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Why would Rosenstein's replacement be more committed to letting investigations into Trump/Sessions run their course?
lol, that makes me recall the earlier report that he tried to blend in with the drapes.
Cohen lied about not having been to Prague. Iirc this was the one thing in the dossier that could, given the available info, reasonably be dismissed. Now it is instead confirmed.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
Well, nothing calms down a tantrum like chocolate cake and MOAB.
So... high-profile atheist author -> islam basher -> 90's scientific racism. Where to go next? Maybe have Richard Spencer on his podcast and realize that he needs to make common cause with Christians and Putinists?
Trump's lawyer's lawyer is gonna get Trump's lawyer disbarred.
On Wednesday, Ecuador's government posted a statement on Twitter saying it cut Assange's internet access for sending out messages meddling with other countries' affairs. The message, posted in Spanish, said Assange had broken a "written commitment" not to do that.

"Assage's behavior, with his messages through social networks, puts in danger the good relationships that [Ecuador] maintains with the United Kingdom, with the other countries in the European Union and other nations," read the statement.
It's sad to see how some people become ever more radicalized.
An attorney can't "waive privilege."  It is not their privilege.
Given the context, the author may have meant "violate privilege".
Is the use of pseudonyms ("David Dennison", "Peggy Peterson") normal in a confidential settlement agreement?
One of the guys suggests this is pretty bad for Cohen:
Meanwhile, Avenatti dropped a minor bombshell (and one that's probably not getting quite as much attention as it should). We already knew that while Trump lawyer Michael Cohen claimed to be negotiating with Daniels on behalf of a non-Trump shell corporation called "Essential Consultants," he was using his Trump Organization e-mail address. What Avenatti added on Sunday night was a copy of the letter that Daniels' then-attorney Keith Davidson sent to Cohen to complete the transaction. That letter was sent to Trump Tower, and addressed to "Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization." In short, it is now almost impossible for Cohen to argue that he was not working in an official capacity on behalf of the then-candidate.

So, a criminal violation of election law almost certainly occurred. If that is not enough, Cohen has also exposed himself to significant liability, and to possible disbarment. Consequently, as Potter observed, a "wild card" in all of this is that Cohen might well have some knowledge of Trump's dealings with the Russians. And as everyone knows by now, special counsel Robert Mueller loves to nail someone on a slam dunk criminal offense, so as to get them to squeal on their bosses in order to save themselves. Thus, Cohen might soon be traveling the same path that Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos have traveled. And depending on exactly what Cohen did, and in what capacity he did it, attorney-client privilege may not apply. Or, if Cohen's law license is dead in the water anyhow, and his goal is to avoid prison, he might choose to waive privilege. Either way, it's yet another headache for the President.

Would be cool if Cohen suffered meaningful consequences for this.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Freepers seem unusually dismayed by Trump's signing the Omnibus bill just now:
Some high-profile propagandists/racists/gop commenters too.
Has anyone besides Josh Marshall reported that Stormy Daniels said that? It would be funny if it is confirmed.
The dossier claim was that he wanted prostitutes to defile a bed Obama had slept in. That he likes being humiliated himself doesn't really fit his persona.