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Here in the United States, Christians and Christianity are mocked, belittled, smeared and attacked by some on a daily basis. This is a bigoted practice that is not only increasing exponentially, but is being encouraged and sanctioned by a number on the left.

OTOH the president literally had to pretend to be Christian to get elected. So dude will probably not have to become a martyr, for a spell. Not that he would, because the mean ol' New Yorker talking smack about Chick-fil-a has him shaken to his core. That's not really the stern stuff of a saint.
I just watched the video, and I'm not seeing what you're seeing, Uncool. To me, it just looks like frat boys are being incredibly racist.
Transfer them where? I mean, obviously the idea is ghastly on the face of it, but Shapiro has a screw loose if he thinks Muslim nations are going to take in millions of Palestinians without complaint. So how would this "transfer" actually play out? Obviously, with a lot of bloodshed, but I really can't even picture it. Israel is just going to force millions of people across random borders? What?

"I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the fuckin' k*kes." That was the "oath" members of Syracuse University engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, seemed encouraged to recite in an online video obtained by the college's student newspaper Wednesday, igniting widespread protests across campus, reports.
Quote from: madmardigan
Replace goats and sheep with rabbits and Guyana with Australia and maybe you'll see why it's relevant to think about.

Luckily, Australia doesn't have a feral goat problem

oh fuck
How to anthropomorphize data for fun and profit.
I feel like the whole of human society should collectively agree to never use the term "globalist" again. Not because it's sometimes a dog-whistle (I mean, that too, though), but because I personally dislike the term, because it makes me think of Alex Jones, and nobody wants to think about Alex Jones.
This muskox:

It somehow relates to this thread. I swear.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
Both of those things can be true.
What is this? Talk Catholic: home of unqualified praise for the pope? Nah, no idgaf. Francis is alright. A step up from the freaky Hitler Youth warlock. And look at me, setting the high bar.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Removing Assad
I'm imagining self-funded volunteers liberating Syria in exchange for a remission of sins. But that's because I am a nerd who was recently on a crusades kick.
Legally change your name, get an ID, and then change it back. Ez
Why isn't Syria grateful?! I think America would accept a thumbs up and a wink, just anything.
I'll alter my judgement if the situation changes going forward, but I don't have this in my "win" column, as of right now.
Not all of that can be attributed purely to the tariffs, but Xi making some noises in a random meeting doesn't mitigate the negative impacts of the trade war.
Saying the tariffs haven't don't anything bad yet, ignores the proposed retaliatory tariffs, falling stock markets, and lower than expected job growth.
Politics and Current Events / Re: hooray
Bitcoin was a mistake.
Tbf to Scott, though, right now the EPA is much more a Scott Pruitt protection agency, than an environmental protection agency, so maybe the swag should reflect that.
Self-angrandizement is strength. Hippy marijuana flowers are weakness.
What are they even going to do? Make a dumb old racist president?