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Science / Re: LIGO finds 'em!!
Cool animation of the event on the Wikipedia
How much tolerance should tolerant nations give to a huge slave trading religion and government system?
The same amount we give to Nazis
I'm pretty sure if the  punchee is a Nazi it counts as protected free speech.
We fought a couple of wars so we wouldn't have to listen to your British bullshit anymore.  Kindly fuck off.
When you refer to women as 'females' while referring to yourself as a 'man', you've already indicated you personally don't view women as free agents equal to yourself.

Good point. Why not refer to people as people.  Have we not learned anything yet?
I am free to punch you in the throat,
Not if you are on U.S. soil, you fascist.
Or a communist.  They often seem the same.
That's what a Nazi does.
Nothing says tolerance and freedom like a punch in the throat. 
If only he would increase the national debt to unbelievable levels. Then he would be a good president.

It is only when forced to explain the assumptions underlying convection (which involves application of Avogadro's law) that they reluctantly reveal that they are assuming mono-molecular H2O (steam) in their models of convection. But if you attempt to get them to explain how they, supposedly, know that water can stay mono-molecular at temperatures below the boiling point of water, well, that's when the game playing begins.

Note that Mr Wizard (who can be a real asshole) is wrong when he tells Billy that Billy is wrong.  He is priceless.  In correcting Billy he explains that the "little tiny droplets of water" that Billy can see should be called "water vapor".  It's just too damn funny, because he is trying to school the kid, but he is telling him the wrong name, as well as explaining it wrong.

And this idiot was on TV educating children.

He doubles down and then explains that while steam is invisible, we can see the water vapor.

Too damn funny.
Politics and Current Events / Re: So-Called Democrat
It will be quite ironic if Trump ends up bringing peace to the Mideast.  And we become allies with North Korea.
Monday 6 February : 29 killed
Mosul: 12 killed by missiles; 2 in drone attack; 5 executed.
Tal Afar: 4 executed.
Canaan: 3 by AED, IED.
Baghdad: 1 by IED.
West Anbar: 1 child by gunfire.
Madain: 1 by IED.
Sunday 5 February: 28 killed.
Mosul: 13 bodies in mass grave; 5 executed; 3 killed in drone attack.
Baghdad: 3 by IEDs; 1 body.
Tarmiya: 1 by IED.
Muqdadiya: 1 by gunfire.
Ayn Lela Valley: 1 by gunfire
OK now it makes more sense
Politics and Current Events / Re: So-Called Democrat
I have no idea what this thread is supposed to be about.
Politics and Current Events / Re: So-Called Democrat
go suckle up onto the trump teat. no one will miss you.

Last Active:February 09, 2017, 08:17:28 AM
Politics and Current Events / Re: So-Called Democrat
go suckle up onto the trump teat. no one will miss you.
You see, when you lie, or make shit up, you lose credibility. If you are changing other people's words, (fuck who knows why), you are lost.
Ordinary peeps don't understand science, they think when you say something you actually mean it, and won't change it later.
I'll let whatever strawman that question was direct to answer for itself.
Houston News Crew on way to report on story about missing boy finds the boy.
General Discussion / Re: Canadian [fat] snowflakes
Too late
General Discussion / Re: Canadian [fat] snowflakes
A sign has been put up in place of the scale, explaining that the decision to remove it is "in keeping with current fitness and social trends."
That pretty much sums up the current political thinking.