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This is not the place to be posting on-topic substantive material. TIA for not further shitting up this thread.
So if the animal gets a very small bite or no bite at all or a very large bite, then regrowth speed is greatly diminished.  So there is an optimum bite-size that we are trying to achieve with our management.   And obviously you cannot  micromanage individual grass plants, so the best you can do is make educated guesses on paddock size and length of time in the paddock.
With regards to increasing SOM, wouldn't you be better off just periodically mowing the grass and then burying the cuttings? That way you don't have to rely on inconsistent biting animals and powering goatschwitz boxes, etc. And you don't waste the carbon going into goat farts, burps and making bigger goats.
Feels like I'm there nearly every week. But the Coquitlam not the Richmond one, these days.
"Kremlin meddling in the election"



 Here's Comey and Rogers denying that yesterday.

 You are such a tool.
Holy fuck could you be any stupider?

Nobody claims that voting machines were hacked and votes changed, you stupid, stupid little turd.

You really do go to exceptional lengths to miss the blindingly obvious. Have to stay in your little bubble, though.
If your much-vaunted methods work as you claim there should be a visible difference between areas the goatbox has been dragged over and areas it has not.

I'm not seeing it.
I suggest glasses. Or contacts. Or perhaps Lasix surgery.
Maybe you could take a stab at explaining what the photo is supposed to be of. You know, for those of us not blessed with high-speed minds running circles around those less equipped.
The crime?

Flynn leak
Dave, does it bother you at all that your guy was nefariously backed by a foreign government?
It would if he was. But he wasn't.

 And by the way I'm not even going to comment on several posts that are just so ridiculously out to lunch at they're not worth the effort.
Have you read anything about the hearings, other than people wailing about 'leaks!!!'?

The words 'blatant' and 'obvious' have been used to describe the Kremlin meddling in the election. But that just rolls right off your back, doesn't it.
The crime?

Flynn leak
Dave, does it bother you at all that your guy was nefariously backed by a foreign government?
Very funny. Seriously though, think of Vancouver weather as, on average, 5 degrees cooler than Sydney year round, and with the same yearly rainfall evenly distributed over 9 months instead of the bursts that Sydney gets.
Thankfully I often get sent to the arctic where traffic is somewhat less of a problem.
I have no interest in Lizzie's manifold misunderstandings of Allan Savory's work. I am interested in Allan Savory's work for the reasons I have stated. Anything besides that doesn't interest me.
Its almost like there's a pattern of aberrant behavior so marked that someone might pen the 'rules' of discourse with you, Dave.

This might be an example of
Afdave's Third Law: If you have an objection to any point I've raised, I've already addressed it. No, I won't tell you where.
The summers actually are beautiful in Vancouver. It's paradise for 2 1/2 months a year.

Yes, it is.  Goes a long way.
I disagree. It's a fine place to visit. Living here, not so much. Unless you really really like sitting in essentially gridlocked traffic on your weekend and learn to savour that special feeling you get when the aggravation level reaches your eyeballs as you vie for the one parking spot with 10 other equally infuriated hapless schmucks.
The parks are amazing, many with old growth or only first cut forest (i.e. logged once 100+ years ago then left as a park).  I lived near Mundy Park in Coquitlam and they had everything there from well groomed trails (thick with mulch for runners) to sports areas and other ammenities.

Or you could drive 30-45 minutes and get lost in the mountains and valleys to the north.
Are you kidding? On a nice Saturday morning it'll take 45 minutes just to cross the 2nd narrows.
Jeeze, Dave, why are all your new Conservative heros known as well for sexually assaulting women and occasionally young boys as for their political/business prowess?

Julian Assange is owned by Russia, have you not processed that yet? Even the White House is careful not to mention Assange much these days because he's a poisonous treacherous bought-and-paid for tool.
While that might be partially true. I believe that Assange's underlying motive is to inflict as much damage on the United States as possible. To reduce the power and influence that the US inflicts on the rest of the world. He's using Russia and Trump as the vehicles to achieve that aim.
Lol! gets a mention in Buzzfeed's articlette on the topic:

I like the 'Canada will gladly take Hawaii in' suggestions.
Would be a good idea. You lot need somewhere nice for winter.

