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Sounds awful
aka fascism
Not the liberty of ordinary people, at least.

They do seem to be interested in maximizing rich people's liberty to fuck over everyone else.

Which is why they end up fascists - libertarianism is just about liberty for capital - and fascism is capitalism in crisis's defence mechanism
Libertarians have more in common with the alt-right than they want you to think

Who was it that said 'Scratch A Liberal, Find A Fascist' - Eldridge Cleaver perhaps?

Anyway - with libertarians you don't need to scratch.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Laaaaaaaadies~~~
Well we don't want them to breed
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
As long as they're not having buttsex it's all good Christian nookie.

I thought the buttsex was good christian nookie. "Virginity" till marriage and all that.
The LoopHole

OMG that is hilarious!
Politics and Current Events / Re: Suing Equifax
The vultures are circling
Science / Re: Schweitzer's T. rex tissue review
tbh I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, in principle I can believe that some molecular evidence could remain, but the fact that no one can replicate her findings is disturbing and the fact that she was (and maybe still is deep down) a YEC is very concerning.
Just watched GOTG 2 again - liked it better this time - there are lots of LOL moments - although I still think it get's too sentimental in places.
The only thing that disappointed me was how underpowered the Reavers were, in the comic they are all much more kick ass cyborgs and they make a lot of the fact that as rabid mutant haters they have sacrificed much of their own humanity themselves by becoming so mechanised - that would have been worth exploring. But otherwise, impressed that Marvel movies are finally growing up.
Logan - brilliant
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
3 dimensional chess

ie start nuclear apocalypse before piss tape is released
Politics and Current Events / Re: March of the Juggalos
Why do people take shitty music so seriously?
Games / Re: Image Association
Games / Re: Image Association
Life - lacking in any - tedious and predictable waste of 90 mins
tbh it's typical of his approach. He just can't read, he leaps to conclusions, uncritically accepts words at face value, and shoehorns information into his preconceived ideas. This is why he gets so much wrong (cycling back to the first post in this thread).
I'm only asking because it seems like you've been studying this for a long time and are very invested in it, so I'd have thought you might be well versed in the theory you're arguing against and why it's the consensus in the field, including why Scansoryopterygids are generally considered to be dinosaurs.

We've established that they don't share two of the usual identifying characteristics of dinosaurs (perforated acetabulum and 2nd digit longest). What are some of the other identifying characteristics of dinosaurs? Do Scansoryopterygids share any of them?
Perhaps folks here can help with this given that you are the ones proposing an ancestral relationship between dinosaurs and basal Euparaves.
What are some of the other identifying characteristics of dinosaurs? Do Scansoryopterygids share any of them?
By "identifying characteristics" I take BenTheBiased to mean synapomorphies.
As a sidenote consider the list I have posted so far:
The Scansoriopteryx manus is equipped with a robust,hypertrophied third digit unprecedented among the Saurischia.
Scansoriopteryx also lacks a fully perforated acetabulum, the hole in the hip socket which is a key characteristic of Dinosauria and has traditionally been used to define the group.
Scansoriopterygids differentiate from other theropod dinosaurs in part by their extremely long third fingers, which were longer than the first and second digits of the hand. In all other known theropods, the second finger is the longest.

BenTheBiased has referred to "usual identifying characteristics of dinosaurs".
This is of course much more than "usual".
The first is "unprecedented among the Saurischia"
The second "has traditionally been used to define Dinosauria"
The third is not present in all known theropods.

The first item concerns the robustness of the digit.
The third item refers to the lengths of the digits.
Here is another which I did not elaborate on:

Also the patagia of Scansoriopterygids are quite interesting:
Here is one reference to an aspect of this:
However, the body feathers of Epidexipteryx are unique in that some appear to arise from a "membranous structure"[2] at the base of each feather.

haha I knew Socrates would be confused by this. Lack of reading skills as usual - focussing on the word, not the context.
Ghost in the shell - I really enjoyed it. I think a lot of the criticism isn't justified - it's a lot better than I thought it would be from the reviews.
I have to say, I'm digging The Defenders on Netflix.

Watching it now - first episode was promising, although there's backstory I didn't know about from Daredevil and Iron Fist (which I got bored with)

It's not 'The Defenders' though at all - don't know why they gave them that name - essentially they are just the existing team of Powerman and Iron fist, plus Powerman's missus (to be) and Daredevil.
The folks here simply list any similarities between pterosaurs and basal Euparaves as convergence*. You will have to do more than that.

* or symplesiomorphies from the Ornithodiran common ancestor

It's your list. Up to you to demonstrate why these are not due to convergence, it is obvious you have not even considered it in any scientific manner.
Socrates you provided such a list on your site, I trust you are happy with your own references

Some of these may be shared inherited characteristics eg it is possible that some form of filamentary integument dates back to the common ancestor of archosaurs, same for air sacs in bones. But others you have listed are adaptations for aerodynamic flight (eg beaks), so what makes you think they are not convergent?

Of course some are obviously just superficial and you were foolish to have posted them eg

Socrates, even if you can't see Gauthier's data, you can clearly see the results of his analysis, so continuing to claim that such an analysis hasn't been done at this point is a pretty clear accusation of fraud. Is that your intention?

If not, then you can get back to the point of my comment. If the similarities between dinosaurs and non-flying paravians are simply due to convergence, why does Gauthier place Avialae within Dinosauria rather than Pterosauria?

Also Socrates has refused to consider whether the superficial similarities between some features of pterosaurs and birds could be due to convergence when it is the most likely explanation.
Games / Re: Image Association