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OH dear, I've been remiss & let two weeks pass without reminding Bluffy of his duties.
What a laugh. Another interesting thread hits the end of the line.
Ah, good to see even you agree you're entertaining.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Fox reports this

He's going to be carrying The Donald's Twitter "football"?
To this point I have not been mentioning the absurdly low Bremer support values because you have not even been able to take in the resampling test results (bootstrap, jackknife) and the huge polytomy they produce.

Every time we look at the published material and the statistical tests, they contradict the dinosaur to bird hypothesis.
Write it up for publication socrates.

Care to contribute? Particularly if you have some expertise in this area.
Sucky my old chew toy, are you suggesting you have some expertise in this area?

Which university was it you got your Masters and Doctorates in paleontology and/or some other relevant field? Oh, wait, that's right, you don't have any such education.

How about the research organizations you've worked for? Oh, wait, that's right, you haven't.

Papers you've had published? Oops. Papers you've submitted? Double oops!

But, hey, you do have that crappy vanity blog, that's got to count for something, right?
Don;t feel too bad, though, you do serve some slightly useful societal purpose, providing a bit of entertainment.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
the only option at this point is to try to establish that Trump did not think he was under investigation at the time of the firing and therefore was not intentionally obstructing an investigation.
In order for that to work, it would have to be established that Trump can think.
I'm not sure, but I don't think the President can fire the Vice President. The Vice-President is an elected official, pretty much above any sort of "firing". The Donald may eventually figure this out. He can't get rid of Pence and Pence is the President of the Senate, Constitutionally. To get rid of him, Trump would have to either impeach him or amend the Constitution. The latter isn't going to happen. Period. The former, well, maybe. Ship going down, officers go down with it.
7 (2011)
An Archaeopteryx-like theropod from China and the origin of Avialae
Xing Xu1,2, Hailu You3 , Kai Du4 & Fenglu Han2
Figure S9. Bootstrap values for the clades recovered by our analysis of coelurosaurian phylogeny (only clades with bootstrap values greater than 50% are shown).

A polytomy like that in Figure S9 means that we cannot tell the relationship between the dozens of branches.

The bottom line is that cladistic analysis itself does not allow us to conclude anything about the relationship between the dozens of branches.
If we want to come to any conclusions about those relationships, cladistic analysis itself is no help.

Here is confirmation of this point from an expert in the field:

"Regarding your last message, yes, you are right: if there is a polytomy we cannot tell with good support what the internal relationships between the branches inside that group are."

I am not intending to argue this point. If you do not understand it, you will need to study the subject yourself.
A confirmation from an expert in the field? Really? Who? Name this "expert". Also, cite where this "expert" made that statement.

BTW, I thought you were done with this thread. At least that's what your next to last post indicated. What a bluffoon, the Sucky of Bluffoonylvania.
ETA: Then again, even so, we would still have the piss tape which it totes cool in itself.
yes exactly

"but will it convince the trumpcore??" is a worthless fucking question because nothing will and it is therefore a totally bullshit reason to cast any doubt on the value of the yet-to-be-revealed glory of the Piss Tape
The MAGA troops wouldn't find fault even with indisputable evidence, such as watching it live and in person, Trump raping and then shooting dead hundreds of newborns.  They'd just figure out some sort of explanation that not only excused the behavior but celebrated it as an courageous act of a hero.
What's interesting is Gianforte didn't contest the charges, but simply accepted them.
Given the overwhelming personal testimony and video evidence against him, he chose to simply accept the charges and the consequences. I have to give that to him, though I am not convinced he'd have behaved so well if there had not been some national focus on the situation.
This thread titled "imaginary nudes" has been quintessentially disappointing.

I thought it was about imaginary noodles. I am disappoint too.
Quite frankly Doobie, I''m disappointed in your lack of perverse imagination. At least Photon came through with something kinky. 
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse


His violation of norms is a reason for criticism and opposition; it is not a justification for demonization.


From the OP
As offense and response spin faster and faster, someone must get off this carousel.
Maybe the Donald could set an example and hop off now!
Hopefully into the concrete column right there beside the carousel.

