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Mind you, I'm not claiming to be an expert at roof catchment yet. All of these plans are subject to experimentation.   Fine filtering will be accomplished using a small swimming pool sand filter with back flush valves.
How effective is a small swimming pool sand filter for bacterial infestations?  There's one more component that both swimming pools and municipal water systems use typically.
Mike, I've posted the design for my 700 square-foot house before and it has close to 8 foot wide porch roofs on both front and back plus 3 foot soffits on the gable ends.   The roof pitch is something like 8:12 and you've got 18 inch wide walls so it is indeed about 20 squares of roofing material, which is 2000 ft.².

And yes runoff is higher in certain parts of the year but you can catch it all if you have enough storage.
All potable systems for rainwater catchment have a "first flush" system that flushes all the crap carried down from the roof during the first part of any rainfall (leaves, dust, bird poop, etc.).  That flush limits your recovery to maybe only 50% to 60% of total rainfall.

And what will you do during the 3+ months of freezing weather?
I was saving the area of impact statement for later since I could have stretched Dave's understanding of "roof pitch" and rainfall to its extreme.

But, as usual, someone comes along and ruins the fun.   :sadyes:

I dislike RAFH a quarter point for this one.   :whyyou:
General Discussion / Re: Electric bike anyone?
The Red Bull fuel can is a nice touch.
Central Florida nearing maximum ~85%.  You can tell the dimming of the sunlight for the last 15-20 minutes.
My pinhole box was the garage door opener I installed over the weekend, ~3' deep.

Getting a clear photo was another deal.
If socrates1 started agreeing with the dino-to-bird theory THEN I might begin to doubt it.
Central Florida nearing maximum ~85%.  You can tell the dimming of the sunlight for the last 15-20 minutes.
For those who missed (will miss) this one today, In less than 7 years there's another one.

April 8th, 2024.

In central Florida and just checked my rather large pinhole viewer (long box of a new garage door opener).

Sun is presently ~30%, ramping up over the next hour to ~85%.  Partly cloudy but blue sky in between so good viewing when the sun breaks through.
Water.  I have not fully tested this yet, but I think roof catchment is going to be the solution for my area.   For a 700 square-foot house, you're looking at almost 2000 feet of roof catchment area considering slopes and porches and overhangs.  My area in Missouri gets at least 3 feet of water per year so that is 6000 ft.³ available per household  which is more than 40,000 gallons  which is more than 100 gallons per day year around.  So this alone is plenty. And we haven't even talked about ponds recently.  Don't worry, Mike I've got plenty of water.
Your roof catchment is a bit oversubscribed.  I would say 1,000 square feet for a 700 square foot hovel.

Rainfall is seasonal.  Some months get more than others, plus you have to STORE all that water between rainfall events AND decontaminate this stored water.

So a 1" rainfall will generate 83 cubic feet of water which is 622 gallons.  If your family requires 60 gallons per day then that is only 10 days PLUS they need a storage space and treatment for all that water.  For a month, the family needs 1800 gallons which is 3" of rainfall assuming they capture ALL the rainfall (not likely).

Then there's this nasty thing called "Winter" where rain doesn't really fall as liquid but as a solid.  And any standing water tends to do something called a phase change from liquid to ice.

Hmmm....  Seems that a runoff style rain capture will only work for ~6 months out of the year.  What will you do for the OTHER 6 months?

And we haven't mentioned treatment yet ....
Harvesting, Storing, and Treating Rainwater for Domestic Indoor Use
Look, you idiot, I'm not interested in hydro power at the moment.  Not because I'm an idiot and "went straight for solar without considering anything else" but because there is no possibility to have hydro power on my property.  Jesus Christ.

I AM interested in wind power, but not until winter.  I'll get to that.  Probably this winter.
How about potable water then?  What's your plan?
Even in a rustic setting you and your animals need plenty of water year around that is clean and free of contamination.  Plus the supply needs to be available no matter what the season.

Here's some quick and dirty numbers for you considering the rural and non-flush toilet lifestyle ...
*Drinking water (humans) 1 gal/day or less
*Shower (5 min) 10 gallons
*Cooking/Cleaning 5 gallons for the family

So round that out to ~50 gallons per family (4) per day.

*Lactating Goats need 3 gallons per day.
*A chicken coop needs 2-3 gallons per day.
*A rabbit hutch is 1 gallon per day

So round that out to a farm average of 10 gallons per flerd per day.

That's 60 gallons per household of 4 or 40 gallons per household of 2.

Your 1,000 people are split between families and couples and singles so lets say you have 350 sites with 180 families, 120 couples and 40 singles.  You need a potable water source of (10800 + 4800 + 800 =) 16,400 gallons per day.  That's a constant flow of 11.5 gallons per minute year around to keep your colony alive.

What's your water source Dave?
Well at least folks do not think flying birds evolved from ostriches. That is a good start.
That would be silly.

