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The asteroid that Analemma Tower is connected to would be placed in a geosynchronous orbit that would describe a figure of eight over the Earth. The tower would be moving at its slowest speed at the top and the bottom of the figure eight orbit, allowing its inhabitants to interact with Earthlings at these points.

The slowest part of the entire trajectory would happen over New York and the whole trip would take 24 hours. The loop would also include passes over the south east coast of the US, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru.
Science / pool pee
Researchers monitored two public pools for three weeks for ACE. One pool contained 110,000 gallons of water, while the other held 220,000 gallons.

Based on the ACE measurements, researchers estimate that over the 3-week period, swimmers released 7.92 gallons of pee into the smaller pool, and nearly 20 gallons into the larger one.

.009%  :stopper:
Here are two charts (that don't entirely agree) that rate news on a left-right and a quality scale.  I typically watch CNN at home, should I choose something else? Chart 1 puts it fairly far to the left (further left than NPR, seriously???), and chart two says it's borderline clickbait.  I listen to NPR in the car, but for whatever reason I prefer TV news when I'm home.

Also, for fun infowars posted their own version which I won't clutter up this thread with, but it's available in this story about the 2nd chart above.
Arts and Entertainment / The Hunted
Yeah yeah, another dumb "reality" TV show, but I like the premise of this one. The first episode was after the football game last night.

Teams of people pretending to be on the run vs. a team of investigators trying to track them down using police/PI tactics..  If you manage to avoid capture for a month you win $250K.  There was a British version a few years ago.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Yes, it's a dumb game, and we know some of the rules, but not all of them.  The players are only allowed to access a known bank account with $500 in it and max withdrawal each time is $100.  They supposedly didn't know ahead of time exactly when the game would start (and they get a 1 hour headstart over the hunters), but they were allowed some pre-planning  One of the hunted met a friend at a pre-arranged spot to drop off her dog and teenager.  I don't know if anyone was allowed to pre-arrange a burner phone, or an un-registered vehicle loaded with camping gear and food (probably not because we didn't see anyone actually do that).

They're allowed to travel a huge area. Georgia, South Carolina, North East Florida and a sliver of eastern Alabama.
Science / Intelligent Aliens Detected (maybe)
Repeated radio signals found a mere 3 Billion Light Years away.

could be solar flares.
General Discussion / Let's have a Good News Thread!

Well, it was a Life Science thread, but I'm moving it to GD.

Minimum Wage employees chip in to buy even poorer kid an expensive gift.

"On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii U so you don't have to come here every day and play," one of them could be heard saying in a video posted to YouTube. "We all chipped in so you could have one for yourself."

It is unclear whether the $1m in in-app purchases allowed him to "win" the game or to see Kate Upton's boobies.
Computers and Technology / Plex Media Server
I'm in the process of transferring all my DVDs and CDs (and actually some old VHS tapes (mostly kids movies)) to my home network, and so far I'm liking Plex for a media server.  I can share to any device and even share with friends.  There are free apps for XBox 360/One PS 3/4, Android, iPhone, Roku, ApplieTV, AmazonFire TV, Chromecast, and more.

Has anyone else tried Plex, or do you have some other solution that you prefer?

Arts and Entertainment / Oak Island
Who remembers The Money Pit / secret treasure site from that island in Canada from the 70s?  Well some new people have rights to dig there now and they have more money than brains.  Nat Geo or Discovery or someone has been documenting their failures for the last few years and the new season just started. 
About a week or two ago my phone got to the point that it would completely shut down whenever the battery dropped below about 80% charge.  No "low battery warning" or anything, just full on shut down.  Just a few minutes on the charge and it's showing 100% again, so basically I couldn't do shit unless it was plugged in.

I ordered a new one off of Amazon.  Every option had mixed reviews and averaged 3.5-4 stars, so it was a bit of a crapshoot.  It's not supposed to be user replaceable so kind of a hassle, but not too bad once I split the case.  The battery looks like a genuine LG battery and the right part number though it is smaller than the original.  Maybe they swell as they age?  Anyway lots of people complaining about batteries purchased on Amazons being knockoffs or old batteries with a sticker over the manufacturing date.  Mine is just a few months old, so unless someone counterfeited the entire label, it might actually be legit. 

Science / Women no longer necessary
Well, we still need you for the cooking and cleaning, but not your eggs.

Science bitches!!!!

They have succeeded in creating healthy baby mice by tricking sperm into believing they were fertilising normal eggs.
The findings in Nature Communications, could, in the distant future, mean women can be removed from the baby-making process, say the researchers.
Quote from: Skeeve;2592464
Holla when it it makes it to Netflix.
Archive thread.

It's on Starz, which I think comes with Cinemax.

Yes, Poe takes his jacket off when he gets in the tie fighter.

eta:  forum doesn't allow a quote to be the text in a url link.
Does anyone here use the iPhone?  The first Android phone didn't have one either, but they provided ear buds that plugged into the USB port. I was fine with that.