Within three weeks of the shooting, the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office concluded that Hollant told the truth when he said he was not at the scene when shots were fired.

On Wednesday, North Miami released the internal affairs findings into Hollant's actions that day -- and they directly contradict the state's findings.

The city's investigation quoted two officers at the scene who said Hollant was gone less than 30 seconds and that the commander was standing near them looking through binoculars when Aledda fired his rifle. The city determined it would have taken a minimum of 1 minute and 22 seconds for Hollant to race from the scene to his patrol car to retrieve his binoculars, then return.
I wonder if ex-Commander Hollant will now be charged with various offenses? Lying to the police and investigators for one. Obstructing justice for another.

Also, given the State's Attorney ignored the testimony of two officers on the scene who said Hollant was there at the time of the shooting, if there will be any sanctions against her.
I'm hoping they'll pass the worst, most draconianly awful bill possible. And the effects will hit home before elections in 2018. After which, there won't be much left of a Republican Party, if any at all. Yah, there's the 25 or so hold overs till the next election, but they'll have seen the blood in the streets. Meanwhile, Trump is doing his damnedest to fuck them up in every way possible. So far he's pissed off virtually every one of our friends and allies. Give his foreign policy, in particular, foreign aid cutbacks, a chance to hit home and the rest of them will be on his case. 

All the Dems have to do is to simply not fuck up. Just be normal. Not sure they can pull that off but one can hope.

Most of the damage, if it doesn't go on too long, can be undone to some extent. But the US will take a permanent hit on it's rep. Nobody is going to trust us ever again. We've shown we can be totally idiotic morons every four years with no telling how bad it might turn out.
Which is more parsimonious?
Oviraptorids as ground based, feathered dinosaurs? Or secondarily flightless members of Paraves?
You dying.
Or getting lost in the great North West.
Or going to Mars.
Or the Center of the Earth.
Or just fucking off,.
What were we talking about?
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP Adam West
Arts and Entertainment / Re: RIP Adam West
Batman died. :sadcheer:
Adam West was never Batman, only a really bad impersonation of such. A really, really, really bad impersonation of such. Didn't even have the six-pack. Nor half the brain.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comey
Trump constantly lies about everything, usually without regard to how easy it is to verify that he's lying. Testifying under oath is such a terrible idea for him that it's hard to believe his lawyers will allow it.
It could be that he overestimates his ability and doesn't listen to his lawyers. Or that he intends to voluntarily testify right after he releases his tax returns.
Also, remember he couldn't get good lawyers cuz they were afraid he wouldn't pay up.
Not to mention he'd likely not listen to them.

Hence, why he'd not pay them.
I mean, if you don't use the services, why pay for them?
Especially if you discover after the fact that you didn't use them.
TBF  Bluffy presumably had nothing to do with that.
Are you sure about that?

I think he has Dave's eyes.
...and brain, but probably uses it better.

Just think about how horrible it would be having been sentenced being let go by only after having his brain transmotilitized with his for eternity but be unable to forget how your brain used to work. It'd always be back there, something of a legend, a myth, just a bit of improbable reality mixed with a lot of BS. But still back there.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Qatar

* And no news round up is complete without a new example of Trump being a dumbfuck:

suspected exactly this when he said his dumbfuck thing the other day
Which dumbfuck thing which other day?
Baby goats! 

Two so far ... expecting two more any day ...

TBF That's actually a pretty good looking goat. 
Congrats!  :)
TBF  Bluffy presumably had nothing to do with that.
Nah, for me, if I should post a reply, it'll be SuckyOne.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comey
This morning's hearing was too early for popcorn on the Left coast.

For tomorrow's hearing, popcorn is mandatory.
How about a popcorn machine ?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comey
He suggested that he would talk about it to Mueller and that he would also talk about it to the Senate committee in a closed session, just not to the public. But he had no coherent reason for not talking about it in public.

ETA: Read some speculation that it's because he's afraid Trump would fire him if he did.
He might be better off if Trump did fire him. Get off the ship before it goes up in flames and sinks. I'm told burns hurt even worse in salt water.