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Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
More fantasies
Donald Trump has blamed a rise in crime in the UK on "radical Islamic terror", despite there being no evidence to support the claim.

In an early morning tweet the President said: "Just out report: 'United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.' Not good, we must keep America safe!"

Even if it were true, what is the connection between US safety and crime in the UK?

Reader comment:
the number of murders in the UK is alarming at 640, in a population of c64m. But then I remembered that the FBI announced, on Sept. 17, Chicago hit 500 homicides this year, from a population of just over 2m.

and the understanding that there is a world outside his patch that doesn't always quite work like he imagines.
Not very effective, considering size of cow vs size of five pound note.

Have you seen this? Seaweed could hold the key to cutting methane emissions from cow burps

Dorgan's cattle were eating storm-tossed seaweed. Canadian researchers Rob Kinley and Alan Fredeen have since found that seaweed not only helped improve the cows' health and growth, but also reduced their methane production by about 20%.

This and other lines of evidence led Kinley, who by then had moved to CSIRO, to team up with other CSIRO scientists and marine algae specialists at James Cook University to test a wide range of seaweeds.

They tested 20 seaweed species and found that they reduce methane production in test-tube samples from cow stomachs by anything from zero to 50%. But to do this required high amounts of seaweed (20% by weight of the sample) which was likely to present digestion issues for animals.

But when the researchers tested a particular type of seaweed collected from Queensland's coastal waters, they thought their instruments were broken and ran the tests again. It turns out that Asparagopsis taxiformis reduces methane production by more than 99% in the lab. And unlike other seaweeds where the effect diminishes at low doses, this species works at doses of less than 2%.

Asparagopsis produces a compound called bromoform (CHBr₃), which prevents methane production by reacting with vitamin B12 at the last step. This disrupts the enzymes used by gut microbes that produce methane gas as waste during digestion.
Mind you, this is only testing so far. And I'm not sure what effect interfering with gut microbes has on the cows.

But what about bromoform toxicity?
Quote from: wiki
The substance may be hazardous to the environment, and special attention should be given to aquatic organisms. Its volatility and environmental persistence makes bromoform's release, either as liquid or vapor, strongly inadvisable.

Bromoform can be absorbed into the body by inhalation and through the skin. The substance is irritating to the respiratory tract, the eyes, and the skin, and may cause effects on the central nervous system and liver, resulting in impaired functions.
Dave also thinks it's insane to suppose the Shasta sloth was a solitary animal, I mean, if they were solitary, how did they reproduce? Checkmate, octohatters!

...And I'm not even joking.

Yet another case of black/white Dave logic. Solitary davinated: never ever meets any other creature.

Compare Dave's inability too grasp the sliding scale none - a few- some - many- most - all. Davespeek: Maybe one, thus everyone.

Or possibly once or a few (see above) times a year for some (see above) period(s): must mean continuously.
Show me a deposition rate of 1.3 poop balls per year of any animal in any single location anywhere in the world and maybe I will stop laughing at you.

I sometimes find cat turds in my Swedish back garden. Not exactly balls, but the calculations should hold anyway. Suspects are some five cats in the neighbourhood, and I find like one exhibit every other month. That's 6 balls/pellets per year, 1.2 per year per animal. And I solemnly swear that they don't inhabit my garden continuously. Your turn.
Faid has misinterpreted the material. I suggest people check the blog for themselves.
If you accept his misinterpretation that is your call. No point arguing this.
You folks can argue it if you feel you must.

Why am I not surprised that you don't quote what Faid interpreted wrong and argue against his view...
On prostitutes:

One of the most famous Swedish poets, Gustaf Fröding (1860-1911), lived a hard life and never had any success with women. He spent his later years in various mental institutions and hospitals. This is an amateur translation of one of his best known poems, which I think catches the tone of the original:

A love song
(En kärleksvisa)

I purchased my love for money,
there was nothing else I could get,
sing angelic, you rasping strings,
sing angelic of lovers yet.

That dream, that never came true,
that dream was angelic to get,
for him, who is banished from Eden,
is Eden an Eden yet.

Original by G. Fröding, published in the collection Gralstänk, 1898.
English translation by P.O. Kristensson, 2011.

On locker room talk:

Have I been just lucky, or is there an enormous difference in locker room culture between the two sides of the Atlantic? I was very active in athletics (Swedish championships level in two events) and basketball (3rd division) from high school until graduating from University. We used to discuss the techniques/tactics of the upcoming/finished event/match. There was never a reason to discuss women from any angle instead of the current topic.
Sometimes I wonder if VoxRat is actually as dumb as his posts indicate. He certainly does not have a scientific mind. He keeps pretending that the new ideas I have proposed would already be in the published literature.
But not worth arguing. He and the others here probably do not even understand what it would be like to actually have an inquiring scientific mind.
Oh-oh. "Socrates" ramps up the personal attacks. We all know wat that means...

Quote from: Osmanthus
Who cloned Dave?

Is this kind of attacks when lacking arguments included in the standard description of D-K, or do those guys just happen to mimic each other?
The natural opposite of specialization is waste, and amatures making everything.
The natural extension of specialization, however, is that researchers increasingly are unable to communicate their understanding with outside fields. It's a large part of the reason that consilience has partly replaced falsifiability as the modern philosophy of science.
I didn't know that this has occurred but if you're right, then this would explain the huge whoppers now accepted as truth by mainstream science.  I suspect that geocentrism enjoyed "consilience" in it's heyday.

