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We may get one. Hard to guess whether that's a good thing.
Jesus Christ this Russian thing has taken over everything else. That's ​probably a good thing because it matters but holy fuck this administration sucks shit.
Fucking amazing. Is it possible to use process to sidestep the investigation? Doesn't seem possible.

Has the guy who assembled the dossier on Trump ended up dead yet?
are you trying to find ways to justify your genocidal racism?
how in the shit did all these traitors end up in government
no fucking kidding. The end run of citizen's united was to sell our gov't to russia?

well my question is more along the lines of what the scale of this actually is. Did Russia buy influence with bribes and business ties with a small number of ranking republicans, and the rest are along for the ride because they see an opportunity to achieve policy objectives? Or was Russian backing behind a lot of the Tea Party candidates in general and a whole generation of Republican officials are essentially Russian agents? Or have each of these fucknuts been turned independently through donations?

A better sense of what's going on here would help us understand what we can expect will happen next.
it's certainly getting harder to imagine the appearance of kompromat is coincidental.
how in the shit did all these traitors end up in government
no fucking kidding. The end run of citizen's united was to sell our gov't to russia?
Osman is training to be a Six Sigma Black Belt.
God that brings chills.
It's a chaotic system. That's probably a higher confidence level than is possible anyway.
Meh. Federal control of state bureaucracy doesn't improve them. Especially not when they fuck up a school level accountability to the community. It's complicated and a double edged sword but overall that education reform movement was based on flawed assumptions and failed to accommodate the structural aspect of education bureaucracy.
Zombies you have never owned and run a real business have you?
Which has exactly nothing to do with governing.
Right because CEO's don't govern their businesses.  lol
What is your point here? Is it that the president ought to have the power to fire me.bers of Congress?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Also, the trump-merkel handshake episode was pretty stellar comedy.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
It's not that the US is paying and Germany owes us for it. We do what we do and they are supposed to do more than they're doing but it's not like we're covering the difference. The difference is just not happening.
Well, now that the Republicans are fractured, trump should have no trouble getting his agenda through.
Introductions / Re: Well, i am back----woof!
Hey puppy. Are you still banned at ratskep? Good to see you though.
Let me make this simple for you ...

Trump is going to make the GDP go from from $18T to say $25T in real $ while tax revenues remain roughly 20% (assume Hauser's Law) ...

Hillary would have made the GDP stay level in real $ ....

Now do the math ...
Heh. Predicts predictable responses to this prediction will point out the utter stupidity of it.
Zombies you have never owned and run a real business have you?
Which has exactly nothing to do with governing.
It's often new converts, too. A young man I knew and worked with converted with his wife. She dove right into wearing typical Middle Eastern clothing, including hijab etc. He worked with me in child care, and we often went to the beach in the summer with the kids. Not often noted is that Muslim men are supposed to dress modestly as well. His wife cam to pick him up one afternoon at the beach. Usually he wore a shirt and below the knee shorts to swim, but it was a very warm day and he'd taken his shirt off. She harangued him all the way to their car for being immodest and showing off his chest. :hehe:
The dogma is that men are only required to cover the bits he would have covered by wearing knee-length shorts. So by wearing those shorts, he was complying with the stipulation for modest dressing. His wife didn't really have a good case. If he had been wearing budgie smugglers she would have been on firmer ground.

She's... quite a fierce person, tbh. And he has a very nice upper body. There's dogma and there's interpretation. I suspect she felt he was being 'too attractive', therefore immodest, much as women in many Christian sects are accused of leading men to sin if they dress 'immodestly'.
Wasn't it Anne lamott who said that there are really only 2 prayers, please and thank you?
Anyway, we are past the point where there is any benefit in hiding secrets.
Believe me...
Two words that mean don't believe me.
Btw, what is happening with bridgegate these days?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
What I mean is that, if this moment is not taken by political leaders to reaffirm our traditional values of freedom of speech and of assembly, those values have a good chance of going away.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Russian police detain opposition leader, hundreds of protesters

I'm sure Trump will bigly condemn those Very Bad actions of the Russian government.

This is actually a pivotal moment in American expression of its values.

Also, why does autocorrect only believe in the possessive form of it's?
Me too.