When we lived in Vancouver we stopped in Hawaii for a week once on our way to visit the in-laws in Australia.  We had a couple of rainy days, and on one, we went to an indoor play centre to keep our 3 year old happy. 

There we found two other families from Vancouver, and ruefully noted that we were all in Hawaii to escape the Vancouver rain.  And might have well have gone to the very similar indoor play centre in Richmond.
I honestly don't understand why people find Vancouver so desirable. Shit weather almost all the time. on the few nice days, everyone in the city has the same idea to go to one of the maybe 5 or 6 nice places to recreate outdoors, meaning the road system to those places is completely plugged and you cant find a parking space within 5km. After living in Australia, this place is sheer fucking torture. There is literally nothing outside to visit worth the aggravation of trying to get there.  And the price for living in the absolute shithole? $1.3M for a tear-down on a busy intersection in the worst part of town.
Lol. Christians Agains the Tide of History.

This kind of sucks, since Coopers is pretty much the only real Australian beer I can find here in Canada.
Holy shit, Dave wrote that.  :ohmy:  I assumed it was someone else making a joke.
So did I.  The man is the walking caricature of tard.
Not only are you a lying scumbag. You're hopelessly idiotic.  I'm surprised you can tie on shoes every morning.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
i've absorbed some insight into the mindset of the rabid base for obamacare repeal. like the hardcore types who just want a full undo and reversion to the before times. they were doing fine for health insurance from their jobs or whatever before the ACA and blame any premium increase on it, as if premiums wouldn't have risen anyway lol

Same for plan changes. Insurers changed plans, cancelled plans, shifted what doctors were in your network or not all the time, but once "Obamacare" passed, Democrats had to own every single aspect of the health care industry. I'd like to think the same will happen to whatever abortion of a plan the Republicans manage to get passed, but I don't have much faith in conservatives in this country ever being held accountable these days.
Do people in the US realize that every penny that goes into insurers' shareholders profits, execs bonuses, lobbyists, admin, claims denials departments, etc, etc, is money specifically spent in denying citizens' health care? Why are you people so enamored with your massive health denial system?
Shouldn't this be in real-sci?
The tard-mongers would never see it there.
I'm sure as fuck not going to be trying my luck at the border. You people can fester in the mess you've made for yourselves. I'll watch from here.
Dave, did Obama wiretap YOUR phones too?
Why would he wiretap MY phones?
Because you're so much like Trump.
Seriously, Dave. You are the most profoundly stupid person I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with. It's been a truly wonderful experience. Thank you.
Once again, a beautiful theory is destroyed by and ugly fact:
The boiling temperature of H2O is too high to exist as gas in our atmosphere.  Therefore moist air is alway heavier than dry air.  Convection is refuted. 


You are under the impression that since the boiling temperature of water is 100 °C, that if the air temperature is say 20 °C that no vapour could exist?

No, dumbass.  Vapor is not gaseous.  Its liquid suspended in air by electrostatic forces. 

There is not steam in the atmosphere, you simpleton.

  You are completely wrong.  The molecules in and on the surface of the liquid in equilibrium with air temperature have on average the kinetic energy equivalent to the 20 °C scale, but individual molecules near the surface are not bound by liquid on one side, and can and do break free as vapour all the time.  Did you never study statistical distributions in whatever you thought was "science"?  The molecules leaving the fluid and entering the air as vapour will do so until equilibrium is reached with the equilibrium vapour pressure in the air.

Your three sentences after your colon are false, and non-sequiturs to boot.

It's fairly hilarious that this individual has the temerity to call other people 'idiots' and 'fuckwits' but can't muster the intellectual ability to properly use the quote function, something my 7-year old was able to master within 2 minutes. How many ways can it be fucked up?  We may be on the brink of finding out.