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I've thought about it LLLOOONNGGG and HHHAAARRDDD.
If so, what do you think happens to US export deals if the US bans imports?
Who said anything about banning imports? I'm not in favor of banning imports. But I am in favor of tariffs so as to protect our own industry.   The United States federal government was financed for most of our history with tariffs  if I recall correctly.
As I said earlier: mercantilism.
Dave is trying to revive the Buggy Whip manufacturing industry.
What *I* am claiming - trying to cut through all the BS and confusion propagated here - is that it's STOOPID to have a car factory in Japan to sell to the US market if labor rates are comparable.   The obvious reason is (a) you have to ship materials from God knows where to Japan (b) you have to ship the cars here to the US market.  If you put the factory in the US, then you can source the materials from the US as well (we are resource rich) and you have much less shipping expense.

Moral of this story:  Make policy that encourages putting car factories in the USA for sales to the USA.

The end.
Do you understand the concept of competitive advantage?  It goes part and parcel with economies of scale (it's usually a precursor).

Also, resource rich countries, like The Republic of the Congo, are not always the best places for manufacturing.

The cost of transportation may not make sense in an efficiency argument (total energy required for production), but if energy is cheap w.r.t. the product then transportation is only a small incremental increase in cost and the savings come to importers via labor,  location or competitive advantage (usually a combination).

You don't understand history so you are destined to repeat it over and over.  Look at the UK in the 1800's, they were once the largest steel producer in the world (along with coal).  They imported all that cotton (resource rich southern states, that went far during the US Civil War) and wool (resource rich Australia and Scotland, again world powerhouses) to all those clothing factories that then re-shipped the product world wide (India and China).
* Steel production fell after Industrialization, US took over THEN Russia started producing more steel.  Today it's China.
*Coal production fell after Industrialization, US took over production THEN Russia THEN China and other resource rich nations.
*Clothing factories closed because of competition from cheaper labor in the US (Carolina's, etc.).  Then production moved from the US to overseas (China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Phillipines).

Have you learned anything yet?
Games / Re: Image Association

Well that only took a little over 2 and a half hours to reverse course.   :911:
The Soap Opera / Re: FX Spamming
"Testy Calibrate:  Day 5":  Notice some growth in my abdomen ...  not hungry but still have cravings for ... ummm ... something like meat ice cream or "smooth" meat.

"Testy Calibrate:  Day 12":  Friend came over drinking a smoothie (smoothie, smooth, ssssssmmmmoooouuuttthhh, bbbllllrrrrr).
ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz ...  HUH?!?!?!  Why is a dead, half blended squirrel doing on my kitchen counter?!?!   Uuugghhh (uuugghhh, bbblllaaarrrggghhh).

"Testy Calibrate:  Day 19":  aaarrhghgg0odfhoihiopeyuhdjlnvjuye78goewghu  CCCCCcccccttthhhtthththththutuuututuuutullllllulluldl;aulululululu ... aa  aaaaaaraAAAAARrkakrrrhhhhahgghgghghghg
Where does the "FemiNazi" classification fit?
Games / Re: Image Association
Games / Re: Image Association
Just copy/paste the Freakonomics chapter on drug running and submit as your plan after graduation.  No better than the stated alternatives.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Rick and Morty
[as] Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!  (one of a few incarnations of Tim and Eric)
Medicare Supplemental Insurance

In this section, I will expand on the information presented in my blog. I will show here in greater detail exactly what Medicare covers, the out-of-pocket health expenses a senior with only Medicare will likely face and what, if any, benefit these additional policies provide.

Medicare Part A: How Much Will a Hospitalization Cost You?
Let's say you're hospitalized and all you have is Medicare Part A. How much do you owe the hospital?

If the hospitalization lasts 60 days or less, the answer is $1,316; nothing more.
Also, if you have Medicare Part A, there's no limit to the number of times you can be hospitalized for up to 60 days as long as you go home for two months after each hospitalization.
How Much will Nursing Home Care Cost You?
If you're ready to leave the hospital, but not yet well enough to go home, Medicare will allow you to spend some time recovering in a nursing home, often at no extra charge.

If your hospitalization lasts at least three days then Medicare will cover up to 20 days in a skilled nursing facility without charging you a penny more than what you already pay for your hospitalization. That means that your $1,316 Part A deductible will cover up to 60 days in the hospital and up to 20 days in a nursing home if you need it. If you need more time to recover in a Nursing home, it will cost you $164.50 per day for the next 80 days (days 21-100). After that, Medicare won't cover you.

