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also I wish your posts would be over.
I said "should be." Didn't say "will be." Democracy is over.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
A Choad is a derogatory term/insult, to mean having a penis that is wider than it is long. It is a birth defect and is extremely rare. Apparently this was deleted, gunning the supportable senses and leaving it to someone to anonymously re-enter it with the dubious sense.
Talk:choad - Wiktionary

It's "choda" which is anglicized to "chode" and then misspelled by whitey mcwhitersons as "choad." You're wrong.
with today's Roger Stone reveal, impeachment proceedings should be initiated immediately.
Sports / Re: Lol fuck the nfl
loving this because it always brings out the shitforbrains who have never traveled outside the US saying that anyone who doesn't like illegally-imposed forced acts of patriotism can just leave America.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
you're wrong there too. why are you always wrong.
it's less that he's nerdy and more that he doesn't bother covering up his lack of hemoglobin and melanin with spray-tan.
I've said from the start that Elon Musk is a fucking Bond Villain.
pretty sure there's at least one or two more such revelations to come out of Keck.
"This is a nice house, shame if something happened to it" certainly isnt extortion, I'm sure
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Sarqh Palin can collude with Russia from her house.
And said he'd use it to hurt him if he ever ran for public office in opposition to him.

Seems pretty cut and dry.
looks like felony blackmail and public corruption
Given tat Trump knew about this before it hit the presses, I think we need to know the details of what was said and when. If there's been tampering with witnesses by Trump fixers, then we need to know, even if their allegations are accurate.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
guessing Trump has kompromat on Paul based on previous votes. Paul will defect back to his Republican slime.
What is interesting IMO is that they want any record of the conversations between Cohen and Gleason on this topic to be kept away from the special prosecutor. Why? That's not attorney-client privilege. Is this conspiracy to commit blackmail? Or what?

I want to give the women the benefit of the doubt, but the mobsters involved with this are already parodies of 50s mob movies.
someone tell me if this is decent for a quick, lazy summary:

the allegations against schneiderman had been known privately for a while, but were apparently outed by right wing assholes as a political hit job, to undermine schneiderman either as a gubernatorial candidate or as a backup for mueller's prosecutions (in the event trump pardons people for federal crimes...)

even if true, I think the more important question is whether the allegations are true.  as with the flailing by roy moore, etc., even if it really was dirt that people intentionally sat on until the right opportunity, I think it's a distraction to focus on why people outed the information.  or at least that is secondary to the allegations themselves.  if schneiderman did it, he did it, and he needs to be dealt with by the law.

as far as whether this impacts the mueller investigation, the person who will be taking over as acting NY AG is not expected to change course.  also, there is still the VA commonwealth AG, because virginia is also a relevant jurisdiction, where some players live and did things.

One concern I think is if the Trumpistas have pressured these women to allege nonconsent. If Trump allies have been in communication with these women prior to the allegations being made to the media, then it becomes a serious concern whether that testimony has been tampered with.
I think it's likely that both he was a scumbag AND that Roger Moore is doing Roger Moore things.

Rather, Roger Stone.
I think it's likely that both he was a scumbag AND that Roger Moore is doing Roger Moore things.
Sports / Re: NBA playoffs
as I said. GOAT.
Sports / Re: NBA playoffs
greatest of all time
Sports / Re: NBA playoffs
definitely making the case that he's the GOAT.
very fair