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it's certainly a violation of the presidential records act, which, incidentally, even makes it illegal for trump to delete tweets.

shouldn't be too much of a problem for him though.  deleting tweets implies a capability of feeling shame.  since trump feels no shame, I think we have a proof by contradiction contrapositive that deleting tweets is something he'd never be inclined to do in the first place.

The Bush administration "lost" a ton of emails. So there's clear precedent here. Nobody cares about emails.
It would have also meant I could get a bit more excited about prospects of impeachment (no matter how unlikely with the current Congress), but I can't fault a man for refusing to sell his soul.
Lol! gets a mention in Buzzfeed's articlette on the topic:

I like the 'Canada will gladly take Hawaii in' suggestions.
Would be a good idea. You lot need somewhere nice for winter.

When we lived in Vancouver we stopped in Hawaii for a week once on our way to visit the in-laws in Australia.  We had a couple of rainy days, and on one, we went to an indoor play centre to keep our 3 year old happy. 

There we found two other families from Vancouver, and ruefully noted that we were all in Hawaii to escape the Vancouver rain.  And might have well have gone to the very similar indoor play centre in Richmond.

Once Mrs Black and I were coincidentally  in the same IKEA as you and your son at the same time, despite that IKEA not being near where either of us live.

Heya, Jet.
You know the real problem in the Muslim world? Consanguinity.
Generations & generations of inbreeding, and still going on in the 21st century.

Muslims are a backwards lot of people with their retarded gene pool. Recessive genetic disorders. Low intelligence/reduced IQ..... all sorts of cognitive problems (lack of critical thinking, poor comprehension skills, zero veridical perception). Plus related mental health issues; a bunch of psychiatric basket cases (depression, poor social skills, unhealthy violent personalities, etc.). Counseling them is basically a useless effort.

If it were possible to abort every Muslim fetus over the next 70 years, the world would be a better place.

You confuse me. You hate Trump, but totally support eugenics, and you're clearly racist. So what's the deal?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Okay, according to this, she just has a "stake in the Trump Organization":

All of this has raised eyebrows about what, exactly, Ivanka Trump's role is and whether it is appropriate for a First Daughter, who still retains ownership of an active fashion empire and a stake in the Trump Organization, to be sitting in on official meetings with foreign leaders and working on administration policy.

I'm not totally sure what that entails, but I have my doubts that policy is going to be made that puts American interests, above those of the Trump Organization, and Ivana's own businesses.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
So is Ivanka going to be running Trump's businesses from the West Wing? That seems next level brazenly corrupt.
He did it on set too.  Although Hannity states he has a conceal carry permit (in 5 states) I would think that a network would have a no guns policy to prevent the oft scripted situation of a gunman taking over the airwaves.

The only thing that stops a good guy with a gun, is a bad guy with a gun.
Quote from: Dave Hawkins
Morality rating system - 10=good, 1=bad


Sex by unmarried person with unmarried prostitute who is not being coerced by a pimp, etc - 7

Wait. On your scale a 7 appears to indicate something is somewhat virtuous. I'd think something like giving to a food bank. Maybe that would warrant a 10? I can't get into your head, but I'm imagining someone trying to tilt their karmic scale into the positive, being like, "well, I could donate to charity, or, I guess I could have sex with a prostitute..."
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I think it's really more of a payoff by the administration in general to the fossil fuel interests, particularly the Kochs, who have been pouring billions into politics at the federal level without much of a return during 8 years of Obama. They want it scrubbed along with wrecking any actions, policies, and associated agencies so hard that when, inevitably, the Dems get any majority power or the White House back it's a tough and time consuming uphill battle to regain the ground gained in the last couple of decades addressing the problem.

The Heritage Foundation and the Kochs are up to their necks in all this crap right up to and including wrecking public education. Read this shit for example, DeVos is already gutting accountability and standards monitoring at the Federal level that are a requirement for the States to receive Federal funds just like her and her accomplices did in Michigan with respect to State funds and they have effectively trashed the system there.

True. This doesn't have to multiple choice, though.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Save Pepe!
"Mat Furie (creator of Pepe) reported that he was devastated that Dat boi was overshadowing pepe. Did pepe push dat boi away to make sure that he'd be #1 frog? Probably not, but it's still strange how a little over 2 months after dat boi faded into obscurity, Pepe was branded a symbol of white supremacists." -
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
On the other hand, threats to the environment don't tickle an automatic visceral reaction like the threat of hostile outsiders. Since, the administration seems to operate on a certain level of panic, they probably just see anything distracting from assuaging those particular fears as a distraction and roadblock--there's people busy determining atmospheric concentrations of CO2 while enemy hordes are beating down the gates.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
There's a lot of energy being put into scrubbing the Executive Branch of anything to do with climate change. I know Trump thinks it's a Chinese conspiracy, or whatever, but I'm still shocked at how much shoulder is being put into the effort. Maybe because the National Park Service embarrassed Trump on Twitter, war must be declared against the environmentally conscious--climate change, conservationism, whatever?
Quote from: Greatest Iam
Do I, as a free man, have any responsibility to free these Muslim women, who inadvertently help propagate slavery by their lack of revolt against it?

Lack of revolt against it? Islamic feminism. You're clearly shedding crocodile tears over the treatment of Muslim women, and in fact, advocating restricting their freedoms further, by saying they should be denied any opportunities in the West.
weird. I read that article but posted this one yesterday:

which says almost the exact same thing.

