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bed/sleep in it
I hate to legitimize victimhood, but you really don't have a handle on what poverty in America looks like. Yes religion has addled people's minds, especially the poor whites you love to hate. Yes tribalism has marred the ability of certain groups of people to move out of self-destructive mindsets. Yes racism and xenophobia are prevalent values across much of America (the whole world actually). But it is a stone cold fact that there is not functional opportunity in America for the lower 50%. It doesn't matter what their values are, that number will stay the same. It doesn't matter how much education they pursue, that number will stay the same. Bell curves are the only certainty in the universe. If you advocate leaving them to stew in their condition, you just get more demagogues. They will support anyone who understands that they are desperate and promises to help. When people used to security lose it, their first response will be violence. It is only at the point when it becomes clear that violence can't reverse their situation that they will resort to other means.

ETA: assuming that the whole system hasn't collapsed into violence as a result. In the case where it does, a strongman arises and violence becomes the norm. The fragility of democracy has always struck me as underappreciated.

I have been involved in public education in various capacities for a long time and I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that poverty is the same problem regardless of ethnicity. The barriers to the upper classes are incredibly subtle and kids learn early what means they will need to employ to get by in the world. If the means they learn are to be sheep to a benevolent class and suddenly they discover themselves in a holding pen outside a slaughterhouse, they will respond with violence because they have no other means. They will seek to rearrange the world such that a new benevolent class will emerge. If that strategy continues to fail, they have no plan b.

There was an interesting study on suicide rates among different groups a few years ago. In extremely poor demographics with a long history of marginalization, suicide rates are very low even when economic shocks occur. But among groups who have enjoyed not wealth but security, stability, the suicide rate spikes dramatically when economic shocks occur. Violence toward others, however, correlates extremely with marginalization. Once the realization sets in that the means of survival involve taking from others since the avenues of exchange are constricted too much to make that a viable strategy for a population, those means become the norm.

Unless you really do advocate killing all white people, social justice issues that involve stability and economic security with no prejudice towards subgroups do matter. I really don't think your particular understanding and analysis of racism is helping you. People will always associate to promote their own interests. If there's a zero sum game or even just the perception of one, tribalism will emerge. At that point, we either join a tribe and play the same game or we die out. The role of education in that process can't be overstated except for this: homeless kids or kids with very unstable homes, no matter how bright they are, will not be successful in educational environments because classroom time is time lost to them on the issues that really matter like securing food and shelter. That is a basic truism. When a kid's security is taken away, they immediately begin to fail in school. Always enough that exceptions prove the rule.

Now, take that propaganda idea from earlier and extrapolate a little bit. If parents who can't read very well find that no available jobs will get them health insurance and end up in credit trouble because they did what our media told them to do, they are also likely to hear hate mongers messages telling them about the rigged system and start entertaining violent notions, even if faintly. That violence has a karmic ripple effect within their homes and kids pick up on it. That changes the perception of security dramatically and begins a cycle which educators call the cycle of poverty and it's vicious. Escape is very unlikely. And, most importantly, looking for people to blame is the source of the problem. So, when you go looking to blame the rural whites or whatever your blame gaze is fixed on, you are actually creating the same conditions as those that led to the problem you want to solve by laying blame. And the victimizers, the elites that promulgate the propaganda, are handed beautiful ammunition for their campaign to continue victimizing poor people. The color lines you have erected have their place in analysis and policy discussions, but poverty is poverty and the ways we confront it determine our own fate. Seeing it as different kinds of poverty is irrelevant to its effect.

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
heh, ok
Yeah, that's about the reaction I had.  It didn't quite live up to the headline. But I thought maybe people that knew Hebrew would find it funnier if they didn't have to have it explained.
Or indeed ANY joke they didn't have to have explained.

big if true
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
See if my observation holds out.  The only "good" parts of the prequels are the second half of the third movie.

Otherwise,  :barf:
And the Genosian Arena battle

Pod race is pretty great along with the Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Darth Maul fight bits of the Ep1 ending.
I'll give you the Darth Maul fight.


I don't think that rogue1 necessarily filled plot holes as much as it gave something substantial  to sw7 as a springboard for rey to make her debut. 

I loved it

Glad you decided to post since you are representing TR :D
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
I mean I have a pretty good idea working on its margins but lol if I am going to serious post about it on the internet when I have to get another beer. Just saying that this isn't the most insane thing he has said this week.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
FWIW the Canadian Dairy industry is highly subsidized and protected. Not sure why or how the milk mafia became so powerful. Might be related to the grain coop commies? IDK
I have no idea what "the show" means so probably not?
The trying to bash her skull onto some concrete definitely sounds like Nazis

See the pic of the Berkeley officer restraining what looked like a biker with a knife?
The Soap Opera / Re: FX Spamming
My partner became lactose intolerant last year and I have grown pretty fond of almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened) on my oat meal.

Also Almond Dream chocolate ice "cream" is really rich and creamy to the point that one doesn't miss it not being milk based.
Oh and tell her I called her old :D
Ah, and how is the old divagreen doing these days?
Also who is freaking out about the antifa getting punched? She was on a melee skirmish line ffs. The only thing notable is that the gnome in the blue shirt is identifiable and could face charges.
Also I didn't realise how beautiful Natalie Portman could be - she took my breath away in a few scenes.
Go rent Black Swan
See if my observation holds out.  The only "good" parts of the prequels are the second half of the third movie.

Otherwise,  :barf:
And the Genosian Arena battle

I have never ran with the black bloc crowd, but I have been glad to have them around. Fuck nazis.