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Don't worry about the above, Dave. It's just marketing bullshit.
Sorry that page doesn't exist. Synopsis?
God what an idiot
Quote from: Dave Hawkins
Why do you waste the bandwidth to basically say "nuh uh"? Why don't you just use this post to explain yourself?
Meanwhile the Trump/Pruitt EPA is ramming full team into environmental protections:

"Pruitt and his team have no shame," said Liz Purchia Gannon, former head of communications at the EPA under the Obama administration. "They have made it clear from the start that oil, gas and coal industries trump science, the American people and public health and environmental organizations.

"What we can see from his schedule is an alarming pattern of meeting with special interest groups before making policy decisions favoring their bottom line at the expense of Americans' health and the environment."
Then I tried keeping them in the goat pen and a few died for unknown reasons.
These are the ones that starved. I didn't know about the dog-related incidents.
Starvation I think.

Since, you know, NO EXTERNAL INPUTS and all that.
Most of them died IIRC. The ones that are left don't lay.
On the other hand, we're all fucked.


Quote from: George Monbiot
There are no easy answers, but the crucial change is a shift from an animal- to a plant-based diet. All else being equal, stopping both meat production and the use of farmland to grow biofuels could provide enough calories for another 4 billion people and double the protein available for human consumption. Artificial meat will help: one paper suggests it reduces water use by at least 82% and land use by 99%.
It does make you wonder how Dave thinks scientific methodology works.

Or even what scientists do every day.

I'm going to tell you what food scientists and agriculture scientists do every day ...

1) Drive to the office
2) Drink coffee
3) Read
4) Socialize with other office personnel
5) Work on a paper commmissioned by Monsanto or some other paying entity
6) Have lunch
7) Teach a class
8) Send some emails about next month convention on how to make corn produce twice as many bushels per acre
9) Have some more coffee
10) Listen to the secretary complaining about the teachers at her kids' school
11) Go home
12) Get paid.

And where is your EVIDENCE for this claim, Dave?
Well if nothing else, this is a fascinating insight into some of Dave's delusions.
Not to mention the evisceration of the EPA, and the empowerment and deregulation of industrial Ag and mega corporations like Dow and Mosanto to accelerate their destructive practices, something Dave has expressed an interest in combating.

Viv ... you lied. You slandered. That behavior is dangerous to society.   If the rest of the members here had any balls, they would call you out too.  I can only guess as to WHY you lie and you slander.  The possibilities I'm thinking of aren't real pretty.

Meanwhile, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my "woo hoo" comment  in that context and you know it.
And yes I'm fully aware that Trump lies and spins too  and he shouldn't, especially as president of United States. But he does have a real point about the news media being dishonest and being agenda driven.
The most disturbing part of this thread for me was the narrative that I have some sort of criminal mind in spite of the fact that my comment was in the same spirit as the female reporter's own comments.  At worst, I am "just a naive tourist" yet you guys paint me as some sort of criminal.  You can yell "persecution complex" all you want to, but I am truly fearful of people who lie and slander in order to paint people as criminals.  This is EXACTLY what Goebbels did to the Jews.  Same exact thing.  No I won't stop saying it.

Lol telling Dave not to cheer buying child brides is EXACTLY WHAT THE NAZIS DID.
Nope. Saying I'm ok with FGM is lying. Which is what the Nazis did about Jews.  I'm surprised. You are an even worse liar than Faid.
Lol at this thread. Platinum-quality Hawkinstard to be sure.

One thing that should be pointed out, though, is in relation to Dave's Goebbels comment, Trump's lies and the relative seriousness of each.

So just for fun, let's evaluate the relative seriousness of the 'lies' and 'slander' mentioned above.

Trump mis-characterized 4 Israelis (actual reality) celebrating on 9-11 as 'thousands of Muslims' (the very definition of demagoguery). That is actual Goebbels-level, society-damaging slander. Or to put it another way, "This is EXACTLY what Goebbels did to the Jews.  Same exact thing.  No I won't stop saying it."

On the other hand, we have a couple of individuals on an insignificant corner of the internet who arguably embellished what some retard implied by cheering about a child bride's impending wedding to a septuagenarian . Not that the cheering is in any way defensible, mind you, but that's rather beside the point. Relative seriousness level: somewhat less significant. Hardly "behavior [that] is dangerous to society".
There is something very wrong with you, Dave.
Did I say anything about a goat pen in the Arctic?  Why no, I don't think I did. 
All right then, Caribouschwitz, Like that makes it any better. Go for it Dave.
Why would anyone give up their iPhone and their Netflix?
Because you can't have those things without modern infrastructure, which requires cities, doofus.

