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If only there was some way of guessing this person's race, gender, or religion based on their actions
Burgerfurry, I have a suggestion for something you can ignore
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Montana special is tomorrow  :happydance:

This election just got a boost
Their experience is insular, though
It is weird how sometimes you can predict some information about someone when a particular act is committed, like when a cross is burned on a black person's lawn, or when a neckbeard shitposts about "the religion of peace"
maybe if men stopped raping people it wouldn't be so easy to make a crack about how men are rapists every time a man inevitably rapes someone

Especially white men
So it's the kush, looks like
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP Chris Cornell
Yeah.  I would probably go with live and let die.  Best in the modern era is skyfall.  Most iconic bond is goldfinger.
Bannon maybe because Breitbart was creating so much of the bullshit yellow journalism that was being amplified by Russian botnets/paid trolls and eagerly eaten up by morons, but he also pushed back against firing Comey.

Kush, on the other hand, pushed hard for the Comey firing.
if this were mafia, I'd say kushner's push for the comey firing lynch would be too obvious for any decent scum player.  the suspicious one here is bannon for urging restraint and then being promptly vindicated for it.  plus bannon hasn't posted much lately.  also bannon's the nazi.

Trump administration themed mafia would be a good game
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP Chris Cornell
well, a quick search to even remind myself what the dumb song was revealed that critical consensus is that it is a terrible bond song.
That seems like a pretty big deal.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP Chris Cornell
His bond song was apparently completely forgettable
I think not impeaching trump simply because "pence" is a terrible way to approach the decision of whether someone is an absolute disgrace unfit to be president of the united states of America.
Science / Re: Charles Murray and Sam Harris
There was another analysis of this recently, maybe two weeks ago.  It once again led me to conclude that sam harris is awful.
I have no desire to watch that movie
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comey
not sure if this is ST'ing or
*inserts French revolution joke*
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
plenty of his voters did not realize that he is this dumb because they are this dumb.
General Discussion / Re: One space or two?
Two.  Learned on a typewriter in high school.

Also, oxford comma for life.