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Reread my post and you'll probably be able to figure it out.
Nope. It makes no sense to me as a response, sorry.
Nor likely anyone else. Bluffy probably was just knee-jerking. If he really wanted to communicate he'd have specified the post he referred to. But one of Bluffy's standard tactics is to leave his posts vague enough to hopefully squirm out of it.
It's people like Allan Savory that are doing the real breakthroughs in science.  Professional scientists working in the life sciences rarely make major breakthroughs. It's more typical for them to simply support the agendas of their respective corporations.
Precisely what breakthroughs has Savory come up with lately? Any papers published recently?

Or are you once again just talking out of your ass? As usual. Big mouth, little hands. Lots of claims, very little actual work. Well. other than selling stuff they don't need to gullible rubes?
Perhaps someone could remind us about where the membrane and "styliform element" came from.


Who've you got with you Socrates?  Is he by any chance wearing a black leather face mask and a ball gag?
It's sucky who's wearing the mask and gag.
Everything about trump is fake.

President Donald Trump may want to re-think bragging about the size of his online audience: Even more of his Twitter followers have been found to be fake.
The Daily Dot first reported in May that at least 900,000 of the Twitter followers Trump gained during that month were fake or inactive accounts.
Alex Taub, co-founder of SocialRank, said that of Trump's 31 million followers he had at the time, 9.1 million of them had no profile photos and were considered bots or inactive.
On Tuesday, SocialRank, the social media analytics firm that first discovered Trump's fake Twitter army, said that it found that 2.4 million of the 5.5 million accounts that have followed Trump since then are fake or inactive, commonly referred to as "egg accounts."

My twitter account has no profile picture, and is more or less inactive, and I follow Trump.
Therefore you are fake?
What I will probably end up doing is making a tiny "community" on my 10 acres, granting some sort of a deal to someone for the portion of the land just to the east of the tree line plus half of the woodland.   I myself will continue to manage my animals on the west side, and perhaps have a common area in the middle.

What will you do if that community decides to start tilling?
He'll be pulling the plow with a couple of them manipulative bitches riding up top, encouraging him with their whips and sharp tongues.
Here's another pic of my 10 acres ...

I thought we were talking about your thought experiment. You really need to stop running circles around us Bluffy.
I know nothing of nanoarrays, but don't consider this idea impossible. There's stiff sniff competition, though. Dogs sometimes outperform million dollar equipment on specifics. Diabetes sniffers sense when their owner is dangerously high in blood sugar. Much more convenient that having the patient understand when breathing into some device might be required.

Other dogs warn for oncoming epileptic seizures. I don't know if that is from smell or owner's behaviour. Successful cancer detection has also been reported. Just hit me - are there dogs who specialize in detecting environmental pollution of different kinds?

They can be trained to check water for sewage leaks/human fecal contamination. I'm not sure what else has been done with pollution but you can probably train them to sniff out most things.
Who among us can possibly doubt that "Socrates" has a much better grasp of how to interpret the fossils (that he's never seen) than do Xu et al. ?
Are you suggesting there is no contradictory evidence for that hypothesis, therefore it must be wrong?
Let's move on from this water nonsense. 

Let's talk about land allocation.  Will someone please explain to me why we EVER started the practice of BUYING AND SELLING LAND?

This was a foreign concept to the Native Americans and it seems like a really ridiculous idea to me as well.
Good idea Bluffy. Cut your losses before there's nothing left.

So .... ...

Run Bluffy, Run!!
Let's move on from this water nonsense. 

Let's talk about land allocation.  Will someone please explain to me why we EVER started the practice of BUYING AND SELLING LAND?

This was a foreign concept to the Native Americans and it seems like a really ridiculous idea to me as well.
Because sometimes land is valuable. And sometimes what people do with it is valuable as well. Would you want to go and prepare a nice big garden and tend it and then have someone else come along and harvest it? Or maybe they want to build something there and so bulldoze it. How about if the land is not prized for its agricultural productivity but because it holds valuable minerals and ores or perhaps it's got a a great view or access to water for transportation or even consumption. Maybe it's a critical mountain pass or isthmus which allows the holder to charge passage fees.

How about I and some others come by and toss you off "your" land? Is that OK with you? Are you going to go peacefully or will we have to get violent?

That you don't understand any of this is indicative of your intellect and education. Or perhaps just your well known refusal to deal with reality.

