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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Can't get the damn things to embed.

Take mobile. out of the URL.  I edited your post.
I did on the first one. Didn't work.
Don't forget the other thing that Nunez said previously. That the one crime we know of for sure that was committed was the unmasking and the leaking. ( I probably didn't word that perfectly ...  so what...  i'm sure you recall Nunez' quote )
Which, of course, is not generally known to be a crime, as so many lawyers have said.

Nunes (not Nunez) is not a lawyer, but he sure does know how to leak (classified?) information inappropriately and possibly illegally. Nunes Must Resign Or Be Removed From Office After Colluding With Trump

But SFW? Is it not possible to pursue more than one investigation at a time?

Need a hint?
They exempted Keystone XL since the pipeline company(s) had already purchased miles of pipe from around the world and stockpiled it.
Yes.  And they will purchase more from whomever.

Trump lied about it.
Trump lies in Kentucky:

We've also cleared the way for the Keystone and the Dakota Access pipelines. (Applause.) And as I was signing it, I said, where are they getting the steel? Where? And I said, you know what, if people want to build pipelines in the United States, they should use American steel, and they should build it and create it right here. That pipe is going to be manufactured right here. That was like, last minute -- I'm saying, where are they buying this stuff?

From White House: Keystone XL exempt from 'Buy American' push:

The Keystone XL pipeline will not have to comply with President Trump's executive order prioritizing the use of American steel in pipeline projects, the White House said on Friday
Tools.  Walking right into Trump's trap.

Which is good.  I'm happy about that!
In what sane administration would your President be setting 'traps' for citizens? That would be a ridiculous, juvenile, not even sane move on the part of the person responsible for the world's greatest superpower. Think about the implications of the president espousing such hostile intentions.
If those citizens are lying sacks of shit supporting an unelected "deep state" government, then it's very sane.
And if they are not, it's insane.

I note you present no evidence, as usual.
If I were to predict outcomes here, I would look at Manifort and the manipulation of the GOP platform at the convention.

But that is really beside the point here, the real win from this whole kerfuffle is that the demand for Trump to release his tax returns will become a subpoena.
And what will THAT show?  One was already leaked and there was nothing surprising there
Two pages were leaked, neither of them containing the information we need to know.
Tools.  Walking right into Trump's trap.

Which is good.  I'm happy about that!
Isn't that just precious!  Davie thinks Trump plans, bless their hearts.
...  This is why "history will vindicate Allan Savory as one of the greatest ecologists of all time."
Imagine that. It will turn out that one of the greatest ecologists of all time will be a guy who is hilariously out to lunch on a subject so fundamental to the whole basis of ecology as the age of the ecosystem.
Yup.  Just like Newton turned out to be one of the greatest scientists of modern times in spite of the fact that he was hilariously out to lunch about turning lead into gold.
You are so close.

Newton was a loony who was also one of the greatest scientists of all time.

Savory has made significant contributions to agriculture[1] AND IS A SHYSTER.

Who would have thunk that people are not all one thing?
How[/] significant doesn't matter here.
... you're not building up organic matter in the soil.  It's just pretty much staying constant.
You have no evidence that you are building up organic matter in your soil either.
Right.  And I have no evidence that the reason there is less water in my animal water dishes when I check on them every day after work is because my animals are drinking it.
Wow, you can tell the amount of SOM just by looking?

Intelligence Chairman says there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia... He says that the only crime is the leaking of classified information.
jesus you are amazing. Comey actually said there is an open investigation you dumbass.
of course there is. But that's a different thing
Investigations are started when there is some evidence to investigate.
He has always looked like an impotent, whiny, lying brat

Yabbut now he looks like an impotent whiny lying brat who knows he's an impotent whiny lying brat.

Must have come as a heck of a shock.  I honestly think he used to think he was the cat's pyjamas.
Dave still thinks he's the cat's pajamas. Trump still thinks he's the cat's pajamas.

And the bee's knees, mutt's nuts and various wonderful bits of half a dozen other creatures.
I don't understand why anyone wanted to pay Trump $200k to be a member of Mar-A-Lago when he was just some reality TV doofus.
When he was a reality TV doofus it was only $100k. They doubled it when he got elected.
No you're wrong as usual about pretty much everything. I did write it and I did mail it.  Tough shit for them if they don't want to cash it.
Why did you date it so far in the future? Or did you only write it after lying about it?
Here's Comey and Rogers denying that Trump lying about that yesterday.[/color]267008655360/video/1

Comey and Rogers said no such thing.  The tweet got fact-checked in real time in the hearing, and Comey said what Trump tweeted was not what Comey conveyed.
You guys can't even get your heads around the basics theory that Allan Savory promotes. It's no wonder  you don't believe his before and after photos.

