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Politics and Current Events / MRA triggered
Artist Protests 'Fearless Girl' By Installing Urinating Dog At Her Feet

The "Fearless Girl" statue ―- the one installed adjacent Wall Street's charging bull during this year's Women's History Month ― has a new decrier.

Sculptor Alex Gardega told The New York Post that the proud, gangly young woman "is corporate nonsense."

"It has nothing to do with feminism," the artist went on. "And it is a disrespect to the artist that made the bull. That bull had integrity."

To protest, Gardega put up a work of his own: a shoe-sized pug urinating at the girl's ankles. Unlike "Fearless Girl" and the financial district's renowned bull, the dog is a carefully stylized work, rather than a realistic one.

This is Alex Gardega, the man who added 'pissing dog' next to 'Fearless Girl'

This is a misogynistic display regardless of what he says.

Imagine feeling so insecure by symbolism meant to inspire young women that you protest it with a statue of a urinating dog.

Man perturbed by powerful women protests #FearlessGirl statue with peeing dog. We need to talk about male fragility.

Link: Project Implicit

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report. The IAT may be especially interesting if it shows that you have an implicit attitude that you did not know about. For example, you may believe that women and men should be equally associated with science, but your automatic associations could show that you (like many others) associate men with science more than you associate women with science.
You have selected the Race-Weapons Task. In this study you will complete an Implicit Association Test (IAT) in which you will be asked to sort pictures into groups as fast as you can. In addition to the IAT, there are some questions about your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions, and some standard demographic questions. This study should take about 10 minutes to complete. At the end, you will receive your IAT result along with information about what it means.

We thank you for being here!
Here is your result:
Your data suggest a slight automatic association for Harmless Objects with White Americans and Weapons with Black Americans.
Politics and Current Events / SC nomination

White House press secretary Sean Spicer chided Senate Democrats for setting a "dangerous precedent" now that the party has enough support to block President Trump's Supreme Court nominee and force a showdown over the "nuclear" option.

The Senate Judiciary Committee advanced on Monday Neil Gorsuch's nomination, but there are 41 Democrats who back a filibuster which blocks Republicans from crossing the 60-vote threshold to end debate on Gorsuch.

"We're obviously disappointed that the overwhelming majority of them are still playing politics with the nation's highest court," Spicer said at Monday's White House briefing.
"If Democrats get their way, and I know the numbers are looking that way, this is going to be first successful filibuster of a nominee to join the Supreme Court, which is clearly unprecedented."
Politics and Current Events / Trump Address
Anybody watching this?

Jfc I still can't believe this guy is president.
Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Multiple people killed, suspect in custody

Gunshots erupted at the Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday, leaving multiple people dead.

Authorities say the gunman, who appeared to be acting alone, is in custody.
Here's the latest on what we know:
• Five people are dead, a law enforcement official told CNN.
• Thirteen people were transported to a hospital, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief told CNN.


If anyone cares I guess it's a default setting in the Elkarte software.

I also see something at the bottom that says "Don't use smileys."  Will test that out too,
Politics and Current Events / Obama is gay
 :clap: Obama designates national gay rights monument :clap:

WASHINGTON -- President Obama designated the area near the Stonewall Inn -- the New York tavern where a  police raid in 1969 inspired the modern gay rights movement -- as the first national monument dedicated "to tell the story of the struggle for LGBT rights."

The nation's national parks "should reflect the full story of our country," Obama said in a video Friday announcing the dedication. "Out of many, we are one."
...listed under you name?

If anyone cares I think it breaks down like this:
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It's a new series from Louis C.K. that he developed completely by himself.

It's only available from his website at the moment, but it has been pirated on youtube.

I thought this was an interesting discussion about transgenders: