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Look ... Guys ... If you want to argue about something, argue with me about land allocation within my 5000 acre thought experiment.   Or about wind powered resistive electric heating.

Then, when we point out the problems Dave's ideas create in those areas, Dave will insist on talking about something else. It's like whack-a-mole. :D
How about raw milk for treating the illness brought on by the water? :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
re bannon, an added bonus is that he was one of the few of trump's inner circle who isn't in legal jeopardy wrt russia.  makes the trump WH less robust against whatever comes of mueller's investigation.

Also ups the possibility it more likely he'll spill everything he knows to anyone who asks.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
White House Staff

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus - You're fired!!!
Chief White House Strategist: Steve Bannon - And you're fired!!!
White House Counsel: Tom McGahn - final
White_House Communications Director - Sean Spicer, Mike Dubke, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, Hope Hicks (acting). - You're all fired!!!

Cabinet Positions (announced or credibly rumoured)
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson (Exxon CEO) John Bolton/Mitt Romney (Pence says Romney under active consideration)
Secretary of Defense: James (Mad Dog) Mattis - final
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson (that was quick)
Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos - final 
UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley (Gov, S.C.) - final
Secretary of Transportation: Elaine Chao (Mitch McConnell's wife)
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Ritch (Georgia Representative) - final
Secretary of Treasury: Steven Mnuchen (former Goldman-Sachs) - final
Commerce Secretary:  Wilbur Ross - final
Secretary of Veterans Affairs:  Sarah Palin - And you're fired!!!
Secretary of Energy:  Rick Perry

National Security (announced or credibly rumoured)

National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn - And you're fired!!!
CIA Director: Mike Pompeo

Other Insane Appointments
Environmental Protection Agency:  Scott Pruitt, climate change dissenter
Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon (WWE cofounder)
Secretary of the Army: Vince Viola, majority owner of Florida Panthers - And you're fired removed from consderation!!!

List will be updated as stuff happens

ETA I'm expanding the scope of this thread to chronicle some of the social and cultural seismic events of the Trumpocalypse.  This isn't about an election anymore.

Still a lot of names on the list.
BTW, I saw the video of Trump's initial statement for the first time, And I was amazed by how obvious it was that he goes off-script when he says "on many sides".
He stops his flat, toneless, presbyotic reading, raises his voice, starts waving his hands and looks straight at the camera. He only returns to the script after his 'Trump/Obama' babble, and he quickly brushes off the very next sentence he was supposed to say (and, I suspect, emphatically stress): That [this kind ofhatred, bigotry and violence] "has no place in this country".

The actual statement was still vague enough to be interpreted as keeping 'equal distances' (which would satisfy his nazi worshippers). But trump got out of his way to make that look more obvious.
I think this is more than personal ideological affiliation, or even attending to the far-right base. It's possible that the nazis have something on him.
I just think he's a Nazi.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
So trump is doing what he does because he thinks that's how you achieve happiness?
Define "farm" ... If it means "till" then I want no part of it. 

So what does that mean practically if people in Davetopia decide to start tilling? Will you leave and start again? Imprison them or otherwise punish/coerce them to stop? Banishment? Would you be willing to engage in a civil war over tilling?
Well... What happens to people in wealthy subdivisions who decide to paint the front of their house bright flamingo pink when the rules allow only earthtones?

Well, what DOES happen, Dave?

I believe stocks for the menfolk, and tar and feathering for the womenfolk.
I think it all depends on when Mueller sends him a subpoena.
How does ANYONE "work it out" in ANY group with an elected governing body?  God you're an idiot.
In many cases, violence.  Watch the news.
You're an idiot.

He isn't though. And allocating plots of land top-down or forcing an 'election' among a group of people who don't even know each other yet is a great way to ensure the loudest and most aggressive ones end up in charge and would be a great way to ensure resentment and dissent take hold right from the start.

You're fixated on defining boundaries, 'property' lines, because that's all you know. That would restrict people from efficient use of the land. If 'property' is defined by 'my house and whatever land I'm using right now (eg., for a garden)', then the natural  progression toward specialisation can take place with less conflict.

Cutting trees for building and firewood, for instance, is hard labour, but some people have an affinity for it, know how to do it safely, and hopefully know enough not to clearcut. Exchanging wood for food makes sense. If the woodcutters have to negotiate with 300 'property owners' for the right to cut wood, it will be a mess. If they just need to choose appropriate stands of trees for cutting, it will be much easier.
OK you bring up some important points ... but one thing at a time ...

Property lines.

It seems to me that if everyone is going to agree on some set of "Regenerative Land Principles" and each family head reports every year on a metric relative to that, then I don't see how you could avoid having property boundaries for each family.  I'm pretty sure that even Native Americans had property boundaries of sorts ...

Sweet. Survey stuff.
So, who's going to establish these property lines.
Who's going to sort out boundary disputes?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I have decided it is time to watch Dr. Strangelove again.
Watched War Games recently, that works too.

eta: Anyone have any semi realistic movies/documentaries about the Cuban Missile Crisis?  In my mind this sounds kinda similar.

Didn't Costner do one? "13 days" perhaps?

ETA: Oops, should have read the following post.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
No no no. That's entirely correct. Trump didn't draft the response....

He dictated it instead. [/republicans]. :D
So disappointed. It's always the brightest (dumbest) flames that burn the shortest (and provide us with many WTF moments and laughs). Poor guy didn't even make it to his first SNL show.
Love it. However, when I read this:

""We, the International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF) formally announce the formation of The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army (TQILA), a subgroup of the IRPGF comprised of LGBT*QI+ comrades as well as others who seek to smash the gender binary and advance the women's revolution as well as the broader gender and sexual revolution," it said."

I can't help but think of Life of Brian. :D
Arts and Entertainment / Re: New Who
Yay! Bout time.
sr was in the tower that day

Soooo, it might come down to what was on TV at the time? :D
Thread belongs in ARSE.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Maybe someone should show him what a fence looks like.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Holy Lol-balls. I thought that was a joke.
See. He even managed to put whole sentences together, and is a lot closer to forming a logical argument.
Never thought I'd say this, but Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would be a better president. :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
This might well be taken as an indication Congress, all of them, are not entirely comfy with Trump having his finger on the button.

I take it as an indication that many of them don't read what they're voting on.
Ow, ow, ow!!!

But yeah, that pretty well sums it up.