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Science / Re: early tetrapods got weird
Your link returns this message: :stare:

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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Travel ban the world, withdraw from all international treaties, erect walls, build Gilead.
Introductions / Re: Hiyas
^That's our standard welcome smilie, btw. :)

We hope you enjoy TR!
You could always go join another forum.


Since you refuse to respond to PMs, I'm addressing you here. You do not have permission to post threads in the Science forum, for reasons stated in previous PMs to you. If you haven't read them, that's your problem.

Next time, expect a 24 hour ban.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Dog Thread
The problem isn't the rural poor, it's the rich motherfuckers spreading propaganda, and setting poor against poor. The rich motherfuckers are scared, so they're stepping up their game, and doing so very effectively. Not that they haven't been doing it forever.
Propaganda for a century or more, and getting more sophisticated all the time. Where do these people get the false narratives regarding the 'easy money, free this and that, coddling' that they think minorities and immigrants receive? That evil fakery comes from somewhere.

It's easy to say 'Fox news, Breitbart, talk radio', but what causes them to buy into that bullshit?

In Canada it's at its worst when it's anything to do with First Nations people. Any suggestion they might be getting a helping hand from government and the racists are out of their closets and on the rant. White people often have absurd beliefs about why conditions on many reserves are terrible, and the slightest hint of scandal - chiefs/councils misdirecting money - and 'It's their own fault they have no water/housing/substance abuse problems'.

They never turn that accusing eye on their own communities, despite there probably not being a town or village anywhere that hasn't had similar bullshit happen to lesser or greater degree, and without the added difficulty of racism and generations of poverty and institutional abuse.

Sickens me.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Quilters. :(

Over the past few months, members of the group discussed President Donald Trump, organised quilts for charity projects and supported members through difficult personal circumstances. But as time went by, the leaked screenshots show that discussions took a different turn.
Members organised a drive to send complaints to an exhibition which had put out a call for quilts protesting against the Trump presidency. They contacted the sponsors of one liberal quilter to suggest that she should be dropped because of her opposition to Trump.
They sent homophobic messages to gay artists and contacted quilting trade shows, asking organisers to cancel classes run by quilters they thought were too liberal.
And they suggested boycotting certain quilters, or reporting them to the IRS - the American tax authorities - so that they would be tied up in tax investigations. Targets were chosen because of their support for things like Planned Parenthood and and women's rights, among other liberal causes.
Members of "Conservative with a Common Interest" sometimes publicly remained friends with the people they were discussing.

[considerably more detail in article]
The central US in particular does seem to have some extremely isolated communities. You get closer to any coast and there's more contact with 'people not like you' because ports, trade, etc.

I grew up in a tiny mildly inbred rural community, but it was close to the coast, and a port, and so I was bussed an hour away to a school that had a healthy distribution of the descendants of people who came from many different countries, ethnicities, skin colours and religions. Not all sweetness and light, of course, but the main divide was religion, Protestant and Catholic mostly.

I remember being shocked that my mother was extremely uncomfortable with me dating a Jewish guy from town; I hadn't thought she was prejudiced that way. Years later she explained that his father had gotten her favourite cousin pregnant in the 1940s and had refused to 'do the right thing', leaving the cousin to go through a difficult time indeed. So she basically didn't trust the boyfriend because his dad was a louse, not because he was Jewish. :hehe:
So you're saying there's more racism and xenophobia in white rural American enclaves where they rarely even encounter anyone who isn't exactly like themselves? Astonishing!
Rumours are floating that Rosenstein must recuse himself.
FX, no one enjoys it when you talk like a disingenuous twit, and anyone can read the articles for themselves and ignore your stupid cherry-picking.

Why do you do that? What jollies do you get from pretending your shitty 'argument' has meaning?
Politics and Current Events / Re: corbyn won
From The Atlantic of all places.

potentially interesting note:

Last week, after yet another week of anti-establishment upheavals in Europe, former Bush speechwriter and current Atlantic senior editor David Frum tweeted in despair:

"I think we need a word to describe people broadly satisfied with the status quo & skeptical of radical changes based on wild promises."
Before reading the article, just the quote: I'll take 'Canadian' for 500 Alex?
You are pretty thick and dense if you can't understand the sense of the CBC article.
That, and Jesus/God praying to himself, constantly referring to himself, asking himself for help, etc.  It almost reads as if God parasitized poor baby Jesus and went along for the ride right up to that ninth hour when Jesus cried out "Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?"
The other findings are interesting as well. Canadians don't want religion influencing politics, don't believe religion makes for better citizens, but also "Nine out of 10 respondents said they were "completely comfortable being around people who have different religious beliefs than me."".

