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The Soap Opera / Re: Moment of Silence
The Soap Opera / Re: Moment of Silence
It's pretty great advice for Last Words.
I'm tied into two safety ropes.  What else do you want me to do? 
I dunno, wear safer shoes and maybe even chainsaw pants so if you drop your running cutting tool or it bounces off a knot or something (shit happens, Dave) you don't end up cutting half your foot off or bleeding to death in a tree?

We may argue with you, laugh at your bizarre ideas, etc., but nobody here wants to see you seriously hurt or worse, Dave.

The word is 'safely', Dave, not 'conventionally'.
Who the hell do you think prunes the natural forest, Dave? Elves?
What makes you think it's a "natural" forest with no humans living in it? I would say that any forest with no humans  living in it is not natural at all.
Yeah. Edenic bullshit, Dominionism, and ignorance.
Who the hell do you think prunes the natural forest, Dave? Elves?
Jon, I am jealous!
How does Dave classify these, I wonder?

In a week, TW!
Surely a coincidence - not that other factors may also be in play, genes are tricky. But I lived with my grandparents for two years and vividly remember what the food was like, especially for him. He was a dairy farmer for most of his life, pastured cows. His regular, almost every day, breakfast consisted of:

large soup plate of porridge drowned in top milk with a large pat of butter
2 large thick slices of homemade bread, toasted over the coal stove, buttered, placed in a bowl, boiling sugar water poured over (soaked toast)
2 or three eggs, fried in butter
large helping of ham, sausage, bacon, or other meat, fried
fried potatos and/or more toast with butter
1 or 2 large slices of pie, pastry made with lard
glass or two of whole milk with the pie
several cups of tea with cream and sugar

I'm sure that had nothing to do with it. :unsure:
Hey now, my grandpa lived to the ripe old age of 66 on almost exactly Dave's current claimed diet before his heart exploded and killed him.
General Discussion / Re: One space or two?
I use an application called Scrivener for most of my writing these days, especially writing that may wind up in downloadable bookish format.  Fortunately, Scrivener automatically strips double spaces after end-of-sentence periods when you export the file.

It also automatically converts "..." to "..." and multiple dashes into either endashes or emdashes depending on quantity (which Word also does most of the time).

I kinda wonder what other typographical abominations Scrivener automatically fixes.
My niece likes Scrivener. I should get it.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Bleurgh... he sort of curtsied, not even a proper bow.
... or the other probable additional ancestor, the grey jf:

Tomatos, now - they really could be called 'frankenfood', given their origins and current genetic state:
Thoroughly GMO.  Just not using laboratory technology.
I believe one could say the same of much of agricultural produce, corn especially but most other grains, as well as most common farm animals. Chickens come to mind. And I'd suggest Bluffy's source of his favorite food is not natural.
I just picked tomatos because Dave has claimed to eat them and grow them.

To be fair, some modern domestic chickens don't look much unlike their ancestors:

You only need to spot-read Reddit's red pill or the return of kings blog or any number of others to see secular western hatred of women, GIA. There's an enormous hornet nest thriving in your back yard while you obsess about other men thousands of kilometres away.

ETA: You could just read a few pages of headlines at this blog, which among other things draws attention to the worst examples of this hatred:
Dave eats tomatos, and even grows them sometimes, though he's been known to poison the shit out of them rather than use organic solutions for insect infestations.

Tomatos, now - they really could be called 'frankenfood', given their origins and current genetic state:

It is known to botanists as Solanum pimpinellifolium, or simply "pimp." The plant is the wild ancestor of all the tomatoes we eat today, and still grows wild in northern Peru and southern Ecuador. And although you may never have occasion to nibble one of its tiny red fruits, no bigger than a shelled pea, you owe this humble, untamed species a debt of gratitude every time you enjoy a spicy red sauce or slurp the sweettart juices of a summer beefsteak from the garden. "If it wasn't for the genes of these wild species, you wouldn't be able to grow tomatoes in a lot of areas," Roger Chetelat, a renowned tomato expert at the University of California, Davis, told me before my trip to Trujillo.
Although you'd never know it from the colorful cornucopia on display at any farmers' market on a summer Saturday, all modern domestic tomatoes (known botanically as Solanum lycopersicum) are remarkably similar. Taken together, they possess no more than 5 percent of the total genetic variation present within the wild species and primitive varieties. The domestic tomato's progenitor has the other 95 or more percent. Modern tomatoes may taste good and offer eye appeal, but they lack many genes that allow them to fight disease and survive drought.

Read more:
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Interesting prehistoric relative:
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

The point is that Melania is not wearing a head scarf either. Typical Trump hypocrisy.
Oh lol!
Introductions / Re: Hello
Well you are reading BS science.  You should read some good science. 
How do you tell the difference between BS science and good science?
He can't. He just goes with whatever bible-creo-medicine show screed shiny enough to attract his attention and then misrepresents it.

The 'frankenfood' nonsense is especially funny, given it wouldn't surprise me that half his caloric intake is probably overprocessed high fat/high fructose fast food and sweets.

However 'bad' crops produced by big ag may be in terms of soil and pesticides and herbicides, it isn't terrible food - it may get that way once it's processed into the kind of salty fatty sweetened stuff so loved by so many Americans.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Could have reworded (and sounded less of an idiot) "many people approved of Mrs. Obama's refusal to wear a scarf in SA..." etc. and still spelled 'enough' like a damn adult.
Introductions / Re: Hello
Oh, good! :D

Enjoy new TR.