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To be honest, the best thing we can hope for is that they vote.
The one more or less consistent goal of all of their tactics was discourage support for Clinton and encourage support for Trump, and if appropriate, encourage a subset of potential Clinton voters to vote for Bernie or Stein instead.
It is interesting that Russia very easily identified our biggest morons.
Yeah the whole thing is posted above.

Probably my favorite thing I've read in the indictment so far is how they targeted Jill Stein and Bernie-Bro type voters using the same rhetoric that they were using to denigrate Clinton and support Trump.
Worth reading, in your opinion?
Sports / Re: Winter Olympics 2018
I watched the snowbroad race where the Italian won gold after the American has been winning for most of the race and then dropped to fourth.  I also watched Adam Rippon's skate.
I have read that attics work reasonably well.  For a time.
"The facts" in this context always refer to some tangential detail that can be blamed instead of lack of gun control.  Here, it is going to be that he was a troubled, mentally disturbed person. 
BD, go read some gobbledygook legalese document.  They are full of terrible uses of whereby and what not.
This is graphic and very upsetting :

People need to be confronted with this shit on loop every fucking day until they get it. No more sanitizing. Go to fucking town halls with a tablet and play these videos so these piece of shit politicians can see the blood and dead bodies of kids and hear the crying and have it haunt their fucking dreams for eternity.

What happens in this video?  Because I am not going to watch it.
A caller into the local NPR station this morning said that his kids were instructed to try to block the door as part of their procedure.  When he found out he called the school to bitch them out.
Sports / Re: Winter Olympics 2018
Yeah, I watched their routine too. I have a hard time telling me which ones are good without the announcers telling me, but theirs was basically mistake free so I figured it was good.
Sports / Re: Winter Olympics 2018
I mostly enjoyed watching the Germans waiting for the results
And I'm proud to be an American
Because at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the elementary school children who died over and over and over again
Who gave that right to me
Well, maybe if he had brought a gun to school he could be outer there in the hallways shooting back.
Now why did someone have to go and ruin a good thing.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Shit, they even trail the ginger.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse

Trump is going to be treated like Reagan by a big chunk of this country by the end of this

What a weird coincidence that the women poll worse against him than the old white guys!
The title was selected for maximum credibility.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Oh man, Rick Snyder recently had to undo his stupid plan to have private companies provide food in prisons, because it was just that much of a massive garbage fire. Maggots in the food, high costs, employees of the beneficiary companies having sex with inmates. The whole nine yards.

And the company wanted more money.