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Tilikum is dead
Heroic and long suffering orca Tilikum has died, at the approximate age of 36.

Born off Iceland, kidnapped to Sealand Canada, later sold to SeaWorld Orlando, it is to be hoped his fame as an unpredictable, powerful, intelligent wild animal will help to end the breeding and display of cetaceans in big fish tanks everywhere.

He is famous for being implicated in the deaths of at least three humans, and for being a subject of the documentary Blackfish.

While the breeding program continued, Tilikum was SeaWorld's most prolific male orca, forced to sire 14 calves during his time at SeaWorld Orlando.

He was notable also for his great size, at more than 22 feet and 11,800 pounds.

Vale, Tilikum.

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Why put the bunnies with the goats?  Because that's  closer to how they are in nature.

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Re: Tilikum is dead
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In tangentially related news, Granny was declared probably dead. She's been missing for a few months.
Are we there yet?

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