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humans suck

Endangered white rhino shot dead inside French zoo by poachers seeking valuable horn
Love is like a magic penny
 if you hold it tight you won't have any
if you give it away you'll have so many
they'll be rolling all over the floor

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Re: humans suck
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I'm not one to advocate for the death penalty, like, ever. But, ya know ....  :unsure:
"I'm over 70 and have never seen such , arrogance, incompetence and Ill -intentions as this President and his aids."    The Dotard     (posted 12 days after his 68th birthday)

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Re: humans suck
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FB post I made just this morning ...

Charlotte the Piggy survived her first night in the Robopen and seems to be getting along with her new house mates. I had no idea what to expect but I'm gaining confidence that this thing is going to work. My fancy sciency sounding name for this is "High EROI Multi-Species Robotic Micro-HMG System" ... in redneck terms, "High EROI" means almost no work at all ... no poop shovelin' ... no hay haulin' ... no takin' em to the vet ... no buyin' feed at the feed store ... no nasty smell ... none of that yucky traditional stuff ... "HMG" means "Holistic Managed Grazing" and is all about tight grouping, high pasture impact, short duration, long rest grazing. I got my "Bachelor's Degree" in HMG from Greg Judy with single species systems - cows and sheep and while there I picked his brain about multi-species and got good info. This is my first time to try it and it's going well. My big goal here is nothing less than completely revolutionizing small scale animal husbandry, making it much easier, healthier and happier for families wanting to "move to the country and have animals." As a young father, I had these fluffy dreams of this sort of stuff for my young family, but I hadn't the foggiest clue what I was doing and knew nothing about rotational grazing and holistic animal management. So for me, my early animal husbandry experiments ranged from mediocre to disastrous. So I now have 3 species integrated and I'll soon add a 4th - chickens and if I think I have room, I'll add a small dairy cow. In terms of food production goals for this unit, my target is about 1 million food calories - 500k from dairy goat milk, 180k from fattening a pig (although I may breed the pig instead of eat her), 180k from 10 egg laying hens and another 150k or so from rabbit meat ... all with no purchased feed and no medications whatsoever and very little work. We'll see how that goes. I'm starting to build a second unit which will hopefully top 3 million food calories per year. For those that aren't familiar with this, 1 million food calories are about how many calories an active adult male would need in one year's time.

Why put the bunnies with the goats?  Because that's  closer to how they are in nature.