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You have no idea what a "sloth year of poop" is, Dave. You pulled that number out of your ass. You have no idea how often extinct ground sloths pooped. You have no idea how commonly they pooped in the same place. You are in no position whatsoever to evaluate "how ridiculous" any given amount of poop over any given amount of time is.

You desperately want to pretend you can definitively state that the mainstream model is "ridiculous" because you are terrified of challenging your own beliefs. The only way you will ever be able to make any "educated guesses" about anything is if you stop making uneducated guesses about everything.

Confront your fears. Stop pulling numbers out of your ass in a desperate attempt to use your own ignorance to pretend there's something wrong with the mainstream model. Examine Brown's model. Examine your own assumptions. That is the only way you will ever learn anything.
Mafia / Witches Rules and PG
Last post by Bilirubin -
In 1618, in the Borders region of Scotland, witches prowl.  :reign:

Your village has been under attack from foul, infernal, evil. Babies gone missing. Cattle eaten in two. Crops are failing.

Use your investigatory skills and FAITH IN GOD to purify your village once again.


Standard mafia rules apply. No game chat in the PG, no player communication during night time unless called for by your role. Missed actions are skipped. Non participators may be GM killed at any time (within reason) so if you will be away let the game know.

Days will run 48 hours, nights 24.

I will be sending out role PMs shortly to this list of players:
01. testy
02. borealis
03. nostrum
04. rachmarie
05. ksen
06. gib's spot
07. MZ
08. Timewave
09. Valor
10. grit
11. teeth
12. diva

Ask questions for clarification here.
You are being awfully shy about saying how old you think the youngest and oldest sloth poop is, Dave.

It would seem to be quite important to your argument as to how quickly it was pooped.
No it's not important. What's important is showing how ridiculous it is to spread 15 (or 60) sloth years of poop over 2000 years.  THEN we can look at Brown's model and see what we've got. THEN maybe we can make some educated guesses about sloth poop that are not in la la land.
Anyone not wearing about 2 million sunscreen is gonna have a real bad day, get it?
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: Cat gifs are a guilty pleasure
Last post by MikeS -
wabbit season
duck season
I am nuke proof.
Someone test this theory.
Politics and Current Events / I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.
Last post by Greatest Iam -
I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2.

I enjoyed a good chuckle the other day when a friend of mine, with a Southern drawl spoke to me.

Thars gonna be some nuken on this cheer earth. King of the terrorist Trump gonna see to thatun thare chore. He be itching for a fight don'tcha know. He gonna tell everyone to fight or shut up real soon.

Trust me now when I say this. Listen good ifin you can. I am nuke proof. I hope yar 2. We gotta do something. Our leaders are incompetent to beat the band.
Terrorism is a puny thang as compared to what's to come from the likes of Trump, Kim Jung -Un et all leaders in the U.N.
The U.N is not , perhaps cannot, do it's job of brokering peace. All because everyone thinks themselves right about something or other. Insane right?

Trump, terrorist and other vigilantes are a puny problem, as compared killing machines like the forces at hand in the U.S.A. Trump will show then tell.

As usual, the U.S.A. will use war to quiet the fracturing of society that is presently happening in the world. God has truly abandoned us.
All of the political and spiritual Gods and all their minions will flee, that is all people, if Trump gets peeved.

I am nuke proof. Are you?