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You people are hilarious

Quote from: Dave Hawkins
Why do you waste the bandwidth to basically say "nuh uh"? Why don't you just use this post to explain yourself?
You people are hilarious
In ways you can't quite explain.
So make a concrete prediction, then.

What is something you are sure will happen by the midterms, so that if it doesn't, you are strongly willing to reevaluate your sources and/or your reasoning?

Be as specific as you can.
I already tried to get him to do this. On some level he knows his sources and fundamental premise are deeply flawed, so he evades specifics. You might have better luck though. I'd be overjoyed to see him respond to you where he didn't with me.
Slow down Fred. Relax.
Will Flynn withdraw his guilty plea? When?

Dave, your shit RWNJ sites are shit. Your buddy 'Sundance' is either delusional or a shyster. What will it take for you to realize this?

Well in this case we should know pretty soon.
Flynn will withdraw his guilty plea and/or be exonerated because of this alleged malfeasance on Mueller's part.
Or he won't.

At which point we'll know whether its Mother Jones or the PlayPen (or wherever Hawkins picked up this theory) has the better grip on reality.

Is it about time to make a call on this?
January WAS fun. So was February. So was March. I'm also having fun in April.

To summarize, I'm having fun watching Trump kick ass.

It's also fun watching people like you try to spin it as some sort of ongoing failure.
Do you remember WHY January was supposed to be fun, Dave?
Here's a hint:

Whose head rolled in January, Dave?
Flight logs suggest Trump's 'pee tape' alibi is a lie

What is Trump trying to hide about his 2013 trip to Moscow?

                :pisstape:  :pisstape:
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Either McCabe or Comey or both are definitely going to jail.  Probably Brennan as well. All the cooperating Witnesses like struck and page may not, or they might get light sentences, we'll see. The big fish of course will be Hillary and Obama and it will be interesting to see if they are convicted of anything jail worthy as well.
Of course it's a complete mystery as to why McCabe or Comey or both are not already in jail, or at least under indictment. What is taking so long, do you think, Dave? Does it make you wonder? After all, someone in a more lucid moment once said:
If the stuff they say ends up being true then I'll know they are good sites. If the stuff they say ends up being false, then I will know they are bad sites. Not rocket science here.
One of my favorite statements from you guys was that Trump is a failed businessman. I think several of you said that, I forget which of you though. Oh my sides!
How Long Can Trump's Long Con Last?
Pingu thinks there is enough evidence to convict  Trump of some crime because she reads fake news. She is not an evidence-based person contrary to what she would have you believe. She is ideology and agenda-driven and she only considers evidence which supports that ideology. She completely ignores or explains away contrary evidence.
This is the basic problem that most of you have. Ideology first. Evidence second. But you reject any evidence that contradicts your ideology. This is why you have swallowed so many Whoppers for your entire life, everything from the earth is old to Hillary would make a good president.

For the love of all that is pure and good in the world, please tell me that on some level you realize that these posts are pure projection.
Oooo doggies ... January is going to be fun ... !!!

If the stuff they say ends up being true then I'll know they are good sites. If the stuff they say ends up being false, then I will know they are bad sites. Not rocket science here.
Conservative Treehouse .... their commentary is interesting ...

What do you think it will take for you to realize that you are gobbling pure horseshit, Dave?
FWIW (which probably isn't much), Nunes' claim is that the FBI got its information about Papadopoulos not from "official intelligence" but from Clinton associates feeding them info. I'm not really sure what that claim is supposed to accomplish. Is he trying to make the case that the info was obtained illegally? Or is he trying to cast doubt on the accuracy of the info? Because the thing is...Papadopoulos pled guilty. So however it was obtained, the info was clearly correct.

I'm sympathetic to the idea that the surveillance state is out of hand when it comes to ordinary Americans, but when we're talking about presidential campaigns colluding with foreign governments to interfere with elections, I'm not sure I care where the line about what constitutes acceptable surveillance is drawn as much as I care about presidential campaigns colluding with foreign governments to interfere with elections. I mean they are both important issues, but Nunes' continued attempts to push the former as a larger issue than the latter make him look reeeaaallly suspicious, especially as the investigation continues to yield guilty pleas.
This, Dave. Address this. In a substantive way. Try to put aside the mindless cheerleading for a minute, and actually think for yourself and respond to this. It might actually do you some good. 
The Democrats... They're going to get trounced in November. Trump is going to kick their Collective asses even worse than he kicked Hillary's.
By losing the majority vote again?

But hey. At least there's a prediction on the record. Thanks Dave. Can we get an assurance that you will consider the possibility that your beloved "sources" are actually full of shit should your prediction not come to pass?

