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Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
For anyone else reading, the speed of a water wave is normally computed ignoring friction,
Also, it's not friction that determines or limits the shallow water free wave speed. 
FX: read what cold one said carefully: he didn't say the friction doesn't exist. He said it doesn't "determine or limit shallow water free wave speed".

Yep, but that is idiotic

And the relationship between Arctic warmth and severe winter weather was strongest in in the northeastern U.S. -- in fact, a temperature spike in the Arctic meant that the U.S. Northeast was two to four times more likely than usual to experience a bout of extreme winter weather, the scientists reported in a new study.

I noticed the inverse relation, but hesitated to mention it until someone who studies these things did.
From when I started this topic
Now you can blame record cold and snow on global warming.  Or rather on people, who obviously control the weather now.

That's right, we are making the winters colder.

It's science.
Maybe you should read a topic before posting in it.

In 2020 one lone voice of reason will be still mocking everyone else for falling for this huge scam.
"A couple of years back, Rick Cavallaro and his wind-powered car--Blackbird--silenced an online debate about whether its possible for a wind-powered vehicle to move downwind faster than the speed of the wind itself by going out and outrunning the wind."
 July 11, 2012
Popcorn would be even worse. Unless the driver was throwing it out as he went along.
Edit - OK gang, I just created a YouTube account and uploaded the video.
Way cool huge thanks for doing this.

The balloons would be so far behind they wouldn't mean much.   So be kind to yourself.  I like to think spork and company are smart enough to have figured out why balloons or smoke wouldn't work as demonstrations of the carts speed.  (in fact, I went back and read a decade old exchange about this very issue)

It would be fun if it worked, but it wouldn't be good for video.  Same for smoke/flares.
From 10 years ago
I already saw at the Dawkins thread spork really knew his stuff. But reading his replies here I am totally impressed. He was up against mostly lightweights on Dawkins. The questions asked here showed far more insite into the relevant physics then what I've see there or on Advanced Physics. Spork sure rose to the challenge and gave me a even better understanding of how the cart works. Not sure why hes willing to make so much effort to explain all this, but Im glad he is. Really an interesting brain teaser.

After a decade, the argument still goes on.
It's 1960 all over again.  James V. McConnell would be laughing his ass off over this.

If Kaczynski hadn't ruined his hearing, and of course, if he was still alive.
Science / Re: Is This Ice?
Huge underground glaciers on Mars.

Elon Musk has been planning a Mars colony.  Looks like they won't need to take much water with them.
Science / Re: Is This Ice?
Well, it looks like we might know now.

These sites are "very exciting" for potential human bases as well, says Angel Abbud-Madrid, director of the Center for Space Resources at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, who led a recent NASA study exploring potential landing sites for astronauts. Water is a crucial resource for astronauts, because it could be combined with carbon dioxide, the main ingredient in Mars's atmosphere, to create oxygen to breathe and methane, a rocket propellant. And although researchers suspected the subsurface glaciers existed, they would only be a useful resource if they were no more than a few meters below the surface. The ice cliffs promise abundant, accessible ice, Abbud-Madrid says.
To roll on a firm surface, a wheel need not have any specific deformation, this is a bizarre idea. 
That this needs to be said is just so absurd.
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
You found another wrong thing on the internet!  Let me see if I can get that one fixed too.

It must be a daumting task to correct all the world's textbooks and scientific knowledge.  But since you alone know better, you can do it.

If the rotating earth had no continents, oceans would still experience friction with the ocean floor, and their tidal bulges would be displaced from the earth-moon and their tidal bulges would be displaced from the earth-moon line

As waves approach shallow water, they slow down due to friction with the ocean floor

Shallow water waves are, perhaps unsurprisingly, affected by friction with the ocean floor.

When a tsunami reach a shallow water, friction with the ocean floor causes the wave height to increase.

Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
Mayhap you're overthinking this one F X.  There is no reasonable doubt about the tidal driving force - as outlined by Gamow - but the World is a messy complicated place.  What we observe in your global oceanic tide plots is the resultant of those tidal forces on the variable depth oceans broken up by the irregular continental land masses.
It's even more complicated than that. The Coriolis effect would cause the tide to form a gyre, even if the ocean was deep enough to allow the tide to keep up with the moon.

An idealized tidal wave would move across Earth at 1,600 kilometers per hour (1,000 miles per hour) at the equator. Because tides are an extreme example of a shallow-water wave, friction with the ocean floor slows tides to a speed of about 700 kilometers per hour (435 miles per hour). Continents further restrict tide movement. The tidal waves cannot keep up

Read more:

Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
As far as I can tell, an object need not be "small" to be in geostationary orbit, nor is there any reason such object, natural or man-made, could not remain there for human lifespan timeframes.
Then you haven't even done a cursory check on the matter.

It's complicated.  I would explain it, but it would be a lot of fucking work.
but steel wheels on steel rails do in fact deform (just a very tiny amount).
A loaded train will, of course.  I meant just a steel wheel and a steel rail.   No load.  It will roll just fine with no deformation.  It's this idiot claim of " If the wheel did not deform, it could not roll!" that is being debunked.  The same is true for a hard rubber wheel and a steel surface.  Deformation is not required for a rolling wheel, or object.
There is one point in a video where the cart isn't going directly downwind (you can tell by the dust trail), but spork corrects the course so it does go directly downwind.  Which is expected, since not going directly downwind in the cart would reduce speed, not increase it.
While watching the old videos of Final Run 3 and First Run (on Vimeo) I could see why balloons or popcorn would be useless.  And a flare/smokepot attached to the cart would be dangerous. 

If video and speedometers and streamers and GPS and dust don't matter, smoke and balloons won't either.
Why you would do this is the real question.
No, that is clear enough.  He believes he is right, so everything is based on that premise.  He will distort reality rather than accept he is wrong about this.

It's actually quite common for non scientific thinkers.
Contact patch of a wheel rolling on a road. See the way the wheel deforms as it rolls? If the wheel did not deform, it could not roll!
Utter nonsense.  Steel wheels on steel rails don't deform, and roll just fine.  It's a false premise for rolling wheels.
But for centuries after their invention, spectacles and other magnifying lenses were mostly rejected by medical men, who warned of their unnaturalness and recommended potions to correct people's eyesight instead. In The Perfect Oculist, of 1666, Robert Turner, a London doctor, recommended turtle's blood and the powdered head of a bat for the treatment of squints. For weak eyesight, you might try wearing cow's eyes around your neck.
I guess we'll need to take turns to once again repeat to Heinz where the obvious errors in his statements are.
No, because it won't matter
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
He was responding to spork of course, who thinks somebody pointing out you are wrong on the internet is the same as a personal attack.

FX just flat out attacked me in the first thread because he noticed I was talking about a topic he THOUGHT he knew something about. He was wrong on every single point then (and proved several of them for me himself), and is wrong on every single point again.

I would bet money that spork, to this day, actually believes he was right, and everything since then, no matter how sound the science, no matter how much evidence there is, still doesn't get the basic points.  And he isn't the only one.  A lot of people still think there are tide bulges, and that the tides are from twin bulges circling the earth.

At least Humber had the sense to quit posting at some point.  When it was impossible to keep insisting he was right and everyone else was stupid or part of some scam.
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
When it comes to the emotional and immature idiocy over the tides, I think of the wisdom of Pavlov's Dog
Why the fuck do you keep saying unprovoked and baseless attack like you were fucking assaulted? The guy thinks you are wrong about some tides or some shit. Stop trying to make it out like he raped you and took your anal virginity.
Science / Re: The Tides ... Take 5
"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries."