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the libby thing is a real head-scratcher.  why him?  why now?  especially since his sentence was already commuted.

maybe it's to "show" how supposedly corrupt the fbi and doj are?
Not sure if this was answered in any of the following two pages because who has time for reading but its because the president is a child and Libby was convicted by Comey. Its really as simple as that.
please memescape this and also remove all other memescapes in fact just make this the forums background tia

Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
Um I think you mean brain spiders?
So a goon did a thing. Two things. Made some hats. Mailed one to Chris Hayes...
Saw this on her twitter

"Are you the American whore who can't keep her legs or her mouth shut?"

"Why yes I am!  Nice to meet you."
Forgot ass attempted twitter shamer.
"Pisstape extremely fucking real and so transcendent I've already seen it in the 4th dimension"
well even gun nuts call it gun porn
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Yeah, but not any important people or their kids. Just the expendable ones.

Very disappointed this was not Holiday in Cambodia
I don't think you really thought that though
but that does not make sense ksen
imo he's actually one of the better academic writers but it's still academic writing.
Oh I know me some academic writing

Actually, I'm reading belle hooks right now and goddamn can this academic write clearly and understandably. She's like the anti Foucault
Actually, on the topic of early US history, do you have any recommendations for books on the early settlement through the Indian War?

i'm not really sure what you mean by "the indian war" but since you're framing it that way:

Facing East from Indian Country and Before the Revolution, both by dan richter. be warned these aren't really written for general consumption (i.e., they're written for other turbonerds).
I bet his footnotes are really dry and take up pages by themselves.

Thanks, will order them up from the book pit
A people's history of the United States.
Have that one, but its been decades since I last read it. Will check the relevant sections when I get home, thanks PD
iirc, a young George Washington almost single-handedly started the French and Indian wars by being a brash idiot. 

there were tensions there, but diplomatic discussions underway to ease them.  Washington was sent to meet the French emissary.  instead of meeting as agreed, Washington randomly (?) decided to attack the french.  after subduing them, one of his Mohawk guides, apparently not on the same page as Washington, killed the French diplomat and ate his brains.  the French government didn't respond well to that and war ensued.

Was this before or after the French started building their chain of artificial islands from Quebec to England for a massive sneak attack?