an explanation is the equivalent of saying "I think there isn't an explanation".  Scientists who believe in God mostly think that God made a universe that can be explained.  So they don't resort to "God did it" for a bit they can't explain. They say "hmm.  what else could be going on here..."

Hell no. How many other theists do you know like me who spend hours every day reading and arguing about scientific stuff? I am actually, literally fascinated with bacteria and how they work and I'm fascinated with cell cognition and all these other things. In fact, I think my Paradigm helps me to ask better questions than other paradigms.

Trump just wants to be sure everyone around him, especially those he's somewhat intimate with, is a real human and not a goddamn reptilian. He calls it the cloaca test.
damn. hadn't thought of that. Oh well,  :pisstape:
The dossier claim was that he wanted prostitutes to defile a bed Obama had slept in. That he likes being humiliated himself doesn't really fit his persona.
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No kidding! What happened to that marsupial's ears?  :stare:
Looks like a sex-crazed T-Rex to me.