I didn't read the article and Dave doesn't have a clue what research even means but this is a topic that fascinates me. I see it as a logical extension of the compartmentalization described by Kuhn as normal science. A problem with the system has been identified and the natural reaction is to address it.
Read the article, ya ding dong!
oh look Dave doesn't know what comsilience meams

You forgot the Ironycat and assorted sarcasm indicators. We've long known that mentioning "consilience" drives Dave into hiding.
fyp :parrot:

Well done. Please also note that "Lake K" is a pleonasm, as "sjön" means "the lake".

There are not only Lake Lakes, but (perhaps more) "River River", like River Avon (avon is British Celtic for river), Yarlung Tsangpo River (the Brahmaputra; tsangpo indicates a Tibetan river).
Since Mike is fairly active here these days, I thought I would re-post this diagram from Brown's book and try to get my head around it again.

Are there any facts behind "suggested, arbitrary, presumed" that you want to discuss?
Science / Re: Detecting diseases from your breath?
I know nothing of nanoarrays, but don't consider this idea impossible. There's stiff sniff competition, though. Dogs sometimes outperform million dollar equipment on specifics. Diabetes sniffers sense when their owner is dangerously high in blood sugar. Much more convenient that having the patient understand when breathing into some device might be required.

Other dogs warn for oncoming epileptic seizures. I don't know if that is from smell or owner's behaviour. Successful cancer detection has also been reported. Just hit me - are there dogs who specialize in detecting environmental pollution of different kinds?
Pingu, if you want to suck less at science I suggest you find out about the following concept:

This is ironic.  Remember when you claimed that the reality based community was running from your 100 proofs of a young earth?
So a thread was posted for you to make your case in, and you fled?

Also, a recurrent strategy of Dave's, when out of arguments, is to accuse others of being liars. Not even once once has Dave pointed to and proved a lie from the accused person, despite sometimes being repeatedly challenged to explain what the alleged lie was.

Here's the answer... [drum roll] ... she was


Probably enjoying being able to explore and choose food herself after starving in jail.
Why have you become such a blatant liar?  No one who remotely knows anything about goats would say my goats are "starving" ... just the opposite actually.  They are very well fed.  And no meds.  SO well fed in fact that they produce just as much milk on THIS diet as I was told that they produce on their previous farm with their previous owner (large single pasture, grain at milking time, meds periodically)

What is wrong with you?  Why the irrational behaviour?  I'm fascinated to watch well educated people act like scumbags.

Please explain where I lied or behaved irrationally. Or don't you understand the implications of "probably"?
Citation for what? Be specific.
Try for example
They have been hunter gatherers for millennia.
a pastoral lifestyle is even easier than a hunter gatherer lifestyle.
Which in turn is a lot easier than an agricultural (tillage) lifestyle.

Here's the answer... [drum roll] ... she was


Probably enjoying being able to explore and choose food herself after starving in jail.
Are there no laws on animal welfare in the US? For example, Finnish law says that if goats are kept in a pen, the pen should be at least 35 square metres. Or is this yet another case of Dave's two-legged supremacy trumping the amassed knowledge of legislators and their experts?
This is a science forum, so let's be accurate shall we? 
In short, you're an idiot.
:unsure:     Are you sure you're being scientifically accurate there, dave?
I think it's at least bordering to be scientifically accurate to note that Dave breaking out in unfounded abuse is a good sign that a preceding post made some thoughtful points leading to questions that Dave can't answer.
4 acres per person of Missouri type land is plenty to not only survive but have a great surplus. (At least I think ... I haven't actually proved that yet, but my own early results indicate that it is)

How much of the world's area is of "Missouri type"? How many people would that fraction support, and what will the rest of the earth's population do, and where?
For the guests that just joined us:
I'll let the guests make of that what they will.
Just lost a lengthy reply. Anyway, I don't need more than Socrates' self quoting and refusal to discuss opposite views on a discussion board to be convinced that Real (TM) Dr. Faid and others are more credible.
There is agreement on the proposition that any post containing nested self-quotes* is worthy only of ridicule.

* let alone one nested 10 fucking levels  deep.

As has been pointed out numerous times, that those nests on a discussion forum don't engage in discussions is also telling.
Is there a psychiatric diagnosis number for people who endlessly quote themselves or other resources and refuse to engage in discussions, like soc1 and  Pahu? Even Dave sometimes reacts to rebuttals.
I forgot peas.

Thanks. I was going to ask you to give peas a chance - you had three examples from the gourd family and two beans, but left peas out.
Long ago, Dave's solution to world famine etc. was to get some land to cultivate. From somebody unspecified who would just love to give their assets away. I never really understood where to find such donors.

Now it seems to me that this idea is resurrected. From somewhere, land is given to everybody, including instructions on how to grow their food. For a moment leaving the question of how much area, worldwide, would (or could) be donated, what about people who don't want to grow things but would prefer to for example make tools for those who enjoy cultivating? Is Dear Leader Dave going to force them to grow grass for grazers and trees for browsers? Will they even be permitted to grow vegetables?

Back to acquisition. What is the global amount of territory suitable for Dave's schemes? A question put many times but that Dave has carefully avoided to answer. Area above the tree line, bare cliffs, deserts (in their current state, without cows), and similar. How much would that yield per person? Probably less than on what Dave today can't even support one person. Will Dave's calculations account for the population increase in e.g. Africa, which some serious people seem to guess will make Nigeria the world's third most populous nation in not too many years?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people! #MAGA

So, if Trump thinks there's a witch hunt, sorry WITCH HUNT, doesn't that mean that he admits to being a WITCH?