Oh, and, ooooooh doggies! May is gonna be fun! ('Cause January was a bit of a downer, and so was Feb...and March. April looks to be a let-down too. Weird. Any day now, though. Them heads are gonna roll!

No, I didn't miss the point. The point you tried to make, and failed miserably, is Kim Jong-un is outsmarting Trump by offering to give up his nuclear test facility, which you claim is of no value to NK anyway, in exchange for something that is of value, namely a summit with the POTUS.
I get that, but in order to make your point you have wildly exaggerated the degradation and uselessness of the NK test site. I gave you a link to an informed analysis which is that the test site is still in usable condition.
My point, which you totally missed, is that this is a usual case of horse-trading between Trump and Kim Jong-un and they both have to give up something in exchange for something else.
Even if the test site was useless, (which I doubt, and Trump would have been briefed by US intelligence agencies on that) Trump still gains something in just the appearance of a concession by NK. And IF a summit were to take place, and that is a very big IF, Kim Jong-un would certainly gain something in being recognized as someone of importance on the world stage.
The bottom line is if this somehow helps ease the suffering of the North Korean people and leads to peace on the Korean peninsula, it is all worth it.
Personally, I doubt very much that a summit will take place because Kim Jong-un is never going to relinquish his grip on absolute power in the North. I think there can only be reunification of Korea long after he is gone, but I would be happy to be proven wrong.

Dave, take note.

This is what an intelligent argument looks like. It may be wrong, but it is reasoned and backed up with substance is informed by reason. Unlike your typical vapid mindless cheerleading.
"How a president is supposed to behave"


Who wrote that book? Emily Post?
You really need to get out of your circle-jerk-of-retards bubble.
Hey Dave,

Here's another article to ignore.

Trump lashes out at New York Times over Michael Cohen coverage, vows his attorney won't 'flip'

In case you are wondering why sane people are concerned about this kind of thing, this is not how a president is supposed to behave. This is a giant shit-show of his own making. He is making a mockery of your government. You should be appalled, yet you continue to broadcast your enthusiastic support. It really brings into question your judgement.
At this point it may be pertinent to remind everyone that:

Okay let me back up. Yes I am too lazy to read the indictment myself. I appreciate those who read it for me and give me the cliff notes. Were or were not manafort and Gates indicted for doing work for Donald Trump? That was the interesting part of that tweet to me.
Up till now you thought they were indicted "for doing work for Donald Trump"?
Why did you think that?

no kidding. Because, if they had been, your continued support of Trump while you assumed that is pretty clearly based on not evidence.
Yeah really. It make me think that Dave has completely missed the point of Mueller's investigation.
In any case, the fact remains that RAFH'S questions this morning are interesting to me and they are good questions.

One question he asked was who will take care of the animal operation here in Missouri while I am off in Guyana? Lots of possibilities for that given that it's really easy to maintain, but here's one really radical possibility that would be a real hoot if I could pull it off.

Increase the size of the flock to say 20 Dairy goats and 20 sheep, or maybe even 50 and 50.  Announce a  Guinness Book of World Records Expedition with the goal of being the longest ever overland round trip with a flock of sheep and goats with the goal being travel on foot with the sheep and goats all the way from my location to the village in southern Guyana.

Over land.

On foot.

Maybe it would be better with all Dairy goats and no sheep because then you would have excess food on a daily basis to trade for other food items all along the way and then when you arrived in Guyana, you could trade some of the goats for sheep for your starter flock.

I think the only way this would work would be to publicize it heavily so that you could get cooperation from local authorities in the various countries, not to mention cooperation from landowners to allow the flocks to graze along the way. And even then it might be impossible without some big name sponsor like Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson.

Go for it! Have fun in Darien!
There's an interesting story of an ex-SAS paratrooper who decided to walk from Tierra del Fuego to London. He had made it to Russia somewhere last time I checked, but is hampered by visa complications. Just showing up having walked across from Alaska makes Russian immigration a bit jumpy. His experiences in Darien were a bit hair-raising. Have fun Dave.
At least he's beginning to get the concept of a 'control'. Baby steps.
He isn't going to fire Mueller. Mueller is part of the Kabuki theatre.
Still steadfastly ignoring the point of Trump using the presidency as a vehicle for personal enrichment, I see, This was supposed to be something that he was immune to.

Any update on your predictions for whose head is going to roll? It's April, and no second special counsel in sight. I'm sure it's all part of the master 8-D chess masterplan, right Dave?

And there's nothing fishy at all about Trump reversing the decision to impose sanctions on Russian individuals involved in the Syrian chemical weapons attacks. Not at all. Kompromat? What is that?