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TR Memescape
I think the biggest problem with TR is that a lot of you dont know how to surrender graciously when youre beat.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Jesus Christ
Ah Humber, you have been missed by some.  Not me, but some.
Pretty sweet idea. 
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
energy that was stored in the propeller when the cargo cult moron was holding the cart on the moving belt
We don't need another cart thread.
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Jesus Christ
Introductions / Re: Heinz is Back
I find myself wondering what circumstances makes someone return (to a message board) after a long absence.
Just in the last few days I went to register at a forum (to be able to reply to a thread I found interesting enough to bother) and it said I was already registered, which turns out to be true, but if I post using the old account it would look like I waited years to make a first post.

In fact In the far distant past I used to register at any forum I cam across even if I didn't plan I joining the fray, and to this day I still have accounts over a decade old that I haven't used.

If I post it looks strange, and often somebody will accuse me of being somebody else and who needs that shit?
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
Carts is serious bizness.
It's hard to believe the original spork threads about this are now over ten years old.
Then add on how much was spent building the 6 reactos, well, it wasn't peanuts
$9 billion is peanuts, by the way.
Fukushima is estimated to cost 188 billion

Now you are talking actual money
Science / Re: Direct Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
How content free of a post.  Congratulations.
at some point our previously nomadic ancestors noticed that the same best grains were continually growing in the same spots, and came to visit and spend more and more time there.  eventually, someone recognized the causal connection between seeds and plants and started deliberately planting them.
While researching the Neoglacial I discovered several things related to that, both surprising.  Rice was being cultivated 10-14 thousand years ago, and pottery has been dated to 20,000 years ago, both in China.

Science / Re: Detecting diseases from your breath?
Wasps are even better at sniffing, and easily trained, and cheap.

So of course they won't be used.

the headline "Clean Coal" initiative
By "clean" they mean no CO2, which is just batshit crazy.

The two still being built in Georgia  are also no doubt going under as well, since Toshiba went bankrupt.

The irony is cheap fossil fuel (natural gas) is the cause.

That and the fact nuclear power has never been a viable economic source of energy,

While Japan lost another 9 billion dollars on it's failed fast-breeder reactor, they also are going to need 3.2 billion to get rid of it.

How many solar panels would 20 billion dollars have produced?  Two million houses (or businesses) could have been equipped with solar panels (10,000 dollar system), which sounds a lot better to me.

Count the cost of Fukushima, Three Mile island and Chernobyl, add another 5 million homes that could be using solar right now.  At least.

Science / Re: Size of Larsen C iceberg calculated
Science / Re: Size of Larsen C iceberg calculated
Science / Re: Size of Larsen C iceberg calculated
I will admit I haven't really been skeptical about the assumed effect itself.  Now I am starting to wonder if I am wrong.

I would start a topic, but really, nobody cares.
Science / Re: Size of Larsen C iceberg calculated
IT is widely understood that the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS) would cause a global sea level rise of 6 m, yet there continues to be considerable debate about the detailed response of this ice sheet to climate changel-3. Because its bed is grounded well below sea level, the stability of the WAIS may depend on geologically controlled conditions at the base which are independent of climate.

(11 February 1993)
The specific claim you keep repeating, and have failed to defend is that the Global Sea Level was 3 meters higher than the current level.
Many glaciers in Greenland melted during the HCO, and then reformed as temperatures dropped. source

Which is expected, since global temperatures dropped, along with sea levels.
Hans Tausen Iskappe (Greenland), situated at 82.5°N, 27.5°W, is world's northernmost ice cap. During several field campaigns in the 70s and 90s, its ice thickness was measured, mass balance and meteorological measurements occurred, and a 345 m deep ice core was drilled. From this ice core it is known that the ice cap (largely) disappeared during the Holocene Thermal Maximum.

Their age and elevation indicate, instead, a history of higher relative sea level (and subsequent fall) on windward Oahu during the middle to late Holocene. This history is consistent with geophysical models of postglacial geoid subsidence over the equatorial ocean first predicted by Walcott (1972) and later refined by Clark et al. (1978) and Mitrovica and Peltier (1991).

The argument that all sea level changes was due to other causes (postglacial geoid subsidence) is absurd, since we know the ice grew on Greenland , the Hans Tausen Iskappe being the example impossible to just deny.  An entire ice cap reformed, after melting.  Why would anyone just deny this?

It reeks of something other than science.

Here are the ice core data in question.
The interested reader can see for him/herself that - surprise! - F_X is full of shit.

For some reason the alarmist don't want to believe the climate data from the past.  Most likely because it is used as an argument against current alarm about changes,  which is understandable.  But it's stupid.  It is letting the real deniers control the debate.

Just because it was warmer in the past in no way means we are not in possible danger from our current changing of the entire atmosphere.