And yeah, I am pretty much a berniebro in that I see neoliberalism as having run its course and that massive tax reform in the form of taxing money, wealth needs to occur, that corporate rule is the political issue of this century including citizens united, the fairness doctrine, tax shelters, the process of free trade, wall street rents on the economy, and other similar issues which are all bits and pieces of corporatocracy. Power should never be allowed to centralize.

To anyone not living in the alternate Clinton-ite universe, a new Fox News poll showing Bernie Sanders as the most popular American politician is not surprising.

According to the poll, the Vermont Senator had the highest favorables among Democratic voters -- much to the chagrin of MSNBC's Joy Reid, whose go to is, "But he's not even a Democrat!" -- and independent voters.

He's also tied with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as most popular among Republican voters, which really means Sanders is viewed most favorably since Schumer is, in many ways, a Republican in Democrats' clothing.

So, gee gosh, Jolly Jim! A progressive who sparked a monumental movement calling for the end of the 40-year Republican and neoliberal money-funneling-to-the-rich scheme, universal healthcare, free public college tuition, and investing in America is -- wait for it -- wildly popular.

But the Democratic establishment and elitist corporate media is stewing in denial, highlighted by The Washington Post's comical headline that couldn't bring itself to actually say Sanders is the most popular politician in America: "Bernie Sanders remains one of America's most popular politicians," the Post wrote.

In a Twitter exchange with this humble columnist, the author, Washington Post writer Phillip Bump, provided this weaksauce excuse:

    @JordanChariton Trying holding your breath. Or show me a poll that includes every politician.

    -- Philip Bump (@pbump) March 17, 2017

Right, so the Washington Post and others routinely make declarations from polls that don't include all politicians or institutions--except if the poll is positive for Bernie Sanders.

On the bright side, at least the piece wasn't written by new Post columnist John Podesta, who, you know, was given column space for his incredible job as Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, with duties including smearing Sanders, pushing a weak candidate, and losing to a reality-TV-star.

And it's not just the media. The Democratic Party has been doing everything humanly possible to avoid the inevitable fate of having to embrace Sanders' progressive policies for electoral success. Just look at the DNC Transition Advisory Committee: A Murderers' Row of Clinton allies with just one true-blue progressive on it. As DNC Chair Tom Perez kept saying: We'll lead with our values. And they certainly are.

Does Trump have questionable financial ties to Russia that could influence his decisions as president? Absolutely.

Is he doing monstrous things as president? Absolutely.

It's fine to point those things out and demand action. But, the Democrats are obsessing over them to the point of completely ignoring all other substantive, progressive issues.

The reason? If they admit Sanders and progressive ideology has taken over the Party -- hell, the country -- then they have to start pushing for policies that their donors won't accept: Tax hikes on the wealthy, tax hikes on investments, strengthening unions and worker protections, campaign finance reform, etc.

But, if they tread water with the singular focuses on Russia and the 'resistance,' Democrats will continue to toss occasional bones to Sanders without actually trying to embrace any of his policies. This Democratic denial, which is aided by the party's media allies in print and cable news, will go on for another few years.

Similar to during the campaign, we will hear endless ranting about Trump -- along with other hyped up, Russia-type 'scandals' thrown in -- with little focus on the plight of workers, minorities, or the voters Democrats say they're fighting for. All of which (despite trolls on Twitter who blame folks like me), points only to the Democratic Party helping to pave the road for a Trump reelection.

If they don't change now, don't be surprised if we get eight years of the current monstrosity.

I'm not sure I see Democrats in general shying away from Bernie's policy positions, in a major way, given so many were adopted into the DNC platform during the election. It's true that many Democratic politicians are to the right of Bernie, but many of them represent constituencies that are to the right of Bernie, even if they might like this-or-that policy position that Bernie supports. I do think it's fair to say, though, that the Hillary campaign should have made policy, and the economy in particular, a greater focus of their ads. It was another Clinton campaign, after all, which ran on, "it's the economy, stupid."
Asking for more contributions to NATO isn't even the worst thing, in theory, but if you think a friend might owe you money, you don't go into public and demand it indignantly with a megaphone.

And despite what we saw?

I remember Trump's first ghostwriter said Trump hired him, because he portrayed Trump as a quasi-gangster in an article he wrote. So we might not be threatening to smash Germany up, but asking for protection money fits with how Trump wants to come off.

I swear him and many of his supporters want America to be a backwards petty dictatorship.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Fair points. I just know my mom regretted she was never taught the German dialect my grandmother spoke in her childhood, but has since mostly forgotten. I don't think we should be ashamed of where we came from. Unite as Americans, sure, but I think there is value in multiculturalism, and some awareness of past generations.
I don't think Germany has as much power as the United States right now...

If Berlin actually controlled continental Europe, they would give the US a run for our money, economically. Or if said nations were generally centralized, regardless. As it is, though, their unity seems to be weakening, if anything.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I've read that people who just identify as "American" were far more likely to vote for Trump. The American focus on our respective heritages, reminds us that we're a nation of immigrants, and leads to various cultural celebrations, like Oktoberfest or Greek fest, in appropriate areas. If us white folks forget where we came from, we risk just wanting to identify as "white". When, in America, we are usually all mixed, and really, that's a strength of ours.
I've said for awhile that the capital of Europe will be in Berlin. I don't think Germany has as much power as the United States right now, though. Brexit should strengthen our position, since the UK needs us an ally more than ever, but I doubt Trump will properly capitalize on that, since he's an idiot. In fact, maybe Merkel is the leader of the free world, given the US has decided to only exercise influence through military means.