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Okay, so I have known a few anarchists who have been more violent/destructive.
well, cards on the table, i deff didn't say the anarchists i know are opposed to political violence. they aren't. but if that makes them dangerous, that is a danger not specific to anarchists.

Few people are absolutely opposed to political violence, but Americans are so used to brushing it under the table that it's impolite to talk about it unless the kind of violence we're talking about is bombing people in other countries.

I don't even have a clear personal definition of where the line is and when it's okay to cross over. But it's pretty obvious to me that people who literally want to create a white ethno-state are not going to stay non-violent forever no matter how many college campuses we let them on and how many rallies they can have. The whole point of the ideology is violence.

And this discussion over how many of them were or weren't there is silly. It doesn't take huge numbers for extremist groups to fucking kill people. How come this point is obvious when we're talking about ISIS and AQ but not the far right lunatic crowd?

Yeah how much more of a platform do they need to express their ideas? The Vice interview says it all.

I can grow exactly what he is showing there, but very little else its true.

Of course, better that than bald :)

if you can grow that sort of moustache, you should totally do that.
Then you will start calling me Alex :(

Only if you go full freegan

I can grow exactly what he is showing there, but very little else its true.

Of course, better that than bald :)

if you can grow that sort of moustache, you should totally do that.
I'll take "moustache genes that weren't passed on to his great great grandson" for 500, alex
it could definitely have been out of a Cohen brothers movies with some better dialogue. best part is that I'm 99% sure the guy burned his own wild game meats store down for insurance money because he kept getting caught with illicit meats

Someone should write this script and pitch it to the Coen Brothers.
oh man that sounds like something out of a low-key comedy starring George Clooney.

Or a Will Smith film where the escaped rabbits are actually aliens.
I hope so, but let's not let our guard down.
gotta wonder now whether bannon will turn on Trump, or whether this will help Breitbart run interference for Trump without the complexities of Bannon being an official government employee.
the FBI or the animals rights terrorists?
and outright terrorism, including mail bombs.
Bannon is gone.

first step in the thank-fuck-a-thon.
Okay, so I have known a few anarchists who have been more violent/destructive. For example, a guy who used to be peripherally involved in a group I worked with about a decade ago (i.e. he was dating one of my friends) had gone to jail for a while for setting fire to a construction site he felt violated public lands or something like that. That sort of dumb shit does exist among a very select corner of the left. That said, it's mostly conceived of as property damage, but there is some overlap into intimidation as well as actually putting people at risk (as arson does, in that case).

However, the most property damage that most anarchists I've known want to commit is burning a fat J and knocking down a whole pizza.
California should just call up the National Guard and direct them to protect the counterprotesters from the nazis.
That sounds either delicious or horrifying. Not sure.
Like so many movements on the left, anarchism is a playground for dumb kids and most people grow out of it.
So we're supposed to care about them why again?

Because most is not all, genius.

As an example, look at what a relatively small number of marginalized Nazi morons has been able to do.
so marginalized that the president of the united states runs defense for them. lol.

Nice pivot (just kidding, it sucked).  White supremacists are literally being erased from the internet by tech companies as we speak, in a pretty amazing display of uncoordinated solidarity.  I would say that counts as marginalized. Add in their small numbers, and the only way you can deny it is by failing to pay attention.

Yes, but only after these tech companies have made unprecedented decisions to start judging their customers on the basis of content, seemingly with a ton of hand-wringing. Same goes with the ACLU deciding they're done representing armed hate groups. These represent radical changes in how communication is being overseen specifically because Nazis actually do seem to be a threat especially under this president.
doubtthat says17 August 2017 at 10:46 amThe high profile Twitter and YouTube atheists are busy, right now, backing up Trump's both-siderism and engaged in the baffling practice of arguing that there would be no Nazis if it wasn't for the left calling everyone Nazis.

Oh man, someone's got Ty's number.
Wow, I expected them to be indirectly useful idiots, but not to be directly pro-Kremlin.

Welcome to 2010.
Antifa just means anti fascist, a group to which nearly all people who are aware of what fascism means and aren't fascists belong.
Come the fuck on, Testy.

That literally is what antifa is you dummy. Generally what antifa does is serves as a buffer between nonviolent protesters and nazis. This protects people, such as elderly holocaust survivors, from being the front lines when fascist shitbags start pushing and punching.

If there weren't fascist marches, there would not be anti-fascists. Antifa doesn't give a shit about people being shitty in their parents' basements. They literally only exist to serve as a buffer between nonviolent protesters and armed brownshirts.
loving Ty's descent into the pit of bothsidesism
I think he hasn't really thought it through. My brother in law was in the air force and has a lot of the same attitudes which basically boil down to a disdain for groups that don't have a defined leadership with which to negotiate/battle/capitulate.

Sounds almost like authoritarianism :ohmy:
Well, there's an additional wrinkle. Pisanosaurus, which is the sister taxon to Chilesaurus in that analysis and together make up the most basal branch of the Ornithischia, was recently shown to be a silesaurid:

So basically, it could be that Chilesaurus isn't even an ornithischian, and rather it's a silesaurid, which raises questions about whether their deeper phylogeny is credible.

Another, more insidious, possibility is that not only are Pisanosaurus and Chilesaurus silesaurids, but that perhaps all ornithischians are silesaurids.

I think these are all options. I think there's a lot more work to be done here.
loving Ty's descent into the pit of bothsidesism
ACLU has decided that they will no longer represent armed hate groups.
loving "both sides Ty"