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Welp, almost as good.  The guy is a serial Ten Commandments Monument destroyer.

Why one man keeps ramming his car into Ten Commandments statues on government property

Other states have grappled with similar Ten Commandments controversies, including Oklahoma, which installed a 4,800-pound monument on its capitol grounds in 2012.

In 2014, Reed rammed a car into that monument, Powell said. But it was replaced and stood on the capitol grounds until the state Supreme Court ruled it had to be removed, according to The Washington Post's Abby Phillip.

According to the Tulsa World, a judge ordered Reed to receive mental health treatment after that incident. He was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and released under an agreement that required him to continue treatment.

All this melting ice is only one, and smaller, factor in sea level rise.  The largest by far is the thermal expansion of water due to raised temperatures in the oceans.  As the oceans absorb any excess heat in the system (IF there is any) then the rise in global average ocean temperature will also result in rise in sea level.

The forcing of this will be the additional rate of evaporation from a warmer source plus an increase in the surface area of evaporation and thus some cooling to counteract the temperature rise.
Ice loss as an effect on ocean level can only account for the ice above sea level.
Antarctic ice gain per year is perimeter ice already on the water and has a net zero effect on sea level.
Greenland Ice loss, and pretty much all other glacial losses around the world, are near 100% effect since it's melting above sea level.

The alarmists are also idiots since they take the volume of ice as a total and don't discount the large amount of it that sits below sea level on both the Greenland or Antarctic land mass.

re: college education sets you high school free;
el jefe laid a shitburger, now we get to see him eat it.

ETA to his reply above:  obviously guapo is not college educated
The bigger boat wins; except when the small boat is not powered.

Or, the destroyer opens fire.  Then it's just a contest of caliber.

This is a Dave level fail.

Convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, contempt of court and tax evasion.
I don't know FX, there's certainly some sea level rise occurring here.

The destroyer should have opened fire.
RAFH, that sounds completely airy-fairy nonsense.

Some doctors/people might be better at getting patients to relax, which all by itself might reduce some kinds of pain. I seriously doubt anyone has some innate ability to heal.
With, of cource, the possible exception of

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
fyp (see spoiler)
If the memory of your being is 'immortalized' in the general public (say, for instance, Napoleon Bonaparte) are you then considered immortal?
Is there such a thing as a Placebo-ician?
Politics and Current Events / Re: Supreme court
Suggest renaming the title "Post Apocalyptic Supreme Court"
If the Haudenosaunee Confederacy were still around today, no doubt they would see the wisdom of appointing billionaires to run their nation and implement their egalitarian ideals.
There is a website with that name. Their "Clan System" has a bit of a "Caste System" to feel me. Potentially quite unegalitarian. 

Not to mention that these tribes were not the "sustainable" example that Dave might want to emulate.
The Iroquois League traditions allowed for the dead to be symbolically replaced through captives taken in "mourning wars", the blood feuds and vendettas that were an essential aspect of Iroquois culture.[107] As a way of expediting the mourning process, raids were conducted to take vengeance and seize captives. Captives were generally adopted directly by the grieving family to replace the member(s) who had been lost.
So raid thy neighbor policy.  Check.
Each nation had between one and four villages at any one time, and villages were moved approximately every five to twenty years as soil and firewood were depleted.
Not quite the rape/pillage of other cultures (like slash & burn agriculture) but certainly having a population that exceeds the carrying capacity of the local land.
The Iroquois are a mix of horticulturalists, farmers, fishers, gatherers and hunters, though their main diet traditionally has come from farming. The main crops they cultivated are corn, beans and squash, which were called the three sisters (De-oh-há-ko) and are considered special gifts from the Creator. These crops are grown strategically. The cornstalks grow, the bean plants climb the stalks, and the squash grow beneath, inhibiting weeds and keeping the soil moist under the shade of their broad leaves. In this combination, the soil remained fertile for several decades. The food was stored during the winter, and it lasted for two to three years. When the soil in one area eventually lost its fertility, the Haudenosaunee moved their village.
FARMING!!!  FARMING???  Well, Dave has a habit of not really researching his own references here.
Plants traditionally used by the Iroquois include ...
Looky here, the Iriquois not only used herbal recipes for medicine, they also understood the local and regional plants that grew on their land.
Women in society

The Iroquois are a matriarchal Mother Clan system. No person is entitled to 'own' land, but it is believed that the Creator appointed women as stewards of the land.
Dave's balls just withdrew.

So there is just a few contradictions to Dave's new hero's and his stated beliefs and practices.  Par for the course really.
The spine alignment and joint movement thingy is probably helpful.  What I don't like about chiropractic "care" is there is no long term solutions or corrective actions prescribed by many practitioners.  They get their money by repeat business so why "fix" an issue when you can just repair it periodically.

I get that some issues related to posture or genetics may require constant care, but other issues could be solved via surgery and/or joint replacement that otherwise require the patient to see the chiropractor constantly.
TR Embassy and Animal Shelter / Re: birds ?!
Looks legit, let's compare.

Or, to be fair to other TR members ...

The turducken analysis says the duck was an intermediary species between the turkey and the chicken.
Games / Re: Image Association
That has to be the first thing you learn in Police training.  When someone claims "Do you know who I am?  I'm xxxxxx."; to ignore it but make sure you follow all the proper procedures just in case they are who they claim.
Bet that Mike Lee Senator will vote "Yes" on the bill no matter how short the time to review it once released.
Both Sides!
To this point I have not been mentioning the absurdly low Bremer support values because you have not even been able to take in the resampling test results (bootstrap, jackknife) and the huge polytomy they produce.

Every time we look at the published material and the statistical tests, they contradict the dinosaur to bird hypothesis.
Write it up for publication socrates.

Care to contribute? Particularly if you have some expertise in this area.
I will contribute to the discussion of your analysis and findings in whatever format you choose to submit.

All I see is your pointing at numbers and saying "SEE, LOOK, THERE."  But there is no analysis, comparative or contrasting evaluations and original ideas on proper modifications.

You say there's a "mistake", so spell it out already.
To this point I have not been mentioning the absurdly low Bremer support values because you have not even been able to take in the resampling test results (bootstrap, jackknife) and the huge polytomy they produce.

Every time we look at the published material and the statistical tests, they contradict the dinosaur to bird hypothesis.
Write it up for publication socrates.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Spices departure would be a blow to all late night TV show writers (they would have to actually write something once in a while).  Plus he's like the Circus Ring Master of the entire shitshow administration.  Kellyanne or Sarah just don't have the "Spice" effect.  And Laura Ingraham just doesn't look like someone to give a press briefing from the bushes.