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Hey Dave - are you ready to concede that your president is an enabler of Nazis yet?
Haha ... Pingu buys fake news like she buys fake science ...

Here's an FB comment I read and reposted yesterday ...

"While I agree with your sentiment [white people should not be racist], as a Charlottesville local, I want to caution you that the media has GROSSLY misrepresented the awful goings-on of Saturday.
As unpalatable as white supremacy is, the fact remains they did posess a permit. And, as you said, in America, everyone, regardless of ideology, has a right to free speech.
What happened on Saturday was ultimately orchestrated by the extreme leftist mayor and city council. They allowed communists and black racists to attack the protestors as the police stood idly by, obeying the stand-down order given by the mayor.
No one is mentioning the violence of the left, or how it all began by antifa and blm hurling bricks, bottles, urine and feces filled water balloons, and spraying mace and aerosol flamethrowers.
People fought back, as anyone would.
Racists hijacked the protest, this is unfortunately true. However I will say without hesitation that there would have been NO violence had the two groups been kept apart.
While it was, amongst other things, a rally to raise awareness of racism against "white" folks, it was not intended to be a racist event. But when the media continually, misleadingly refers to it as a "white nationalist" event, and repeatedly shows the one or two pictures of the handful of racists that showed up, it's no wonder people are believing it.
I see many conservative people forming strong opinions based on what they have read on the internet or watched on the tv. But there you will only ever be given half of the story.
What happened was awful, and we would do well to clearly condemn the violence on BOTH sides, as we continue to pray for everyone affected.

Also ...
Americans should be outraged over KKK. They should be outraged over Alt Left violence as well. That's what he said, folks. --Jack Posobiec

you are a gullible fool.  Try and square the circle with the bolded portions that even your FB commenter admits.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
I'll be in FL for most of September.  :staregonk:
Oh, that's neat.  The NOAA page autoupdates whenever you enter the page.

I posted the Aug. 10 summary and now it's updated to today Aug. 15.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Ship combat in Empire: Total War is actually pretty well balanced.
The sooner Mueller publishes his findings and begins charging Trump associates the better.
WTF is up with people in Oklahoma?  Are they trying to compensate for something?
Boston doesn't exactly have the best reputation w.r.t. racism so it'll be interesting to see how things turn out there
Boston is a different style of racist bullshit.  More Irish gang than outright KKK.  The local toughs would probably show up to distract the local police to let the antifa pounce on the outside alt-right groups that show up.  Boston racists wouldn't put up with Confederate and KKK bullshit on their territory.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
I still have the first 'blue book' version of D&D (two copies, I think), and pretty much everything in 1st Ed. (AD&D), 2nd ed. , most of the 3rd/3.5 hardcover books. I don't know how many modules, but the last time I packed them all, the box would be equivalent to a stack about 3 feet tall. :)  ...and almost a complete collection of Dragon magazines from #24 on (I have a few issues prior to that, with my oldest being Issue #7), through somewhere in the 400s. I think they switched to entirely digital after that, and were about to release 4th edition when I stopped collecting them.

I have around 100 boardgames. A few 'hardcore' war games, and lots of other types of games. Do you have a profile on bgg with your collection? :D  I'll have to post mine when I get home (can't get to bgg from work).

I'm trying to arrange a boardgame day with some people I know here from the local boardgame group to run a game of MegaCivilization, but I'm still trying to find at least 7 more players.

ETA: Also, have you seen Traveller T5? It's a serious nerd's game. The pages and pages of statistical tables for various combinations of d6s alone is nuts. :D
I gave up my AD&D book collecting at around 12 since actually playing the game with this massive library as reference tended to slow up the game itself.  We actually defaulted back to D&D basic rules for about a year to simplify the experience and limit the type of "rule play" that some adventures ended up.  Kind of like how Squad Leader got bogged down in rules after a while.

But I've been too busy with work and travel at the moment, but I'll "settle down" over the next year and get this stuff inventoried.

I saw Traveller T5 come out but didn't get into it.  Most of the table-top and group stuff ended in the early '90s for me and I haven't actively pursued this since computer gaming came around.

What's interesting with the I.C.E publications, Tolkien's business was in a slump in the early '80s.  They had made the animated movie "The Hobbit" but it wasn't a monetary hit.  These adventure packs were the first post-book productions that Tolkien allowed after the publishing of The Silmarillion.  Then the whole fantasy books rage and Comicon and other avenues opened up, ending up with Peter Jackson's movies.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
It's good to know I'm not the only old, geek nerd out there.  My physical library of AD&D is actually pretty epic, I have almost all the "letter" adventure packs.  Then I collected a bunch of I.C.E stuff in the early '80s when they got the rights to publish the Middle Earth adventures.

I started the D&D adventures on an old Commodore 128 with 5-1/4" floppies.  Days on end with that stuff.

That and a whole library of Avalon Hill and SPI board games means that my retirement community center will be stocked well for midnight war game meetings.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Is there a computer Traveller game yet?  I want to roll characters for 5 hours only for them to be killed.
Glad to know I'm not the only Traveller fan here.

EVE online? I mean, if you wander into the wrong area, you'll be killed pretty quickly, from what I understand.

Also, rolling characters in Traveller is not a 5 hour ordeal. It rarely takes more than one....less if you die during character creation. :D
It takes 5 hours to FINALLY roll a character that survives character creation.

