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No need to be "fair to Dave" ... he's one of THOSE people ...
Always the martyr.
One winter.  No bought hay.  None.  I had very little TREE hay bc it was so new to me and I wasn't very organized, but I had plenty of what we in HMG call "stockpile" in my pasture.  It's just tall grass that remains green and nutritious long into the winter.

You seem to have forgotten the animal you directly killed , those that escaped ( and may have died shortly afterwards) and your continued torture of a pair of goats

To be fair to Dave he was responding to my question which was specifically about purchasing hay last winter.
what do you mean, that was a friendly low-5.
guys, practice getting used to saying it: "madam president ivanka trump"
Policy-wise, she wouldn't be horrible.
I think you're fooling yourself.
Yeah, she appears to be just as much as in things for personal profit as her father, with the main difference that her cognitive abilities are not in decline and that her business niche is somewhat different because she's a woman.

Yeah, I'm mixing her up with Melania.  I can't remember which is the daughter he wants to fuck and which is the trophy wife.
Winters buying hay ... none ... only done this for one winter though ... but don't worry ... I won't ever need to buy hay.

Is that winters with or without buying hay  == none?

I thought you ran out of your stockpiled tree hay early this winter.  Did you supplement their feed with something else, or am I mis-remembering?
Pulling this forward past all the chaff...
6) I don't have to buy hay in the winter thanks to stored tree hay plus "stockpiled" grasses in my pasture.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

How many winters have you gone without buying hay so far?
Who the hell do you think prunes the natural forest, Dave? Elves?
giraffes.  We've already been over this, bor.

no rebuttal, amirite?
I guess it saves a lot of keystrokes over "Why, look, just look at how pathetic I am!"
Or even "I got nuthin'  :o "
Considering how often he finds himself in that position... Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I never used the word 'Israel', I just said 'The Joos'.  They figured it out by themselves.
The Soap Opera / Re: Moment of Silence
It's like 15 hours early.
Can you ask an historian for me?
guys, practice getting used to saying it: "madam president ivanka trump"
Policy-wise, she wouldn't be horrible.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

The point is that Melania is not wearing a head scarf either. Typical Trump hypocrisy.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
'enuf'. :gonk:

Meh, it's a tweet. Gotta watch the character count.
my favorite part of all this is still the WH statement later on the day of comey's firing that was like "it's time to move on from the russia investigation".  like I was honestly not disturbed by the orwellian tone because it was so laughably transparent.

My favorite part was right after Comey was fired, and the WH claimed it was over his handling of Hillary's email investigation.  Like anyone was dumb enough to believe that other than the hard core trumpeteers.
Primer is awesome, but ultimately nonsensical. Anyone claiming to have figured it out is full of shit. Still, it's well solid, and a must see for fans of time travel films.

I watched it years ago.  I kinda want to watch it again to better understand, but just reading the summary on wikipedia, my brain is all WTF?