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It isn't real. Someone would have leaked it by now.

reported ^
i have no idea what's going on now
high school shenanigans
trump has Tough Guy appeal, for people who aren't over high school.
Hate to break it to you el jefe, but nobody gets over high school.

I guess it was fine then!
I don't know man, I feel like there's a qualitative difference between threatening to withhold purchasing a product if the company doesn't do what you want versus threatening to withhold campaign contributions if the politician doesn't do what you want.

But then I could very well be wrong.
foolish people don't recognize lots of things
honestly i'd just like people to stop thinking the profession of understanding the past is most useful for predicting the future.
Would wanting historians to help provide context for the present be better?
How about "hey, we'll pay you in real cash money if you pursue the policies we want"?

I'd rather have real news from an echochamber than fake news from places like the Jew York Slimes, Washington Compost or MSLSD.

Did you hear that some nice young man caught a ClintoonNewsNetwork producer on videotape saying they're Russian  :airquote: hacking :airquote: stories were bull****?


My pastor says we shouldn't listen to George Carmin.
Which would be worse to them?  Blades dipped in HIV infected blood or the blood of a black monster man?
A worm in the apple of liberty.


Liberty is not what your oligarchy provides.

I'm pretty sure your wrong.

I mean after I got my slippers on and sat down in my Lay-Z-Boy with some tea and toast for dinner I saw a piece on Fox about a Heritage Action report saying we had the highest freedom index in the entire world and if that wasn't enough proof right after was a Rasmussen poll showing a majority of people agreed with Heritage Action.

Tucker Carlson looks pretty trustworthy.
trump policy is literally "make liberals suffer."


His policies that he continually hammered on were:
Build a wall
Kick out undocumented immigrants
Dismantle the ACA
Institute a travel ban
Destroy ISIS
Renegotiate trade deals like NAFTA

As much as we don't like probably all of those but one they are still policies that he hammered on during the campaign.

Hillary hammered on she's not Trump.

Enough of your people responded positively to that. That's the underlying issue here.
I've never denied that white people are horrible.
Hillary Clinton is not known as a charismatic person, what on earth are you talking about
Yeah, you got me there.  I was trying to be nice about her.

Trump is a mean, petty, vindictive, small POS.  If the election really was about personality someone with the personality of a pet rock should have been able to beat him.
and she is known for being full of policy minutiae, if nothing else
That may be known among people that pay attention but it's not what her ads communicated.  Her ads were about how terrible Trump is (true) and how she's not Trump (also true).
Clinton and Ossoff both sucks as candidates, but personality is more important than policy.
If that were true she would be president right now.
Hey, how's that twitter posty thingie work?
Seems like a lot of effort. :unsure:
I hope you're right.

But I think extreme cynicism is still the winning bet.
It should be lol-worthy but the evidence is in that Trump actually ran a more policy-heavy campaign while Hillary's campaign was the lightest on policy in quite a few presidential elections.  I'll find the link to the story if you want it.  I think it was in The Atlantic.

Ossoff ran as a blank slate candidate hoping just being a clean-cut Democrat would be enough to ride an anti-Trump wave to victory.

If Democrats want to beat Trump they need to give voters something to vote for.  Just not being Trump or a Tea Party crazy isn't enough.

eta: Here's the article about Hillary's ad buys I was referencing.  And it was Vox not The Atlantic.
2016 election says they do.

Georgia 6th says they do too.
CBO Analysis Endangers GOP Health-Care Bill

It's so cute that someone actually believes this.