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Politics and Current Events / Removing Guapo
I wanted to do one too
Disagree that PII can be gleaned from a browsing history. Navigating to a site leaves my IP and MAC but purchase history is encrypted (HTTPS) so not viewable and is stored in a different segment of long-term memory so not collectible in the same data grab as browsing history. Metadata is up to whomever architects the website, probably updated constantly to meet changing market demands, but will NEVER contain PII as it is embedded in the CSS or XML, not on the client side.

I like single sing-on and we use (what is supposed to be) SSO for our corporate site. This does not protect a user from browsing history unless the ISP spoofs the MAC or generalizes/anonymizes either the MAC or IP.

In either case, PII is not part of the problem and the author of the news piece conflated the two. Meaning they have no technical expertise to write intelligently on the subject and is guilty of spreading incorrect information to the public.

I smell toast

In part because of young whites like Shecter and van Meter, rap's influence on the street continues to decline.