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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
And for all you academics that work with statistics out there:
*adjusts tie, stands to address the court*

hey gurl lemme show you my p number
so much winning!

guys I need money for bail

Is it patriarchal of me to prioritize my own dreams and aspirations over the love and needs of someone I truly care about? Is this what it is to be a white man in the world--I just get to move through spaces imposing my will upon situations, only to leave when they don't meet my personal expectations? Or is it possible for the two of us to continue being friends and supporting one another while recognizing the incompatibility of our relationship? Maybe those aren't even the right questions ...

Dear Ex-Lover,

The only woman you're subjecting to male entitlement right now is me, with this sanctimonious humble-brag of a wounded deer "confessional." I mean, my god.
~13 years ago

eta: haha meep is the same age as me that makes her old

Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
We live in the stupidest timeline.

she meant it would be more like a spirited waddle
robespierre 2020
Ahh., so you disagree with the methods used to silence invited conservative speakers at college campuses via riot and threats of violence?
dear pandora plz eat a tide pod kthx
cost savings are ancillary. the plan is to funnel as much public funding as possible into a few wealthy private interests.
this is a good time for one of Joe Arpaio's golden oldies:
School protection posse
In early 2013, after the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School,[28] Sheriff Arpaio announced he would form an all volunteer posse of "well trained", gun-carrying patrols to drive around town and protect the schools. Not one school has ever requested such services, of course, and many schools and parents were outraged at the use of volunteer, virtually untrained men "protecting" the schools. In early February 2013, it was discovered that his posse included at least one convicted child molester, and several men convicted of domestic abuse. The training for the team was given by police tactician and ammunitions expert actor Steven Seagal who defended himself by saying "I've put hundreds of thousands if not millions of hours into my weapons training".[29] For the record, 100,000 hours is 11.41 years of 24-hour days.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
dammit rafh

Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
oh dear lord
Um, dual male 12 gauge connection/extension cord?

it's called a "suicide cable" for good reason, but this one is especially bad

I ordered three of these. One of them was wired correctly. The other two were wired incorrectly. The hot terminal on one end was wired to the neutral on the other, and the neutral was wired to the hot. This will cause a short circuit if your generator's neutral is bonded to its ground. It will also cause a short circuit if you use it to jumper one outlet to another in order to connect the 2 legs of the main panel. Use a meter to verify that the cord is wired correctly before using it.

I wish the company paid more attention to their quality control. I ordered two of these and one was unusable because the prongs were too short to keep the plug plugged in.

I plug on end into a standard 120v ac socket and the other into my pool to kill all the frogs
10/10 would buy again