Medicare Part B: What Does it Cover and How Much will You Really Owe?
How much will you pay?

Most blood and urine tests are free. If your doctor orders a blood test to check your cholesterol, thyroid, blood count, etc... every few months to check how your medications are working, those tests will cost you nothing! Preventive screening tests like routine mammograms and colonoscopies are also free now with Medicare.

For other medical services, you're only responsible for 20% of Medicare's approved cost for any medical service after you pay a $183 annual deductible.
Medicare's approved rates for imaging studies are about $30-$60 for plain film x-rays, $250-$500 for CT scans and $400-$900 for MRIs. Your 20% would be as little as $6 for the cheapest x-ray but $180 for the most expensive MRI.

What about surgery? How much would a major surgery cost someone who only has Medicare Parts A & B? A surgeon usually gets a single "package" fee for a surgical procedure that covers the surgery and all follow up fees. The amount Medicare approves for a surgery can range anywhere from $300 for a simple procedure to about $3,000 for, say, open heart surgery.

That means the portion you pay the surgeon would range anywhere from about $60 to $600. Add that to the $1,288 you pay the hospital (your Part A deductible) and the $100-$300 you pay the anesthesiologist and your total for even a major surgery would be around $2,000-$2,500.
What about cancer chemotherapy? How much will that cost you?
Still, Medicare Part B covers IV therapy, including cancer chemotherapy, when administered either in a nursing home or an infusion center. If you receive chemotherapy during a hospitalization, then the cost of your chemotherapy is covered by your Part A deductible.
in the most extreme cases cancer treatment might cost you as much as the price of a used car if you include the cost of surgery, radiation treatment and several courses of chemotherapy with a biologic agent. However, when I say "used car" I mean the price of a used Ford Taurus or a Honda Civic, not a luxury vehicle. That's the most extreme expense you might possibly be hit with if you have only Medicare Parts A & B.
Approximate out of pocket expenses with Medicare

As you can see, roughly eight out of ten Medicare recipients wouldn't spend the cost of the their Supplemental premiums in a year and only about one in fifty would spend more than $10,000. That means that an average Medicare recipient can expect to go about 50 years before being hit with medical bills that exceed $10,000.

Should you get a supplemental policy to cover these potential costs? That's your call obviously but, now that you know your potential risk, let's talk about these policies. First, here is a link to a page posted by Consumer Affairs listing more than 100 reviews of AARP supplemental policies. Almost every review gave these policies only one star (the worst rating). That should give you some idea of how good these policies really are.

So I wouldn't include the cost of Medicare/Medicaide supplemental insurance.  It seems to be a tax on stupid people.

ETA: No wonder people make signs like this all the time ....

Arts and Entertainment / Re: Rick and Morty
Sealab 2021, but that was a couple decades ago.
Adventure Time has its moments too.
The Soap Opera / Re: "Information Center"
Storm Cloud is the forum default at the moment.
For some reason I read this as Storm Front being a default forum.  Then I checked the thread titles and came back to reread this message.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: The Dog Thread
Bunny and Rotweiler, how cute.  At least until Mr. Rot grabs bunny by the neck and shakes him all about like a rag doll.   :staregonk:
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Counter - Social - Media - Intel?   CSMI
Social Media Counter Intel?  SMCI

OK, I got it.

Social Media Office Of Counter Intel.  SMOOCI

You always need an office named resulting in a catchy acronym.
From what I've seen, energy businesses put a ton of effort into separating the process controls from the rest of their network, and hence from internet access.  That strategy has probably become less effective over time.
The "internet of things" has expanded at an exponential rate such that some items you purchase for an operating plant or utility system have hard-wire, WiFi or Bluetooth capability installed, you just don't connect them to stay secure.  But over time someone gets the grand idea to activate these systems without investigating the security protocals required.  Firewalls are only as effective as the people behind them, and a single unthought click on an attachment can infiltrate an entire system.
FYI, check the existing BIOS on the router.  I've noticed a few new ones have the same capability as ddwrt provides on the older models.
Routers don't have BIOS, they have EFI. You moron. You idiot. You cretin.
Well, fuck you.  Don't follow me.  Fuck Off.

FB post I just made ...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Heads rolling (figuratively) I hope.
G.W.BUSH!!!   :whyyou:
We need the potential tree hungers to meet the stand-your-grounders on a dark night with firecrackers.
You really should learn how to use punctuation properly. Given your superior DNA, this should not be too much of a stretch.

And, on reflection, I agree that my words were not appropriate for a staff member. Please accept my sincere apologies. What I meant to say was: go fuck yourself with a frozen pineapple.