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Dean W posted a cladogram. What part is missing?

The bit where you didn't embarrass yourself?
I manufactured something far more sophisticated than an iPhone here on my property ... with no inputs except labor ... and I didn't need a city to do it ...

What am I talking about?

Baby goats!!

No David, you did not.

Your goats "manufactured" baby goats, with no input from you.

With help from male goats you had to transport them to.

All you contributed was managing not to kill them during proceedings.
Well I really don't know what would work yet. But I do have some ideas.  In Finland they have launched universal basic income which amounts to a bit over US$600 per month.   Recipients can spend this money any way they please.  Imagine if some government entity in my local area did a similar thing but instead of letting them spend the money on whatever they please, they put it toward land purchase plus a housing and food production set up.  $100 per month would cover a rural land purchase of 5 acres in my area.  $3000 would get them set up with a food production system  and another $3000 would get them a decent hut  to live in.  This $6000 is equivalent to $500 per month for 12 months.  You could stop the $500 per month after one year or if you wanted to go for two years and then stop, that might be OK.  But after two years that's it. The family is on its own after that except for the $100 a month land payment.

So less a 'Universal Basic Income' than a 'Limited Temporary Local Subsidy For Defined Purposes'.

Ok then.

Not forgetting that the 'Defined Purposes' appear to be increasing the cost of land by 100$ a month, destroying existing infrastructure and generating needy hillbillies.

No, let's not. Let's have you answer the question. You want to have a Universal Land Allocation rather than a basic income. How does that work in Brooklyn?

That appears to only be part of the fantasy.

What David wants is land allocation but only for management by grateful peasants according to the dictates and wisdom of Kim Jong Dave.

Onanism ftw
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Science / Re: early tetrapods got weird
Introductions / Re: Hiyas
Some people are so stupid they think they can insult me viciously and that I will then have a discussion with them. Sometimes I wonder what world you guys live in.

Since you ask, I live in a world where you are a narcissistic blowhard with no credibility or clue who wilfully disregards any input by others, aka reality.

You're welcome.
Soft polytomies are usually an artefact of insufficient  data. If Socrates is so energised about the science not progressing fast enough then he can always contribute new data. Just be careful which side is up when you measure it Socrates, getting the basics wrong could be embarrassing :)

Course that won't solve Socrates' dilemma, his issues occur in well supported nodes earlier on the tree.

Like anyone would let Socrates anywhere near an actual fossil.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Its testis in the singular, testes is plural...teste isn't a goddamned word at all


I learned something.

I also learned Testy has to do this.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Meh, what did you expect, he's been spelling Teste wrong for years.
Blah blah blah son of man blah blah redeemed from our sins bullshit bullshit haleylooyahglorybe cough.
Politics and Current Events / Re: corbyn won
A pollie would have to be suicidal to mention coalition during an election campaign. They have to pretend there is absolutely no doubt they are going to win outright, and with the biggest majority ever. If they even obliquely contemplate a coalition it means they know they are going to lose big time and might as well go home.

It's in the rules somewhere, sure of it.

If post-election the numbers require a coalition they'll be on it like shit on a blanket.
Go to your profile.

Select "look and layout"

Tick "use full editor on quick reply".

That might help.
Not sad the crappy chains are dying.

Pissed off they took out all the little burger joints before they went.
I would expect testy's garden provides him with light exercise, good fruit, and a good dollop of pleasure, satisfaction, and well-being. That's all he needs to do with his land. It looks to me like it's producing healthy plants.
Oh yes. I have weirdly good soil. I mean, I do compost and have chicken manure but the soil itself is topsoil for at least 8 ft down. If I drop a seed, it makes a prizewinning fruit.

How strange, good soil without cows, inconceivable. Are you sure you don't have some clandestine hoof action going on there?
"Improved" is a very subjective term.

In David's case it appears to refer solely to some David related goal.

I find it hilarious that the thing which has made the greatest difference to the state of David's land, i.e. sowing it to pasture, is glossed over in favour of the thing which has made the least difference, i.e very light grazing.