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because it's your family coat of arms
You will never have a solution where absolutely everybody can go to any campus at any time and say whatever they want. To allow a public university to spend $600,000 on a single fucking speech when actual academic programs are on the chopping block is obscene. Extracurricular speeches are part of a university education, but people overestimate their value in these conversations. Guest lectures from outside speakers are not the foundation of a university education and don't justify the kinds of expenses we're seeing. I don't give a fuck who's doing the speaking or what they're saying and I don't give a fuck whose fault it is that security costs are high. Public schools should set a reasonable budget that doesn't involve shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single person and should stick to it and not let the public at large use their institution to play out these idiotic fucking culture wars. The damage done by saying welp it's too expensive to have Yolo Minneapolis come speak is less than the damage done by eliminating the fucking French department to save the $1 million you had to spend for his dumbass one time lecture that a small fraction of the student body even attended.

Anyway, this is particularly annoying because at my school, we can only really bring in guest speakers if student clubs have enough money in their bank accounts to pay speaking fees and travel expenses, unless they happen to find someone local willing to do it for free. Clubs raise money themselves and get a small budget from the student chapter of the trade organization (to which students pay a membership fee), but if we don't have the money, then, welp, they're not coming. Whatever happened to free speech? And this vital part of our education that cannot possibly be dispensed with no matter the cost? Where are the people yelling at the wider university to just pay for it themselves and stop denying us from hearing a wide range of ideas? If a group wants a speaker to come to campus, then the university has to make it happen or it's censorship, isn't it?

Also lol of course:

John Villasenor, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of California Los Angeles, defended his survey as an important window into what he had called a troubling atmosphere on American campuses in which "freedom of expression is deeply imperiled". Villasenor, a cybersecurity expert, said this was the first public opinion survey he had conducted.

However, his survey was not administered to a randomly selected group of college students nationwide, what statisticians call a "probability sample". Instead, it was given to an opt-in online panel of people who identified as current college students.

"If it's not a probability sample, it's not a sample of anyone, it's just 1,500 college students who happen to respond," Zukin said, calling it "junk science".

"It's an interesting piece of data," Michael Traugott, a polling expert at the University of Michigan's Center for Political Studies, said. "Whether it represents the proportion of all college students who believe this is unknown."

Meanwhile, thanks to "safety concerns," the annual distinguished lecture of the Department of Anthropology at Berkeley was canceled. Anna Tsing, a leading anthropologist, was going to speak at the Morrison Library. Then administrators told the department that, although this lecture had been scheduled many months in advance, the presence of Yiannopoulos on campus at the same time as this lecture would either need extra security (paid for by the department) or else a new venue at the last minute; failing that, they would have to reschedule. In other words, Yiannopoulos' potentially phony "Free Speech Week" abrogated the very real speech rights of a brilliant scholar. In a joint letter, Berkeley faculty wrote, "If this 'Year of Free Speech' is about giving an equal platform to all speakers, it would seem that it has already failed. Hate speech has taken precedence over academic discourse."

Dan Mogulof, UC-Berkeley's associate vice chancellor, said the Berkeley Patriot has not told school administrators it will cancel the event.

"Our police department, working in concert with an unprecedented number of allied law enforcement agencies, will continue with preparations to provide needed security for these events," Mogulof said in a statement. "There is only one reason the University is in the process of spending close to a million dollars on these security arrangements: if these events take place we want them to safe and peaceful."


A separate speech by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro last week cost the university more than the $600,000 in security. Free Speech Week will costs much more, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Dan Mogulof told Mother Jones last week.

"We're looking at an extraordinary level of cost--well in excess of a million dollars," Mogulof said.

UC-Berkeley currently faces a $110 million budget deficit. Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California system, has said the school needs to reduce that by $53 million this year. In July, UC-Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ asked for $25.4 million in budget cuts across academic and administrative departments for fiscal year 2018.

Pretty sure Yolo Minneapolis is going to cry foul and say the event is cancelled because of libtards, but this whole episode is disgusting. This is just another way to disrupt and fuck with universities but get serious people to wring their hands about you shitting everything up because FREE SPEECH.

