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Let me know how that works out about one year into the five-year exile.

the "exile" is imaginary, Dave.
It works out in five years however you imagine it to.
It's pretty ironic that the guy who proudly describes his approach to "reading" * as far superior to that of lesser minds,  is on his high horse, self-righteously pontificating about "attention to detail".    :rofl: 

*  "skimming for nuggets" 
Now, are you going to continue ignoring questions about your support for gatewaypundit? Or will you cover for your team by never checking your own side?
He still considers the proposition that Clinton and Podesta were running a child sex ring out of a DC pizzeria to be a viable "hypothesis".  So, no. He doesn't do the "checking his own side" thing.

AFDave's 1st Law.

Way to cover for your team!

 :cheer:  :cheer:  :cheer:  :cheer:  :cheer:

I have frequently pointed out that Hawkins sees all these arguments - whether about science, history, politics... - as competitive cheerleading.

Here he makes it explicit.
The Mother Jones piece ends with a prediction:

Sullivan did his best, but it wasn't enough. The Trumperati are convinced that something is going on that will blow the whole Russiagate affair out of the water and expose it for the liberal scheming it really is. And when that doesn't happen? As with Benghazi and the "stand down" order, they'll just move on to something else. If they clap their hands loud enough, they're just sure that eventually they'll find a smoking gun.

Anyone willing to place a bet?
I am!  :wave:
I just checked again ... that MJ article is THE ONLY leftist article appearing in the first two pages of results for that search.

So ST has illustrated my point - again - with his post because he didn't realize this detail.

ST shows inattention to detail because he failed to anticipate what Dave Hawkins would find when Dave Hawkins entered a particular set of search words into Google, and scanned the first two pages of results?

Can anyone spot the raging narcissism in this view of life?
Well in this case we should know pretty soon.
Flynn will withdraw his guilty plea and/or be exonerated because of this alleged malfeasance on Mueller's part.
Or he won't.

At which point we'll know whether its Mother Jones or the PlayPen (or wherever Hawkins picked up this theory) has the better grip on reality.

At that point we will be able to judge whether Mother Jones
This is just one example of lack of attention to detail on the left.  I see this sort of thing all the time. I see this in people's posts here too -

:ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:
:ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat: :ironicat:
We need a "chip on the shoulder" emoji.
There you go, anyone who does not agree with your politics is a RW nutjob. THAT is what is wrong with this country., and the LW media is responsible for that in large part.
You SAY you understand that 'media' is a plural word.
But you keep using it as if it's singular.
And it's not just the grammar.
You appear to be suggesting there's some sort of nefarious coordinated plan to make people who - to take just one example - think Clinton and Podesta were maybe running a child sex ring out of a DC pizzeria, are somehow "rw nut jobs".
Sorry, no, it was legally their money.
Sorry, no it was not once the sanctions were in place.
Whose money had it become?
What I don't understand is why you keep bringing the FBI into a discussion (at this point) of the despicability and reprehensibility of targeting survivors of this school shooting on the premise they are politically motivated shills against the NRA and the GOP and Trump. It looks more like you are trying to cover their, the NRA, the GOP and Trump) asses in their long standing screwups in the matter of mass shootings.
:sadyes:    It looks that way to me, too. 
It was a blackmail/ransom payout, no matter how you wish to spin it. With the sanctions in place, it was no longer their money.
So you're saying that transfer was illegal?
That claim comes as news to me, if you can support it.
Yes, Mr pedantic, I know media is a plural word.
Yet you seem to have missed the point:
No that isn't a problem if you are smart enough to filter the news and not just take one side of the issues.
The media is responsible to a large degree for the deep divisions that exist in our society today.
You seem to be waffling on where this responsibility lies.
Is "the media" to blame (for expressing different perspectives)?
Or is "our society" to blame, for not being "smart enough"?
I was more concerned when Obama sent a planeload of cash to the Iranians
... even though it was their money?
and was weak on our borders and the US military, than I am by anything Trump is doing.

I see.
The media is responsible to a large degree for the deep divisions that exist in our society today.
Media is a plural word.
There are a bunch of different media with - surprise! - different perspectives. 
Do you think that's the problem?
I think you have an unhealthy obsession about Trump and the "Trumpsters"
Yeah. I'm a little concerned about the people in control of the whole fucking country.

The fact is, the FBI totally dropped the ball here and needs to be held accountable.
No one said otherwise.
What's despicable is attacking the surviving kid who has the temerity to speak up.
What's despicable is suggesting that he is a plant.
Did you even bother to read what Don Jr. "liked"?
Wait, is the whole point of this exercise in analysis, to say that Fox News has a conservative bias?
Well Holy Shit, Is there anyone alive who doesn't already know that?
There is.
Dave Hawkins, for instance.
Wrong forum.

Mods: you know what to do.
And here's Donnie jr. touting another rw site bashing David Hogg, another one of the vocal students, because his dad is retired FBI. Insinuating that he isn't a student, or is being coached by the FBI. Lying about his dad's status by saying he is still working at Miami FBI, when he is a retired person.

It's like a parallel to Afdave's, 7th Law, but substitute vile and despicable for pathetic and retarded.

No matter how unsurpassably vile and despicable any pronouncement by the Trumpsters may be, it seems it can always be followed by something even more vile and despicable.
Calling the vocal kids 'shills' and other 'talking points'.
Should have posted this here, rather than in the ARSE thread:

god these people are sickening

I hope there's a huge turnout for the March 24 events inspired by these kids.

Gateway Pundit, free republic, and other rw sites have mounted a smear campaign against the more vocal kids who survived the Florida school shooting, calling them 'shills', saying they are coached, claiming they 'party like rock stars' etc.

There is no evidence any of these kids do any of this. They are just a group of earnest teenagers recovering from a terrible trauma.

god these people are sickening

I hope there's a huge turnout for the March 24 events inspired by these kids.

I would really like to see what your idea of "data" is ... and also an example of the analysis of that "data" ... from the linked article.
are you unable to read the article yourself and determine if it has substance and data to support it?
He is.  :sadyes:
Because it has substance.