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Ahhhh, the face of the disheveled drunk.  Except this guy could pay for a driver.

Tiger Woods arrested, charged with DUI in Florida after police see him driving erratically Tweet email

How the mighty continue to fall and fade away.
News reports in the US are now saying from British sources that it was a suicide bomber.
20+ dead and 100+ injured.
Happened near the ticketing area of the Arena just when the Ariana Grande concert finished.
Old TR had a small set of edit buttons available in the Quick Reply box (Bold, Italic, Font Size, Font Color, etc...).

Any chance to activate that in ElkeArt?
Technical Issues and Questions / TR Fund Drive?
To Ravenscape, osmanthus and others who have worked hard to get TR back up and running.

What type of fund drive do you need to get things squared away?  I had read RexT offering assistance and was wondering if you have a member fund drive scheduled to cover some of the costs?
Introductions / Hello again .... again.
So, my registration for ElkeArt test forum didn't xfer to zombie forum.

Changed from Mike PSS (Project Steve Sibling) to MikeS since the ID war is past history and the creationists are busy with social engineering at the local government level.

So on with the show; and chose an avatar to represent the zombie nature of TR for the moment.