What they spent on Shapiro alone was a little more than HALF the fucking annual budget for the department I worked in a few years ago. So students need to be guaranteed the experience of hearing a variety of viewpoints from famous visiting speakers for the enrichment of their education, though we need to cancel these classes and gut this and that department because welp no money!

Here's an interesting tweeters thread about AfD and Russian Germans:

And an AfD Russian ad:

Full text: "With valor for Germany and our children An uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar Protect our borders, deport the islamists!"

See the replies underneath - people did not respond well. Of course you had the predictable "THIS IS GERMANY SPEAK GERMAN" response from AfD supporters lol.
It's an utter disgrace. We're a 3rd world country with some 1st world bits thrown in for the rich.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

The truck driver, Nick Brusky, was hired this year at USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service -- an agency tasked with developing overseas markets for U.S. agricultural trade goods -- at one of the highest levels on the federal government's pay scale, a GS-12, earning $79,720 annually. Though that pay grade requires a master's degree or equivalent experience, it's not clear from Brusky's résumé whether he's a college graduate.

are you fucking kidding me

We had USDA food inspection service vets come talk to us, and they said we can maybe hope to get to GS-12 after a few years of service, and that's with a professional degree.

Another example: Christopher O'Hagan, an appointee as a confidential assistant at the Agricultural Marketing Service, which helps producers of food, fiber and specialty crop growers market their goods. O'Hagan graduated in 2016 from the University of Scranton with a major in history and a minor in economics. But his résumé lists only one example of work experience prior to joining the Trump campaign in January 2016 -- employment as a cabana attendant at the Westchester Country Club in Rye, New York, while in school.

Similarly, Trump campaign alum Tim Page, a 2016 graduate of Appalachian State University, is now at the Natural Resources Conservation Service, an agency that helps farmers, ranchers and forest managers employ conservation practices. Page's résumé indicates that he owns Cutting Edge LLC, a landscaping service in Connelly Springs, North Carolina.

Also in the ranks of USDA political appointees are the scented-candle company owner; a clerk at AT&T; a Republican National Committee intern; a part-time executive assistant and rental property manager; and a former Washington state senator who mentioned on his résumé that he was the first elected official in his state to back Trump's candidacy.

welp, it's a good thing my profession has nothing to do with th- oh, fuck.
I would've liked to have seen Seoul.
The 80s sucked. Fuck the 80s.
that's just weird. the 80s were way cooler than the 70's.

I agree, and that tells you how shitty the 70s were.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association says its taking a stand against what it sees as anti-police rhetoric coming from one local business owner, calling for a boycott of Pi Pizzeria.

And because of the boycott, Pi's owner Chris Sommers says his employees are now getting death threats.

America- land of the free where the police can directly target your business if they don't like what you say. :patriot:
The 80s sucked. Fuck the 80s.
The Boomers fucking started it, my dude.
Sanders' tweets today indicate he's running again it seems

He is too fucking old, for fuck's sake, and so is fucking Joe Biden. Enough of this shit.
After doubling down at first, she's finally back-tracking:

America is the best country in the world.

Go to the hospital and have the staff call ICE in you.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
The Washington Free Beacon is a whole bag of crazy, but this is beautiful:

There's an easy way to express the same sentiment as the first statement he's referencing: "I wish there were groups that used fantasy terminology that weren't as abhorrent as the KKK."

I'm definitely convinced this argument he was trying to poorly make was made in good faith because there is no way that a Silicon Valley computer nerd who worked for Google would've ever been exposed to the vast world of conventions and cosplay and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and other extremely popular mainstream pop culture expressions of fantasy and all sorts of kinds of wizards and their massively large devoted fan bases.

In the beginning, the guy is telling the other guy to tell the bear to do something, and I want both of these guys to get mauled.
Look at these fucking assholes:

Mistakes were made, ksen.

Anyway, this is yet another beautiful example of the superior logical capabilities of the male brain. I was kind of on the fence before but wow this is tough to argue against.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Laaaaaaaadies~~~
It's the cheap meat suit.

they edited it out of the photo, but the reason his shirt is all puffed up behind his back is that his mother is carrying him in her mouth by the scruff of his neck

I was going to respond omg lol but you ruined that. I hope you're happy.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Seriously, what in the fuck is she wearing
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Am I a bad person for kind of laughing at this?