They evolved from Emus.
Now I know Dave is deeply involved in the Alt-Right movement.  A recent release of chatroom conversations revealed that the Charlottesville marchers would use buckets for their relief since the porta-potty supplier backed out.,886.msg108265.html#msg108265

Politics and Current Events / Our prices are INSANE!!!
'Our prices are INSANE': Crazy Eddie, fabled electronics retailer and fraudster, has died at 68

In 1992, the New York Times published a story about the collapse of the Crazy Eddie chain.

According to the piece, the stores grew too quickly and began stealing business from one another.

Antar would allegedly strap cash to his body and travel with it to Israel. When he arrived, he would deposit the money into the Bank Leumi of Israel. That money would later be funneled through Panama and mixed in with receipts of Crazy Eddie stores as a means of fooling financial analysts who were watching the company, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

RIP you pursuer of the American Dream.
For sale: Multibillion-dollar, non-working nuclear power plant, as is

The plant, located on the Tennessee River in northern Alabama, had been under construction since the mid-1970s. One of the state's biggest energy projects, it once employed about 4,800 people and promised to generate 1,200 megawatts of power for the surrounding area.

Construction ground to a halt in 1988, when energy demand in the region flat-lined. Still, Chardos, the Bellefonte site director, said he expected to see the plant up and running one day.

But Bellefonte has never burned an ounce of nuclear fuel or delivered a watt of power. The plant employs a mere 50 people. Dust covers the piping. Turkey vultures have perched on the 480-foot pale-gray cooling towers.

Now, after more than $5 billion in investments and 40 years of stops and starts, the plant's owner is putting it up for sale -- for a small fraction of the overall cost.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, the nation's largest federal utility, is set to begin accepting bids for Bellefonte on Monday, with a minimum price tag of $36.4 million, according to the Associated Press.
TVA is offering up quite a lot in its sale of Bellefonte: a pair of partially-finished nuclear reactors, transmission lines, eight miles of service roads, a parking lot with a 1,000 spaces, and office buildings -- all on 1,600 acres of riverfront property.
Major "Clean Coal" Project in Mississippi Shuts Down

Billions over budget and three years behind, the Kemper County coal gasification project will now produce electricity using natural gas.

$4 Billion OVER budget (of an original $2.9 billion), this was the headline "Clean Coal" initiative that the powers-that-be built to show the world how clean coal will actually work in the future.

Oh so last night I looked into my great great grandfather's service in the Civil War, and it turns out he served under Sherman! He received his second wound at Kennesaw Mtn (the first was at Missionary Ridge). He went back again after healing, and then reenlisted and served in the occupation after the war.

Also did this last night

Jeffie McDavisface Highway
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Bannon is gone.
Feels like the first good news in a while.

Don't be too quick to see it that way. Trump may have used the shock troops of Breitbart to get himself into power, but now he's there he's been moving closer and closer to a military power base. That's not a good thing.
I'm thinking the military men are more stable and grounded than Trump and the Clown Show, although outliers like Flynn are a good counter-point (but they tend to be openly stupid in their actions).

Pence and Co. may be maneuvering with the military clique to consider an Article 25 threat against Trump and force a resignation, especially if Mueller starts charging people in the Trump circle.

Out of all of this crap, 2018 mid-terms may become the loudest counter-revolutionary vote yet seen in this country.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Another hypocratic action by the alt-right.  Wasn't it not too long ago that all these people wanted government out of their business?  Now they are advocating, or at least supporting, federal intervention in all sorts of areas of state and local jurisdiction.
Federal oversight of protests
Federal crackdown on sanctuary cities
Federal intervention in infrastructure development
etc., etc., etc.

Not that I'm surprised about the hypocrisy from this crowd.
Boston is sometime in September.  The mayor was interviewed and said that the permit would be issued only if the requesters followed some ground rules like "no tiki torches, no sticks or shields, no amplifying devices, etc.".  The negotiation continues without any definitive conclusion yet.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
While funny and symbolically apropos, hope it hasn't previously been a favoured spot for birds to hang out.  :staregonk:
Rename it the Jefferson Davis Tar Pits
From the posts here, we can see that cladistic analysis gives you free rein to conclude anything you like.
Well, that's the only way your Pterosaur to Bird theory can work ... so ... yeah.  Right.
No need to worry about Nazis guys, the real issue we are facing are anarchists!

IIRC, when the shoving and stick-work began these guys backed off real quick.  They realized that their NATO grade weapons were no more effective against protecting their side if they were not going to be used.  I saw a couple video clips where 2 or 3 of these guys started backing off into the distance because they realized that they didn't want to start firing into a crowd that was already bent on confrontation; especially when their own protectees were directly engaging the protesters themselves.

These open displays of weapons is so much dick-wagging regardless of training or history.  It's all about intent; the guys with sticks and shields and mace were ready to use those implements.  These militia, obviously, were not ready to use their tools in the confrontation.  There's a reason that Kent State type actions are few and far between.
All this Chile and Pisano talk is making me hungry for a Mexican/Italian fusion meal.
Games / Re: Image Association