In any case, it is the standing condition and simply wishing it away isn't going to work. You are not going to get any large tracts to do with what you like for free. There may be an occasional exception, but it's not a workable concept on a regional, national nor global scale.
You're an idiot.

What I'm saying is that the system eliminates harmful pathogens so quickly and efficiently that there is no possible chance of getting a large enough concentration of harmful pathogens in anything downstream from the system.
Except that even Jenkins advocated to let the mature pile set for at least a year. That's why the toilet sort of using his system in Austin has two bins. One for active use, the other to allow the pile to do it's work.  That doesn't sound like quickly to me.
Dave, I'd invest in more buckets if I were you.
Maybe a really big one with a lid.
Where the hell did I say that bacteria are not involved in my composting toilet system?  Of course they are. Bacteria are involved in pretty much everything.

Then it was a bloody stupid thing to say contamination cannot happen because it is so efficient, now wasn't it?
no it wasn't bloody stupid at all. The bloody stupid thing is YOU that can't get your head around what I'm saying.

Just saying "no it isn't" only makes you seem more stupid, Dave.

You said:

"even if it were downhill it wouldn't matter because the Joe Jenkins composting toilet system is so efficient that there would be no possibility of contamination."

That is patent nonsense. Your compost would still contain the various bacteria and other assorted nasties that can indeed contaminate a pond if you use it as fertilizer on the surrounding land. It is obviously preposterous to say that it "is so efficient that there would be no possibility of contamination."

But hey, enjoy digging yourself deeper and deeper into this hole as you double down on stupid, as usual.
If I remember correctly, Bluffy's composting bin was made of wood pallets and open to the rain, with no means of preventing leakage as the rain water percolates through. Jenkins' bin was closed and did not allow leakage.

But, HEY, minor details. The important part is having a place to dump your bucket.
Look ... Guys ... If you want to argue about something, argue with me about land allocation within my 5000 acre thought experiment.   Or about wind powered resistive electric heating.
You're the one who brought up using raw pond water.

As for your "thought experiment" it's a joke from the get go because you refuse to deal with all the ramifications, even the most obvious ones. As someone suggested, you item 4 is that all problems are solved by magic, or just by ignoring them. Doesn't work. Ever.

As for electric resistive heating, have you figured out how much heat you will need at night in the dead of winter? Because, hopefully you know that heat produced by a heat pump (essentially a reverse cycle capable AC unit) is not directly related to the power consumed. It's far more efficient to move heat than produce it. In any case, a 1500 watt electric resistance heater will put out about 5000 BTU, roughly sufficient to heat a 150sf room. You've stated you've got 700sf, so you're going to need 5 such heaters. Or around 9000watts. Plus you need to consider what you'll do when the wind isn't blowing (or not blowing hard enough) and it's still below freezing.
Total bullshit.

On my current property, the pond catchment area is uphill from dwellings but even if it were downhill it wouldn't matter because the Joe Jenkins composting toilet system is so efficient that there would be no possibility of contamination.

The efficiency of your composting system has nothing to do with the removal of bacteria, protozoa and other nasties, you dolt. In fact, you are relying on various bacteria to break the stuff down into compost. Shocking that you are so ignorant about the basics of what you are doing there.

Also you have no idea what you are talking about WRT untreated ponds.  The only situation which is problematic with ingesting untreated pond water is if pathogens exceed a certain level

Ermmm... not really. It is true that most people can ingest low levels of bacteria etc. that can potentially cause nasty diseases most of the time. But it is also true that if you are unlucky, even a very small amount can lead to a bad infection.
Quite true. A while back a friend visited Lake Wilderness in the Maple Valley area nearby. He just went wading up to his knees. A day later his leg was swollen and painful. He'd picked up some sort of parasite. Had he waited to go to the ER, he probably would have lost the lower leg.

A low level of pathogen ingestion is actually helpful for the immune system as studies on the Amish are now confirming.
[citation required]
The citation is similar to Bluffy's records.
Anyone else notice this guy - yet again, at yet another rally - directly behind Trump and continuously on camera at the Phoenix event?

The strange story of that 'Blacks for Trump' guy standing behind POTUS at his Phoenix rally

This guy seems to be a centerpiece of Trump's PR effort to say "See, I'm not at all racist! The Blacks love me, and I love them!"
It's hard to believe at this point that Trump's handlers do not know the guy's less than appealing background.
It's hard not to conclude that they are just that cynical.
Apparently that article requires subscribing to the Washington Post. Not interested in doing that. Can you cut and paste or just summarize the content?
Maybe he can make his own out of haybales?
Lined with Walmart Tarps, no doubt.
Even IF you could store water, you would need ~12,000 gallon capacity to be filled by September or early October to get you through to March or April.  That's a tank of 10' diameter and 20 feet high.  Not just something you find over at Lowes or Home Depot.