As for the Arctic, if there are herbivores and vegetation,  no matter how sparse, then yes I can help.
Lol. I would love to see you and goatshwitz on Victoria Island. Give it a shot, Dave. What have you got to lose?
Hey, what do indigenous bushmen, Dave Hawkins and John Maynard Keynes [1] have in common?

Read this article to find out ...
The answer is ... "All 3 of us believe in 15 hour work weeks."

I never knew that about JMK before.

So this makes me feel like my idea of a 15 hour work week (or less) to provide for one's daily sustenance is not so crazy after all. (And perhaps another 15 hours per week for cash needs)

Wow! A 30 hour work week, what a concept. Just 100% more then the bushman and JMK. You've come a long way Bluffy.
Well... Bushmen don't buy things like iPhones and coffee and Netflix.  I think if we cut out all those things from our lives like the bushmen, then we could easily provide for all of our needs with 15 hours a week.  But if we want all this extra stuff, the cash has got to come from somewhere.

I do believe he's got it.

This ^^^^
People who are willing to give up their iphones and Netflix are going to look at goatschwitz and say "what the fuck?". And then head down the road to Dancing Rabbit.
You know, the famous economist

 I often question if services such as Pingu provides would have any trade value under different circumstances, such as a closed community of 1000 people on an island somewhere.  I've often had similar thoughts about my own career choices of the past, which is what has motivated me in pert to finally  learn the skills necessary to become a producer of essential consumables.
I'd have fuck all to offer a community of <1000 people on an island somewhere also. There's only so much an automation engineer can do without an automation infrastructure to automate. I'm pretty sure that would be true of most people. But we don't live on an isolated island somewhere. We live in globally connected communities. Your thought experiments have zero practicality. You cant go back in time to the Bronze age, Dave. This line of thinking has crippled your outlook. More-so.
You are full of words, but very little action.
I wonder Dave, since you're not documenting any of the pertinent items on your experiments, when you wish to pass on all this derived and valuable information on the development of your HMG system are you then going to refer people to read and review this thread for your written ideas?

That would seem ... foolish considering what I know about the dialogue here.  But its the only historic document of your work you got.

Kind of a conundrum there for you.
Lol no.

TR for me is sort of a scratchpad. A whiteboard.

In my opinion, the best way to pass on knowledge is via apprenticeship / mentoring. 

I have already started doing that.
Someone has signed up to be Dave's intern? Congrats Dave, you've found someone even stupider and more gullible than you. Quite an achievement.
By the way... History lesson... Noah's Ark didn't capsize.
Mythology lesson.... Noah's Ark wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes in real life.
You people have lost your minds. I'm not building the freaking Titanic. I'm building a simple animal pen. And part of the goal is low cost.  No need to worry about my animals during these mishaps. The rabbits were a little confused when their homes went upside down but after I turned them right side up again and put them through a couple weeks of therapy at the local university mental hospital, they were fine.
And the chickens?
I would pay a local welder to make the bottom square of the cage with angle aluminum and front skids.
I almost went with  galvanized steel tube from the local fence supply at one point.  But I have found that wood is just so easy to work with, it's hard to beat. It's very easy to repair too. I've had three major mishaps with this thing  over the last year and a half -  One time the wind from a thunderstorm picked it up about 10 feet vertically and redeposited it about 30 feet away.  Another time I set the track too close to a telephone pole and one of the runners caught the telephone pole and you can imagine the damage that did.   Then we had some high north winds about a month ago  and I forgot to tie it down and it flipped the thing completely upside down it was pretty mangled.  But each time it took me only about an hour of labor and some screws and some baling wire and scrap wood to get it back to good condition.
Um, were your animals in it at the  time?
If so, were there casualties?
Yes. No.
If the thing flipped completely upside down, what did the animals do? Just stand around waiting for goatschwitz to be righted? Did you lose any animals? Obviously the goats have had their spirits crushed and just stand around longing to be caged, but presumably the chickens and rabbits might have wandered a bit?
Cows spend six to eight hours a day lying down chewing cud.

Not this cow  :no:
Of course this cow. My goats get rest periods every day for cud chewing also.
I predict much splintering of wood the first time goatchwitz tries to move with a non-complaint cow inside.
Not to put too much of a damper (heh) on the PTIR excitement, but...
Even if the damn thing is published, certified, validated, confirmed and verified six ways to Sunday, why does anyone think it will dampen (heh) the enthusiasm of the Trumpistas or the toadiness of the GOP any more than the Access Hollywood tape did?
who cares, piss tape being real in the eyes of god and man is its own reward.
Precisely. PTIR is just about the only reason to continue on with life at this point.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Meth heads around here tend to all look a bit like her.
" World News Daily Report" has fooled even our own Dr. TruthDetector...

At the bottom of that page:

Quote from: Dave Hawkins
Sorry... I was moving fast and thought this was WorldNetDaily.