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Saying "pro choice" isn't a sign of a zealotry though.

Luckily there is no zealotry on the economic side of things.
I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of focusing on an issue where you have the support of the majority as some sort of detriment to your image

See my response, it is not the support it is how they run around town, talking about it.  E.g. this latest idiotic statement on abortion. 

But also, I framed it as a question because I am not sure.  You know this, you are just being your annoying lawyerly self.

What is actually annoying is the person that always likes to stroll in exclaiming how all of us are out of our minds appears to be going insane.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Yes.  They make a lot in the Niagara region.
I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of focusing on an issue where you have the support of the majority as some sort of detriment to your image
Women be trippin
"Hate speech" is pretty broad
I understood him to be saying that if something was hate speech, then it wasn't protected. It sounds like you think he was saying something different?

no.  I am just saying that the term "hate speech" by itself is pretty meaningless.  At its broadest it definitely includes protected speech.  I can't really give howard dean the benefit of the doubt that he was referring to some narrow band of speech though based on his other statements.
I'm waiting for bernouts to realize that Bernie basically has no real power outside of the Democratic party. Whenever I start to get bogged down with these this way that way analyses i remind myself how ridiculous it all is because democrats basically lost by a handful of votes in three states and this is a whole lot of nonsense
"Hate speech" is pretty broad
Well, that is the only tysixtus/rimstalker dawn of warfighter story I remember.
Plus, who needs dawn of war when we can witness tysixtus ragequits right here on tr
i am somewhat vexed by my own reaction to this kind of thing. at root i hate political cult of personality shit generally, so i have no problems saying sanders is being a turd when he's being a turd. but i can't stand centrist democrats going apeshit on the dude. i think it's because these people will shift between sometimes raging about sanders as having influence in the party even though he's not a member of the party and other times whining about how sanders' supporters aren't excited to vote for democrats. they will rage about sanders deprioritizing non-class issues (which is totally fair to the extent that he does) to get cozy with republican voters, but will use republican-style red-baiting against him to get cozy with moderate republicans. come the fuck on.

well, it's why the left ("left") in this country loses so much on issues they should not.  I am still going to vote for the candidate that most closely aligns with my viewpoints and has a chance of winning, but I have not problem acknowledging that Bernie does annoying shit and "democrats" also do annoying shit, and I am not going to take sides based on ideology.  that is partly why we are in this dumb mess. Bernie's "the democrats lost the election because of democrats" is oversimplified base catering.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
the only thing that makes sense to me as an answer for why now is that he's reacting to something that has just happened, like the unexpected closeness of the special elections, or trump and ryan's utter failure to move legislation. or maybe some development in some trump investigation, in the context of already not enjoying having to do oversight on his own party's president, especially since said president is an ethical mess.

If the rumors that the FBI found out he's been blackmailed by Russia over an affair are true, then 2028 may be too soon.

That one's new to me. 
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Stopped reading at "hypotheses..."
there isn't really much difference between those two things.
A far-left politician is shaking up France's presidential race

Long stuck in fifth position, and all but completely dismissed as a contender, Melénchon was polling just around 12 percent back in early March. Then, last week, he suddenly popped way up in the polls: He's now jostling with conservative candidate Francois Fillon (who has been mired in scandal for weeks) for third place, with 19 percent of the vote.

With Emmanuel Macron, the centrist former banker, and the far-right populist Marine Le Pen both polling only a bit higher, at 22.5 and 23 percent respectively, some election watchers are now wondering if Melénchon might be poised for a stunning upset.

Unlikely as it sounds, it's certainly possible. In a post-Brexit, post-Trump era where populism is upending politics across the West, all bets are off.

Melénchon's surge is partly explained by French millennials and the French disgruntled with globalization: They like his outsider talk and his eloquent takedowns of his opponents during the two televised presidential debates.

I particularly like how they try to compare the rise of Melenchon with the rise of Trump.  I mean let's just nevermind that Trump's success was fueled mostly by xenophobia and racism while Melenchon's seems to be based on a more Sandersesque recognition of the current class war.

The writer shows his bias with:

Fears that the presidential election could come down to an unexpected run-off between the staunchly anti-EU Le Pen and the just-as-staunchly anti-EU Melénchon -- instead of between Le Pen and the centrist former banker Macron -- have caused markets to react negatively, with the euro already falling against the dollar and the yen in response.

Economists and business leaders, too, are reacting with alarm. "With the growing threat of euroskeptic parties destabilizing the eurozone's unity weighing heavily on sentiment, the euro may be in store for further punishment," Lukman Otunuga, a research analyst with FXTM, a foreign exchange brokerage firm, told ABC News last week.

Pro-EU is the "centrist" position.  Is it?  Or is it just the position accepted by the same people that brought us militant privatization, doubled-down austerity and the 2008 financial crisis?

We can't spook the upper-class with all this talk about actually doing something for the people being squeezed to death in our current system.  Why, that's reactionary!

Good luck in the elections Melenchon and god-speed.

lol.  ksen you are a good example of how thin a line there is between full bernouts and trumplorables and why so many Bernie voters voted for trump.
the left's









Yes, pronouns are suspicious.
Not in themselves.  But when used like that it's like you are distancing yourself from the Left and now consider them an other that you are not part of.

Maybe you never were part of the Left and I just assumed you were because you hung out here and liked to bang shit around with everyone.
the point I thought you were going to make, and which I think is more important, is that he's thinking in big, dumb generalizations

Using pronouns is generalization?  I am pretty sure I could pick some posts at random, from anyone, and make the same claim, on any topic. C'mon man, that is absurd.
your post talks about "the left" like they have a hive mind.  there's a lot in there about "the left's judgment", "the left's definitions", and how "the left" reacts to being disagreed with.  lots of sloppy generalizing there.

usually people use "the left" to mean something like the most liberal 1/2 or 1/3 of the country.  and, e.g., in your reply to ksen, you seem be going with that definition too.  the kind of people who might roughly fit the description you're giving are a relatively small number of activists and protesters, maybe a few percent of the country, if you define them broadly.  if you seriously think 1/3 or 1/2 of the country thinks and acts the way you described, then you are experiencing a psychotic delusion.

Are you seriously pulling the #notallleftists nonsense, here?

It's interesting that the one completely dismissive of the danger of a political movement because it's just a lunatic fringe at the same time has run from "the left" because they are crazy babies!
back in my day, these protestors would be carried out on stretchers!
It's me
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
in the one snippet I heard from assad, he went from a flat out denial to the "there is no proof or evidence..." which made me automatically assume guilt.