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Re: Medical Records
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Objectivity is always the hard part
Love is like a magic penny
 if you hold it tight you won't have any
if you give it away you'll have so many
they'll be rolling all over the floor

Re: Medical Records
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Using an incredibly painful experience with a car coil as a guide, you are grounded wherever you are within a short distance from a grounding material. I burned a hole in the back of my hand where the arc came out and jumped to the manifold. And that is not much in the way of amperage at all.

When you're talking about very high voltages grounding isn't relevant unless the source of the high voltage is also grounded.  I have handled 100kv while grounded and nothing happened--because the source had no ground.

For dry air it is IIRC 20kv per inch.  And note that at such voltages it tends to be the arc that hurts, not the voltage as such--the power flowing through you does almost nothing.  I've seen two guys in a path with 100kv discharges through them--totally unharmed because the contact was being made/broken through the old light tubes they had.  (This was back in the time of the first Star Wars movies--they were having a mock lightsaber battle.  Of course they had to be careful not to break the tubes but when they got close enough the generator discharged through them--lighting the tubes.)

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Re: Medical Records
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Wow RAFH, that story was even more than I could imagine.  Glad you are here to complain about your medical records now.  :)

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Re: Medical Records
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