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Mafia / Homestuck Act 2 Act 2 The Restartening
Signup here, game to start in two weeks from today.
Science / Earliest humans in NA
This will probably be controversial...
Some 130,000 years ago, scientists say, a mysterious group of ancient people visited the coastline of what is now Southern California. More than 100,000 years before they were supposed to have arrived in the Americas, these unknown people used five heavy stones to break the bones of a mastodon. They cracked open femurs to suck out the marrow and, using the rocks as hammers, scored deep notches in the bone. When finished, they abandoned the materials in the soft, fine soil; one tusk planted upright in the ground like a single flag in the archaeological record. Then the people vanished.
Since apparently San Berdoo needs a megathread...
2 adults killed, 2 children hurt in shooting at San Bernardino elementary school
Arts and Entertainment / Quake Champions

You are now signed up for the Quake Champions Closed Beta Test. Keep an eye on your email for your personal invite.
The Soap Opera / "Information Center"
This thing just appeared. How do I get rid of it?
Arts and Entertainment / Fallout:New Vegas
What a clunky interface. I now understand why I quit it the first time
Computers and Technology / Suggest a new smartphone
My Galaxy Note 1 is now 5.5-6 years old, and its starting to show, badly. Would appreciate recommendations for replacement phones. I don't need the really large form factor as I now have a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet thingy to read PDFs on. Needs to be unlocked and ideally less than a grand. My partner got a Motorola Play thingy that is really awesome, but I would like something a little more current, perhaps an S6 or S7 Edge. Really like what I am seeing about the Pixel.

(Android phones plztx fuck Apple)
Pence had used the AOL account since the mid-1990s and continued to use it throughout his time as governor until early 2016, when the account was compromised by a hack. Hackers leveraged his contacts to launch a phishing attack against his contact lists, sending an email claiming that Pence and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and needed financial help.

After the account was hacked, it was shut down and Pence began using a second AOL account, an aide said.
Pence was a vocal critic of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and often criticized her for it during the presidential campaign.
Hey Testy almost done reading Kuhn. Pretty damned good book
Arts and Entertainment / Star Wars: The Old Republic
Been playing the new content, starting from Shadow of Revan, that has dropped since I last quit playing it. The game is vastly better than a few years ago--almost all content has solo modes so you can play through for stories without having the need to try and get a pickup raid group of randos or really deal with any other people.

Its also free to play now, but if you have ever subscribed in the past you get "preferred" status with more stuff unlocked. Also if you click my referral link you can try it out with full subscriber settings to see if you want to mess with it further.

A new expansion just dropped two weeks ago too so now is a pretty good time to come back if you thought about it before (hi Sparklecat!)  :reign:
Politics and Current Events / Crazy Russians thread
Quote from: al Jazera
Al Jazeera News @AJENews
BREAKING: Russian ambassador shot in Turkey's capital Ankara - local media. More soon on
A brief history of growing warm climate fruit in colder, northern climates, 1600-1900

I had never heard of this before, although I certainly knew greenhouses were shit at maintaining heat
Science / Advances in human evolution
First up, possible evidence of a third archaic human species, with Denisovans and Neanderthals?
Sports / Lift a weight: the exercise thread
How to do a proper pushup for great justice