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Need some Shizzle-free bunny advice
Well, yall, my feisty young pit bull done dug up a nest of baby bunnies in the back yard. She aint killed none of 'em yet, she's just tryin to play with 'em. But their eyes aint open, they're smaller than my finger. They make the cutest lil squeakin noises.

My buddy sez he aint gonna escort the dogs outside just to protect some bunnies. His suggestions include "expose the nest so them fellers'll hop away," "dig up the nest and place it near the field/in the woods" and "just let the dogs be dogs." Now that aint right! My lil pupper aint never tasted blood, but our old, grumpy, husky-pit mix loves killin critters. I just don't feel like havin my dogs kill critters in my back yard... I aint wipin bunny blood off my pitty babies faces.

What would yall do? I don't reckon I want to babysit the dogs every time I go out there.

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Re: Need some Shizzle-free bunny advice
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Your buddy's an arse and you may be too.

If their eyes aren't open they are less than 10 days old. They'll be competent within 3 weeks from birth, so I don't see why you can't keep the dogs away for that length of time. This site suggests fencing the nest until then.

That said, it's almost 100% certain one or both of your dogs will kill the babies if you do nothing and let them do their thing unsupervised.