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No she was explaining why her ideas are better.  Eat more veggies, eat less animal foods, use grow lights, etc.

Uh, no.

What Pingu et al have been very patiently trying to explain to you is that reality contradicts every one of your rectally extracted conclusions.

And now we have a "grow light" distraction, no doubt pulled from some vaguely remembered article on something vaguely irrelevant. Focus David.
This part of the conversation began because Pingu was saying that my ideas for feeding the world are stupid and that her ideas are better.

Fyp. Honesty is the best policy. I seem to recall someone here saying that once or twice.
OK let's settle this once and for all ...

<  clip the usual bullshit consisting of unsourced cherry-picked numbers, wishful "if"s, "I think"s and "thought experiments"  >

So you really think that "settles" anything, "once and for all"?
Yes.  At least for honest people. Probably not for dishonest people.

It was settled long ago, albeit not in your favour. It was settled long ago, when honest people realised you were bullshitting, which was very shortly after you started posting.
US corn production averages 15 million calories per acre.

Sigh.  We've had this discussion already.  Not going to waste my time going through it again.

Apology accepted.
It is somewhat interesting that David has a habit of confecting the weakest possible scenario for practices he is currently opposing and the strongest possible scenario for his prefered practice du jour. Yet he still can't manage to get over the line into credibility.

You'd think an honest man would eventually twig.
US corn production averages 15 million calories per acre.

You were saying?

And no, a deflection into "but but industrial frankenfood bad evil" would not be an appropriate response.
Yep, none of whom realize how insane they all sound at this point.

Pity reply.
I'm interested carbon 14 but it's a little hard to talk about c14 data when I'm pretty sure that labs are throwing out "bad" dates.

Also, there's c14 in coal and diamonds. Why is that?

Bravado and bluster noted, along with an unpleasant fruity smell I have grown accustomed to finding in your distractions and avoidances.

Have as many winches as you like powered by whatever you like, you have apparently managed to sustain two goats on 10 acres of very fertile land. An achievement unparalleled in human history I'm sure and entirely down to your idiosyncratic 'management' techniques.
If any of you have an interest in sustainable agriculture and/or sustainable housing, you certainly disguise it well.

Lol. Like you've ever done anything associated with either of those.
Science / Re: A blue halo
Just wait till So-Crates starts discovering the intricacies and kinks of plant sexy times.

Them quantum diddlers sure is sick puppies.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Newtonian gravity makes predictions about what the orbit of Mercury should look like. It does not match the observations. Newtonian gravitation is therefore falsified. Einsteinian gravity accounts for it, and makes further predictions which Newtonian gravity does not. These again can be observered. However Einsteinian gravity breaks down at certain points, so is clearly incomplete, but it is sufficient for all the situations we've needed to use it in for practical purposes. (Just as Newton will get you to the moon just fine).
This means there are parts of Newtonian gravity which have been proven true.

How backarsewards can you get.

Newtonian gravity (or Einstinian gravity) doesn't exist. It is not a physical thing. It is a model, a description, of observed reality.

It makes accurate enough predictions for most purposes. Relativity makes better predictions, which are useful in some situations. Whatever comes next will need to make even better predictions and be useful for things relativity isn't good at.

Not a thing. Not "true", whatever that's supposed to mean here. Useful.
As it happens there is a layer that is very thin and very flat and found all over the world. Do you know what it is and what it says about your fludde David?
So to be honest, I don't know how you can still be misrepresenting uniformitarianism and expecting anyone to take you seriously.
Science / Re: The Big Bang Theory is Unfalsifiable
Oh my sides!

 :cheer:  :sadcheer:
May the farce be with you.
I understand. It's probably best if you stop posting.
As for this thread, I want to talk about heat again as winter is approaching and I want to do a better job of generating heat efficiently this winter.

  Summer time cooling has turned out to be surprisingly easy with my solar panel set up. But I don't think solar will be very practical for wintertime heat,  at least not the way my house is built and situated, which I'm not at this point willing to change.

 Obviously one improvement I can make is  elimination of air leakage  which was pretty poor last winter.   But an additional part of the equation obviously is "efficient heat generation" and that's what I want to focus on for the moment.

One big improvement you could make is to build an actual house.
Back to the here and now though. Let's be practical, shall we?

Ok. Stop spouting bullshit and maybe we can get down to practicalities.
Hmm. Lets see. Dinosaurs were part of an ecosystem in which the ground layer contained zamia and ferns. Grasses hadn't evolved yet.

David is pontificating about some strange inability to restore an ecosystem because an animal which was never part of that ecosystem is unavailable.

Sense makes not.
"What's that? Your window fell out? That's too bad. I'm afraid the only option is to demolish your house."

Said no Sears window salesman ever.
And once a year or so, Os will link to this thread and declare what an idiot I was for my view.

This is now boring.


How bout radiocarbon dating?
No. The one thing the Mars Climate orbiter did not do was orbit Mars. One piece of software returned a value in imperial when the next piece was expecting SI.

At attempted insertion the vehicle came in low and burnt up. Along with decades of work and hundreds of millions of 1998 dollars.

Base counts.