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I didn't mind Valerian, though I think a better Valerian would have improved things, or maybe just better writing of the relationship between Valerian and Laureline. That often came off as a bit creepy.
Have you never used a sledgehammer, Dave?
I think his holistic/reductionist thing is funny. It shows such a complete ignorance of how scientists work. Pretty well all scientists I know, while they may have a specialty, move up and down through the systems that they investigate as required. The idea of a 'holistic scientist', or a 'reductionist scientist' doesn't make sense. Most scientists are both and apply those mindsets as required.
I wonder if we should keep a record of Dave's tantrum sessions. See if they correlate with anything.
Straightforward yes-or-no question, dave:

Did you properly mail that check? And if you did, when you mailed that check, did you expect it to clear?
Is this the wrong place to utter surprise that snailmailing notes is considered a normal and sensible way transfer money in the US?

Depends if you actually want to donate, or just pretend to donate. :D
Because in our society they are not prepared enough until their 20s ...
In what way?

also childbirth complications that may be related to western diets.
Consent? Ask her.

You don't want to expand on that answer at all?
Not correct.

MY view is that girls should not marry until their 20s.
What is your reason for this view?
if the eyewitness report says that she seems "genuinely delighted" then it is reasonable to assume that she consented.
Dave, in your opinion, what's required for consent?
Yes. It's mostly Dave hitting himself while other people keep saying Dave for the love of god stop hitting yourself.

While Dave says "I'm not hitting myself. You're all hitting yourselves.", while everyone else looks on in amusement.
I didn't lie about sending that check. I did send it.  To the address they told me.

Sure ya did. Unfortunately for you, everyone here knows your a liar. I don't believe you.
I'd like Dave to answer my questions in the other thread.
The next topic I want to talk about on this thread is why people have to BUY land.  The concept was unheard of among the Native Americans and it is also unheard of in my dad's Wai Wai tribe in South America.

 I think it is utterly ridiculous that lots of good land sits idle while migrant workers bust their tails in vegetable fields in California ekeing out a meager living.


To start a discussion, post the problem, some background on the problem and a proposal for a solution that people can assess.

Nobody cares if your argument is basically "I want to change the topic". So fucking what?
Just for the record I don't think Hawkins is a pederast or pedophile or anything like that. I just think he's an insensitive clueless jerk.

I just assume the worst, and then I'm never surprised.
"What slander? You've made some comments that suggest that you approve of the idea of child marriage and underage sex."

Look no further than this very statement.

You've just slandered me. Again.

See if you can figure out how.

So what's to be gained from slander?

Is that just part and parcel of this "high moral code"?

What slander? You've made some comments that suggest that you approve of the idea of child marriage and underage sex. And, rather than owning them and admitting that the comment was uncalled for, you've doubled down on it and attempted to rationalise it. Madmardigan is trolling you, but a lot of what else has been said about you in this thread isn't slander.

However, one person in this thread has been slandering others a lot. For example here:;quote=136398;topic=1749.50;last_msg=137540

So, Dave, what's to be gained from slander? You're the expert in it.
so.. truth doesn't matter?
You think I have the time and resources to determine the truth about everything anything?


Thank god that PhD in truth detection has paid off. :D
I don't think many of the posters here consider "Dave is right" or "Dave is normal" to be much of a concern. We've decades of examples proving that the safest bet is to assume the opposite.

And "Woohoo, 15 year old brides!!!".
"He is accused of "wilfully and knowingly" making "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements"."

Well, that screws most of the people in the White House.
Maybe you should start a thread about what evidence is, so that you understand. :P
Imma make a complaint to the editor meow!
Radiolaria are free floating aren't they? If so a plankton net may work better. If they also cluster on hard surfaces this sampler should work fine.