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In part because of young whites like Shecter and van Meter, rap's influence on the street continues to decline.
punching nazis is art, not speech
buy a dorky alien-spider-beast router

alternatively you can buy a pair of N66U or AC66U routers, reflash them with ddwrt, and use them to make a wifi link that can easily reach 200mbps, over a fairly long distance, through multiple walls, using the less-congested but not-good-at-wall-penetration 5GHz spectrum
Do I, as a free person, have a responsibility to punch this weird dumb fuck in the throat?
Just posted that over in Trumpocalypse, but if we're doing hypocrisy how about Donald "Five Deferments" Trump cosplaying as a military man?

12 aircraft carriers! And our military will lead the world in zeppelin technology!
Can someone remind me who this low-rent Question Mark clone is?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Bakune u show up in interesting places
hope you never need to use it

but I also hope you get to use it. often.
Quote from: @merrittk
i agree with sarah silverman that punching nazis will only close their hearts. what you need to do is open their hearts, with knives

It was effective at reminding me what Made America Great to begin with:

killing Nazis
the *only* time it's acceptable to punch a nazi is if you left your knife at home
Tbf i would cheer attacks on you, fx