Haha! This is exactly the ritual my husband and our cat go through every night at bedtime. Cat knows his routine and paces around outside the bathroom door waiting for him to come out, then runs to the living room ahead of him so he can be slid around on the floor like that multiple times. He sulks if the fun doesn't go on long enough.
He's not making any sense because he refuses to read the story and understand what is in fact happening in this instance, and why it is connected to climate change.


"Climate-related changes in Arctic sea ice not only reduce its extent and thickness but also increase its mobility meaning that ice conditions are likely to become more variable and severe conditions such as these will occur more often."
From the CBC article about the expedition:

While assisting the Canadian Coast Guard with search and rescue, the scientists took advantage of their diversion to the Strait of Belle Isle, a waterway between Labrador and Newfoundland.
Barber and his team began using their equipment on board the icebreaker to take samples and analyze the ice.
They determined it was multi-year ice, not typical of the northeast coast of North America and most likely from the High Arctic. Chunks measured between five and eight metres thick.
"This is the first time we've actually seen ice from the High Arctic," said Barber, who has studied the impacts of climate change on sea ice for decades.

Typically when people think about climate change they think about thinning ice, but Barber points out the warming action also loosens ice and broken icebergs can travel long distances on ocean currents.

"It's very much a climate-change driven phenomenon," said Barber. "When you reduce the extent of the ice and reduce the thickness of it, it becomes more mobile."

"Typically there would be very little or no ice left in either of these areas at this time of year, let alone the thick ice pack we are currently seeing off the northeast coast of Newfoundland," a spokesperson for the federal department said in an email.
Barber said the experience off Newfoundland's coast provides a valuable lesson about climate change to the Canadian government.
"What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay there. It comes south," he said. "We're simply ill-prepared."

FX either does not understand that 'ice' is variable, that there are different sources and kinds of ice, and that what we are experiencing is not normal at all, or he refuses to even try to learn about it.

And plenty of ignorant people make the same mistakes FX makes: "Lol, more ice in the arctic, if it was getting warmer there'd be less ice, lol!"

Well yeah, there is 'less ice'. Multi-year High Arctic ice is breaking up and floating south, where it eventually melts, but in the meantime clogs up ship routes as it has not done in the past.
How does one get from reality to FReeper HarleyLady27?
There's no crying in baseball.
Apparently there's lots of screaming and cries of agony though. :unsure:
It's not even July yet. :(
If he was shot 'in the hip', as reported, there could be some very terrible damage not easily rectified in a hurry.
Well, I think this is funny.

The literary world is not a big fan of Donald Trump's, in particular, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling, both of whom have been particularly vocal about their opposition to the U.S. president on Twitter.
But that platform may be a little tougher for King to utilize with news that Trump has, actually, blocked the popular author from interacting with his account.
Yes. The president has blocked Stephen King on Twitter. You read that correctly.
On Tuesday, King shared the news, tweeting, "Trump has blocked me from reading his tweets. I may have to kill myself."

Fortunately, [JK] Rowling flew in to the rescue, tweeting to King, "I still have access. I'll DM them to you."
As readers and fans went into hysterics at their beloved authors bonding, King found his chill and responded, "Thanks. Maybe it's a hoax. I'm good either way. I'll always have Pence, hahahaha."
He later tweeted, "Blocked! Condemned to an existential wasteland of Trumplessness!

ETA: King twitter-dissed Ivanka.
I will say that in Vancouver BC, there is a whacked culture of driving like complete idiots.
That's a bit of a commonality across the country, especially near cities. :raise:
My husband is in the US for another day or two, could you guys not start a civil war until Saturday earliest, tks.
One American perspective is that we've always been in an internal war amongst our own peoples. Your hubby is affiliated with my side, right?
I dunno, he thinks Americans in general, though often good people, are a little unhinged and overly excitable (my American relatives don't help in dispelling that perception), but he's almost as much of a socialist as I am.
and some, I assume, are good people
He's worked for a lot of American companies and with a lot of Americans. Y'all are a little unhinged in his experience.

But there are no cultural differences between Canadians and Americans I'm told.