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I can see why they'd like each other.
Now replace Saruman with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and try to tell the difference.
If only there had been another candidate with extensive experience of travel and diplomatic visits.
Roger Stone doesn't like what he's seen so far and there's still the upcoming, likely conciliatory speech on islam left:
guys, practice getting used to saying it: "madam president ivanka trump"
Policy-wise, she wouldn't be horrible.
I think you're fooling yourself.
Yeah, she appears to be just as much as in things for personal profit as her father, with the main difference that her cognitive abilities are not in decline and that her business niche is somewhat different because she's a woman.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
"Unlike Democrats, who will never break with a president, no matter what they do -- I mean I don't care, they can find him with a smoking gun and a picture, they wouldn't break with him -- Republicans will," he warned. "So I would say this to President Trump: This can't continue for a whole lot longer."
A little trial balloon from Santorum?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
"You can't say what not to say," the source said of Trump, "because that will then be one of the first things he'll say."
guys, it's Sessions.
Initially I thought it could be a some dark horse like de Vos (her brother was sent to establish a secret backchannel, she knew nothing???) that's referred to. But reports say "White House official" or "White House advisor", so I think that precludes Sessions (and Tillerson, and de Vos).
IIRC, Bannon has never figured in these Russia news stories. If I'd pick an alt-nazi suspect, I think I'd pick Stephen Miller over Bannon simply because (i) I know very little specific about him, (ii) in general, serious alt-nazis ideologues  like to visit Russia.
"After listening for 10 minutes, I realized Islam is not so bad," the president told the press. "I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendously bad behavior. ... But it's not what you would think."
Is that real?
Not yet.
Relax, crime friends. I fired the police, and I can tell you that on the record in front of photographers, and now we can do crimes forever.

(this is shamefully stolen from SA)
Yes, absolutely amazing. Lavrov has been foreign minister for a decade and Trump apparently babbled on like an idiot to impress him. If all this stuff hadn't been leaked first from the Washington side, it would have been available for Moscow to leak (or threaten to leak) whenever it they found it most opportune.
In fairness, Trump reportedly kept his cards very close to his chest regarding firing comey. His most professional staff was probably kept in the dark.
Uh, so either a self-contradiction or he really believed firing Comey would kill the investigation...

ETA: i'm sure Lavrov was very impressed by all Trump's boasting
That's seriously weird. Foot injury, maybe?
GWB pardoned Scooter Libby... In the event that charges don't stick to anybody but Flynn, that's maybe a good analogue.
no he didn't. He commuted his sentence.
OK, Wiki informs me Libby didn't have to serve 30 months in prison, but had to do 400 hours of community service and had to live with the damage to his professional reputation. I'm sure Flynn would survive a similar scenario given his international contact network...
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I think putin has just set off his 'project total kompromat'. His american forces in the russian mafia contacted all the important people to let them know what they were being blackmailed with.
At this point, Putin and his allies just need to transcribe any meeting they have with Trump to get a good supply of well-balanced kompromat (each one enough to substantially hurt Trump for a few news cycles, not deadly enough that it would hard to actually use it).
GWB pardoned Scooter Libby... In the event that charges don't stick to anybody but Flynn, that's maybe a good analogue.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
That reads like fiction, tbh. :unsure:
reality has committed suicide.
^^^ memescape