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How is that not straight bribery?
He certainly has no evidence he's building organic matter above and beyond leaving the paddock fallow or letting a couple of goats graze unconstrained.
They've had hardon for this a long time. Easiest way they can see to disenfranchise first time voters and students (transient house sharing not good for keeping details up to date). Groups which historically don't vote con.
He doesn't see a difference ...

Oh my sides!

Hey why does it take balls to post pics of my grass?

Because it's an objective test of your claims.

And no, apart from a bit of old dead leaf material on the left I'm not seeing any great difference.

I'm also wondering why the mown/grazed track is wider than goatschwitz and how your winch manages to pull it in curves.
If your much-vaunted methods work as you claim there should be a visible difference between areas the goatbox has been dragged over and areas it has not.

I'm not seeing it.
Also that mowed bit appears to be significantly wider than goatbox.

1. I'm not seeing any great difference apart from more dead leaves on the left.

2. Your winch pulls the goatbox in curves?
Hi David. Another day and you still haven't found enough balls to go outside and take a photo.

It won't tell you much anyway, assuming he never had it cut. Last year's dead grass will mask the fresh green except probably where it's been flattened by the pen, the track will look more green because the old brown grass is torn and squashed.

I would still like to see the photo. Any obvious difference (or lack thereof) can then be discussed. David has fortuitously designed an experiment which can provide actual data. I know that would be a novelty in a Hawkins thread, hence my eagerness to explore it.

If only David had the balls.
Herd of wombats.

Tightly bunched to avoid predators.

Stomp stomp stomp

Hi David. Another day and you still haven't found enough balls to go outside and take a photo.

Good Lord. It's like teaching pigs to fly.
Completely content-free post noted.

Why are you so afraid to engage, Dave?
I've engaged in great detail over and over again.  But there's some sort of mental block.  Sad actually.  You also have something broken in your brain if you think I "haven't engaged."

David's idea of engaging:

  • assert
  • google a nugget
  • content free blather
  • insult, bluster and bravado
  • badger
Just as David can do the very same test, by posting photos showing the difference between the 'rested' land which didn't have a goat box dragged over it last year and its depauperate cover, and the lush green tracks left where said goat box was dragged.

It's Spring David, won't be a better time.
I will say this though ... IF Savory actually wrote this ...
"Holistic management does not permit replication," said the document, which Savory had authored. "This point is critical to understanding the great difficulty reductionist scientists are experiencing trying to comprehend holistic planned grazing--because no two plans are ever the same even on the same property two years running." A stunning admission appeared a few lines lower: "Every study of holistic planned grazing that has been done has provided results that are rejected by range scientists because there was no replication!"
then I would disagree with this way of saying what he is trying to say.

Because Holistic Management IS replicatable.

I know because I have replicated the results.  So has Greg Judy.  So has Cody Holmes.  So has Bob Kinford in Van Horn, TX (where there are no trees) ... etc etc

I'm not sure why Savory says this.  Perhaps it's his way of highlighting the bankruptness of the reductionist approach and winning more favor with "dirt under their fingernails types" as opposed to "octohatters in lab coats sitting in ivory towers."  Dunno.

That may well be the most dishonest thing I've seen in the last year, and it's been a pretty exceptional year for liars.
Learn something about biomes, Lizzie ... here is one of the types without enough moisture to grow trees.


D. GRASSLANDS (STEPPE): treeless vegetation less than 1 m high. Typical plants include grasses and members of the sunflower family. Woody plants predominate in steppes. Typical animals include large grazing ungulates such as horses, buffalo, and rhinoceros. Cold or warm winters with growing seasons moisture too dry for trees; fires every 1-5 years.

There's your 1, 2, some, many, all tic again Dave.

Ever heard of self-mulching soils?

Mabye go and franoogle them for a bit.

Um. The UK is a union. Scotland didn't join it, they co-founded it. So if instead of leaving you look at it as Scotland kicking out England then the question of which entity retains EU membership could be quite interesting. Seeing as England doesn't want it how could they complain about Scotland getting it as part of a divorce settlement?
Lol, David thinks the biosphere is a safe distraction from his latest faceplants.

Good luck with that.
Unsurprisingly David has been pointed towards those photos before.

Who is the lying SOB who created that image?!1!!

Unpatriotic traitor. Sad.
We've got many many operators now all over the world in arid areas using Savory's methods to reverse desertification ... .

List them.

Provide a shred of evidence they exist and are successful and are reversing desertification.

Just "many" will do, I don't need "many many".

Yep. The script works fine if you edit out the mobile. bit. It's a sneaky one as of course you don't realise it has redirected you to the mobile site till you are wondering why your post didn't work.
And maybe make it understand that https:mobile.twit is a communist plot not of our doing and learn how to parse it.

I always have to remember to edit it after the fact
Been thinking bout UBI lately and can see a couple of interesting effects that maybe haven't been considered a lot and would make cons heads explode. Basically a ubi would provide equal if barely adequate ability for every single person to exercise self determination. I.E. wimmenz and browns. That could be a bigger roadblock than the "we couldn't possibly give money to lowlife bludgers, get off your arses, all unemployed should be shot" crowd. Mind you they are probably the same crowd.
There's a whole series there for the taking.

Banjo of course but also Lawson (loaded dog, no rename required), Mackellar (coal country), Noonuccal (municipal dumb), or even furriners (Rudyard Kipling- Gunna Dim).