But you can find it at Tank Depot.  He just needs two of these
Are they going to be free as well?
I'm not going to go into that much detail on roof catchment. For the 1000 person thought experiment,  ponds are the best way to ensure an adequate water supply even if roof catchment is not enough.  Ponds are a wonderful asset to a community anyway for more reasons than just water supply.
When the going gets tough, the Bluff get going.
I think you are vastly overestimating the quantity of water that a typical family actually needs.
I laid out my numbers and assumptions, and even provided detail between family sizes and animal care.  I then compare these demands to the supply that YOU wish to capture (runoff capture).
From that simple analysis I found a discrepancy in your assumptions, primarily that your rainfall is inadequate during 5 months of the year to support what you want.
Your numbers are non-existent, no surprise there. And you hand-wave away any and all criticism saying "No problem."
Also note that most of the water used by families doesn't need to be chlorinated.
I laid out my assumptions, I only included POTABLE water supply, water that needs to be clean and fresh.  That INCLUDES water for washing yourself but not really your clothes.
If you have a problem with my assumptions then address them.
Also if you have an underground cistern or an above ground insulated storage tank with no light admission, you also don't need chlorine.
Hahahahaha, you know very little about this I see.  ANY runoff collection will be susceptible to contamination no matter how airtight your storage medium.
Note that a well aerated pond never needs chlorine and you can actually drink from the top most surface drawn from the middle of the pond.
How do you draw off the middle of a frozen pond?

Again, I'm not worried about water in Missouri.
For 7 months out of the year I would agree.

What about the OTHER 5 months?
I love it that Bluffy figures if there's no light there'll be no bacterial or other microbial life flourishing. I wonder, does Bluffy know that one of the big problems with diesel is bacterial growth?
Is there any actual evidence found that you would accept as contradicting the dino to bird theory?
So no evidence has been found that contradicts the dino to bird theory.
This must be the first theory in the history of science to have no contradicting evidence.
If there is no contradictory evidence, is there any evidence that is inconsistent with the theory?

So no evidence inconsistent with the theory.
What a wonderful theory the dino to bird theory is. No evidence is inconsistent with it. According to you guys.
No evidence is allowed to be considered inconsistent.
No matter how inconsistent/contradictory it is.
So they make up a story to explain it away and then make-believe that there was no actual inconsistent/contradictory evidence in the first place. It is quite fascinating!
And when someone challenges the make-believe stories, the dino to bird enthusiasts attack the person who is providing the published evidence that is inconsistent with the theory. Which always seems odd because attacking the person who is presenting the published material, is just attacking the people who published the material in the first place.

This is a pointless line of discussion. I am moving back to looking at Yi qi. I will shortly be away for a bit.
That sort of brings up Dr Xu. I've not heard back from him. I wonder why.
Is there any evidence inconsistent with the theory of heliocentricity?
Anyone can contribute.
It seems no one is interested.
I will be moving on to another aspect of this fascinating topic*.
Like why no one has offered any evidence that contradicts the atomic theory of matter.

* i.e. the dearth of evidence against well established scientific theories.
Let us now consider another well accepted theory: the monophyly of birds.
As I recall, a certain notorious internet crank has proposed that different taxa of birds are descended from different taxa of (of all things!) pterosaurs! (And that certain animals (penguins, to be exact)- widely considered to be birds - are not even birds at all! )

What is the evidence against the widely accepted view that birds are a monophyletic group?

Anyone can contribute!
Sucky don't like it.
Mike, I've posted the design for my 700 square-foot house before and it has close to 8 foot wide porch roofs on both front and back plus 3 foot soffits on the gable ends.  The roof pitch is something like 8:12 and you've got 18 inch wide walls so it is indeed about 20 squares of roofing material, which is 2000 ft.².

And yes runoff is higher in certain parts of the year but you can catch it all if you have enough storage.
As noted previously, the slope of your roof doesn't increase the area of rainfall, it's simply the footprint.

A simple thought experiment shows this to be true, how much rain do your walls (essentially very steep roofs) collect? Think about it Bluffy, even if for just a moment.