Dave, the issue isn't that we "can't get our heads around the basics theory".  It's that some of it doesn't make sense, and some of it is contradicted by evidence.

Some of it however does make sense, and clearly works, at least in some environments, when practised in a certain way.
Name one thing about it that "doesn't make sense."  And one thing that is contradicted by the evidence.

(Don't shoo me off to a link.  Explain in your own words.)


That whole predators thing doesn't make sense.  Herding bovines don't graze when under threat. They do bunch up - but don't graze.  When the threat recedes, THAT is when they graze. And they spread out as far as they can.  What they DO do is migrate in herds - because herds give them a couple of kinds of protection.   They evolve to travel together, and to live and graze in herds. So grass species co-evolve not with animals that eat them bunched up, but animals that eat them while migrating in herds.

But not all grass species co-evolve with such animals.  Deer, for example, don't bunch up at all - they scatter when under threat from predators.

And on some continents, like Australia, there aren't deer either.  So the plains vegetation hasn't evolved to cope with big herds of migrating hoofed animals.  It's evolved to cope with relatively small flocks of light-footed leaping animals.

Then there's the thing about soil compaction. That is fucked up in a lot of ways.  Soil doesn't need to be compacted by heavy mobs of grazers for seeds to germinate.  In many climates that can be damaging.

And there's there's his voodoo math on carbon sequestration. 

And his thing about resting (excluding grazers) being a cause of desertification.

And his thing about desert biotic crusts being the "cancer" fo the desert.

Basically, some of his principles work in some ecosystems and climates.  What probably works more widely is his decision-making structure - because it's more flexible.

But his insistence that ONLY cows can reverse desertifaction is not just wrong, it's potentially dangerously wrong.  The Tigray programme, for one, showed that in that particular terrain, terracing and tree planting, and exclusion of grazers, was a really successful strategy. There is no good reason or evidence to think that HMG would have done better. There are drought conditions for most of the year, and then flash flood conditions in steep terrain for a couple of months.
Pulling this forward for the ball-less asshole who asked for this but then ran like a scared bunny.
And Jesus said to Paul of Ryan...

"Look, Jesus, you have rare talent, and it should be rewarded," Pious Paul said. "I have a partner, The Donald, who would like to work with you: He'd set up a lovely hospital, and the rich would come and pay for you to heal them. You'd get a percentage, and it'd be a real money-spinner. Overhead would be minimal because every morning you could multiply some loaves and fishes. You could strike it rich!"
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Comey testifies, Trump tweets a lie and gets almost instantly exposed.  <3  <3  <3

Comey Fact-Checks Trump Tweet About Russia Hearing--During Russia Hearing
The whole Savory show is just that, a show for the gullible. All he has is a slightly modified rotational grazing system. Which actually go back centuries. You, of course, have modified his modified system to use a very small robo-pen and many, many moves per day with multiple animal species. Nothing at all like what Savory advocates. If you disagree, then write Mr Savory a letter, one you post here before sending it off. A letter that describes your new and improved version of his. And ask for his impressions, his critique, as it were. Which you will then post here. Then we'll see what's what.
Actually, one of us should write it. Dave never will. Could be amusing to see the result.
Oops, I like that. Dave, can we write a letter in the open here and send it to Savory? You can be involved as long as you have objective evidence to discuss.
It's classic Lizzie. Can't see the forest for the trees. She wrote a big long post intending to refute me, and instead she inadvertently  confirmed the major point that I care about most.  Lol
Which as several have pointed out was not a Savory insight. It's also not the basis of his "system", even feed lots and most ranches force or allow the cattle to bunch up.

When predators are around, they don't graze.
She agrees on the most important point which is  that they have evolved to live and travel and graze together in herds for protection..
And don't graze when threatened.
FFS. There's really no point in discussing *anything* with Dave if he's going to invent fake quotes instead of actually addressing critiques of his ideas.
I agree. So go away.
I'm still here.  You asked for it.  Respond.
"But Dave, Newton was wrong about alchemy and Bible prophecy. Why don't you address Pingu's critique of those things?"
Pingu hasn't critiqued those things, at least not recently.

She has critiqued Savory's many errors and lies.  At your request.

I have no interest in that. Note the thread title.
You asked for the critique, therefore you have interest in it. You're running away, as usual, because she's 100% right and you got nuthin.

BTW you have steadfastly refused to discuss the topic in the thread title.