I am aware there are places where eating cats* or other predators is common, but I'd expect them to be particularly gamy in flavour.

*MSG, who as an Australian bird and native marsupial lover has a particularly low opinion of cats, has posted pics of aboriginal people taking feral cats home for dinner, which of course makes sense - there are lots of feral cats and some of them are spectacularly large.
If you have ever been to the beaches in Spain then try the "spiced meat on a stick" (Pinchos I believe) available at almost every alley bar and eatery.

Rumor has it ....
Philosophy / Re: Is there a perfect moment?
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
That moment.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Whatcha playing'?
Is there a computer Traveller game yet?  I want to roll characters for 5 hours only for them to be killed.
As I understand it after the frame shift in a pterosaur to bird theory, finger 3 would be in position 4.
Consequently finger 4 would no longer be present. Digit 3 has replaced it.
I am just using standard frame shift process. The same process claimed in the dino to bird theory frame shift.
First off, the bolded is not a given.  IF a frameshift occurred to Pterosaur then the fourth finger would be at digit V.  There is no guarantee from the frameshift that this would not be the case. preserved evidence_of_membranous_wings
we identify the three manual digits of Yi and other maniraptorans as II-III-IV, following the position-based numbering used inmost ornithological literature, although we acknowledge that an anatomy-based I-II-III numbering convention is preferred by most dinosaur workers

The highly elongated manual digit IV of Yi and other scansoriopterygids is unique among theropods but superficially similar to the long manual digits II-V of bats and the highly elongated fourth finger in pterosaurs
Second, superficially this is finger 3, not finger 4.  So a frameshift from Pterosaur to Yi would result in :
1) Frameshift from (Digit - Finger) I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4, V-xx TO  I-xx, II-1, III-2, IV-3, V-4
2) Loss of finger 4 (which was holding up the wings and membrane for flight.
3) Elongation of finger 3 and eventual reattachment of membranes for flight to this digit.
4) All the musculoskeletal changes to adapt finger 3 to what finger 4 had supported for flight.

And that's just a rough transition based upon JUST the digits.

ETA: A question here would be; Do you expect a transitional and non-flightless form to appear during the transition from flight membrane finger 4 to 3?
As I understand it after the frame shift in a pterosaur to bird theory, finger 3 would be in position 4.
You can make up whatever hypothesis you want since no one else has published or investigated this occurrence at all.
Why call it a frameshift mutation?  Why not a lateral mutation?
socrates is unfamiliar with evolution concepts like "drift" or "neutral" w.r.t. terms like "selection"
Arts and Entertainment / Re: puff the magic dragon

Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
No loss there.  One more MAGA-clone that shows his true colors on the airwaves when pressed.
You guys love to pretend that you are good scientists, but you make unscientific statements constantly, while at the same time ridiculing me for supposedly being unscientific.
One of the fundamental tasks of being scientific is proper documentation.  Document your hypothesis, document your conditions, document your controls, document your variables.

At MOST you have a couple youtube videos along with rambling posts in this monster thread.  You refuse to measure or sample anything while at the same time making claims that things are "better" than they were or "improved".  Yet you have no baseline or control to measure against, which means these observations are meaningless because they are not biased and they are not measured.

So yeah, your whole setup IS unscientific.
In the Pterosaur linneage we find creatures from ~225 million years up to the K-T event at 65 million years.  All of these creatures resemble in form and function the basal Pterosaur bauplan.  There is "drift" and changes, but nothing like what you propose.

In the dinosaur linneage we find creatures from ~225 million years up to the K-T event at 65 million years.  And these creatures are various and numerous in form and function.  However, there is a clear linneage through Theropods and Maniraptors where the bauplan starts to resemble basal Paraves in both form and function.

Which is why I ask again, what intermediary taxa do you propose between the Pterosaur linneage and the Eumaniraptors?  Otherwise your "ghost" linneages you propose exhibit numerous and frequent changes as outlined by Dean W's list of characteristics.

Just a reminder that what is of interest, is how (in the dino to bird theory) a ground-based creature became a flighted arboreal creature AND the characteristics that the latter needed for flight (that the ground-based creature did not have).
My main thesis is that there is no evidence of the evolution of the characteristics required for flying in the dino to bird purported lineage. And on the other hand that pterosaurs already had those characteristics or most of them, with the rest evolving in the transition from pterosaur to basalmost paraves (eg. Scansoriopterygids).

I am working with the idea that it is not easy to fly*. That pterosaurs had already mastered that, so that an evolution to a flighted basalmost paraves from pterosaur banked on that extensive set of already met requirements. On the other hand, the dino to bird theory gives basically no material concerning the purported evolution to an arboreal flighted, basalmost paraves from a ground-based creature.

* see Wright brothers
Faid has suggested that in a pterosaur to bird theory, pterosaurs lost some of the most basic of adaptations for meeting flight "requirements" and made new ones.
But he has not given any detail on that. Since he seems reluctant to, can anyone give any detail on that?

Actually Faid HAS given details, numerous and repetitive.  I leave it as an exercise for the reader to find these details, since their discovery is worth the effort given in searching for them.
General Discussion / Re: 2017 hurricane season
Looks like you'll be fine.  I'm in Lakeland (between Tampa and Orlando) and it's pretty much afternoon showers only.  These depressions will probably dry up the central Florida region and maybe cause a little wind but that's about it.

95% of the time with 15% of the time = 100% of the time