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Well try me. I'm waiting.
For what? 

I wonder if we all agree on what is the essential difference between teaching and preaching.
To me, the accuser (gasp), preaching is a one way communication with no substantial response to objections raised including refusal to consider various sources.
Teaching is providing accurate information and guiding the learner to understanding, being responsive to their questions to their satisfaction.

Well try me. I'm waiting.
Oh I'm sure only home grown 'natural' teaching is useful in Dave's mind. None o yer ivory tower tall tales.
"As a professional educator"

What's so funny about professional educators?
"As a professional educator"

What's so funny about professional educators?
"As a professional educator"

How did the self-control part evolve?
Like vox said, not a simple explanation, and one you have failed to honestly engage in in the past.
If you really wanted to learn, there are folks here far more qualified than I to explain it and, gosh, they've tried.
I would like to see your side become honest and admit that you don't have any explanation. Just as you don't have any explanation for how life got started on Earth. Just as you don't have any explanation for the origin of diversity of species.
You're wrong, though.
I have learned so much on these threads - not from you, but from all the cool, interesting science posted in rebuttal to you.
It's painfully obvious that you disregard anything that conflicts with what you want to believe, so you will never understand what they have been trying to teach you.
And it's sad, because you really do want to know this stuff. And you would enjoy knowing it!
I hear this off and on from various people here. Let me list some of the things that I think you should have learned from me... Some of the most important things...

1) how to maintain healthy, food-producing farm animals with no medications whatsoever while at the same time improving and restoring your ecosystem.
Not really, all you've managed to do is not meet your original goals, then not meet your replacement goals then not meet the replacement goals for the replacement goals. That and fucked around with this and that. And since you have no baseline measurements of any aspect of your hobby-horsing, there's little point in taking measurements now.

2) RM + NS is being rejected by more and more scientists within the life sciences as a creative force in nature
No. That may be your impression, but we all know how impressionable you can be with regard to something you imagine supports your preferred narrative. In any case, your use of RM + NS is a simplistic interpretation of the one of the concepts in the ToE, as such, your characterization is pretty much meaningless. Just another strawsomething for you to feel good about attacking. Though your attacks are, for the most part, ineffective and irrelevant.

3) many indigenous groups around the world had near Perfect Teeth and near-perfect health back in the 1930s.
So you claim, but ignore that your hero did not visit all indigenous groups nor record the teeth and health of every member of the groups he did visit. Plus he often failed to record whatever measurements he did make other than as editorial opinions.

4) most viruses are not bad, contrary to popular opinion. In fact life on Earth would not be possible without them. One of their key functions is to "pollinate" bacteria with needed genes.
Most grizzly bears are not bad, contrary to popular opinion. Most bikers are not bad, contrary to popular opinion. Most LSD trips are not bad, contrary to popular opinion.   By the way, that is not a key function of viruses. It occurs but it's not a key function.

5) Nuking bacteria with antibiotics is a dead end Street and will not result in the long-term health of humanity.
Antibiotics are not and never were intended to be a long term solution to anything. Their purpose is to get the infectee through the infection.

6) vaccinations are only a good thing in very specific, unnatural contexts.
  Except those "very specific, unnatural contexts" are surprisingly numerous and very broadly applied, for things like polio, small pox, mumps, whooping cough, measles, rabies, yellow fever, tetnus, chicken pox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, rubella, hepatitis a and b and shingles to name a few. Some of those used to kill tens of thousands to millions every year.

7) the fact of continent-sized sheets of sandstone which are extremely flat and extremely thin Force us to conclude that there must have been a giant cataclysm in the past.
The only "forced" to conclude such is you. Those sheets are not continent sized, they are not all that flat nor all that thin, at least not such that mainstream science can't and doesn't explain such.

There's more, but that's a start.
About all any one has learned or could learn from your efforts is that you are a militantly ignorant narcissistic DK posterboy with zero if not negative credibility.
Every one of Dave's 'points' is a concept thoroughly argued, corrected, refuted, etc., by people who actually know what they're talking about.
A "teacher" who fails to persuade a single "student" of a single thing is, obviously, a complete failure.
Every one of Dave's 'points' is a concept thoroughly argued, corrected, refuted, etc., by people who actually know what they're talking about. All pointless afa Dave's brain goes. He's gone right back to his square one half-arsed notions in every single case.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!' Nothing beside remains.

Who knew the subject was really Dave Hawkins?
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Beginning to guess why they got forgotten.

Okay that's probably not fair.