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It's even easier now than it was back then to show support for my admittedly imprecise statement about Portuguese ...

Foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal

At the end of the 11th century, the Burgundian knight Henry became count of Portugal and defended its independence by merging the County of Portugal and the County of Coimbra. His efforts were assisted by a civil war that raged between León and Castile and distracted his enemies.

Henry's son Afonso Henriques took control of the county upon his death. The city of Braga, the unofficial Catholic centre of the Iberian Peninsula, faced new competition from other regions. Lords of the cities of Coimbra and Porto fought with Braga's clergy and demanded the independence of the reconstituted county.

Portugal traces its national origin to 24 June 1128, the date of the Battle of São Mamede. Afonso proclaimed himself Prince of Portugal after this battle and in 1139, he assumed the title King of Portugal. In 1143, the Kingdom of León recognised him as King of Portugal by the Treaty of Zamora. In 1179, the papal bull Manifestis Probatum of Pope Alexander III officially recognised Afonso I as king. After the Battle of São Mamede, the first capital of Portugal was Guimarães, from which the first king ruled. Later, when Portugal was already officially independent, he ruled from Coimbra.

In case anyone doesn't know where "Burgundy" is ... here ya go ...

In case you don't what that light grey area is ... uh ... it's France.  Lol

One of us has a problem, Dave. I don't see any reference to any language in that quote.

Quote function takes Labour day off in advance?

Anyway, Zombies!, asking how much rain is needed is  interesting, too. Will there be sufficient for the trees and fields and animals, and if not, will there be sufficient backup from the stream or whatever he has?
Since I'm pretty sure you guys didn't bother to read the article I posted I'll excerpt a little of it for you.

Here's some timing info ...
Ms. Rice is expected to be a central witness in the coming weeks before committee investigators to explain the unmasking and wide dissemination of what the committee chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes, has called improper electronic surveillance of Trump transition team officials.

Here's some other timing info:

Quote from:  Mark 9
And he said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power.

A really old trick, Dave. It will happen, sometime in the future... Rather unfalsifiable.
So it appears to me that Trump is going to accomplish what his predecessor failed to do... Renegotiate NAFTA to make a better deal for the US.  And yeah ... He will have done it by playing poker basically.
jesus christ you are an idiot.
He has lots of company - the Great Negotiator softening up the opposition/playing chess/poker theme is the common reaction from Trump fanatics. Then you read their posts and realise the painful depth of their ignorance about... well, everything relevant.
Says the woman who reveals her painful ignorance by saying you should identify and characterize all your pasture grass and forb species as a first step to setting up a rotational grazing system.  Lol

Stop lying, Dave. You have been corrected on this a gazillion times, and, despite being challenged to provide a link to where borealis said this, you still trot it out.

You are a damned liar, Dave.

Maybe we should change the statistics quote, probably from Disraeli and popularized by Mark Twain, to

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and Dave's lies."
"Donald Trump is a terrible negotiator"


Right; the world is laughing at him and his lack of accomplishments.

Breathe deeply.


When I say "no inputs"  that is merely a convenient shorthand for "no commercial feed, and no meds."

It does not mean that I will never ever have to purchase a bag of something to spread on my pasture if I am exporting milk off the property.  Perhaps I will maybe once a year or once every two years. Who knows?

Why is this so hard for you to get your head around?
Why is it so difficult for you to use words in the same way as the rest of the world does?
Please dont.  You're making this forum impossible to view on mobile with these huge nested quotes.  Dave is just going to ignore you.
Why not just quote the questions and add "Repeat No. 16" or the like. Dave will ignore it anyway, and we who read posts won't have to scroll down multiple indents to see if there's something new.
If government wants to solve poverty, then it seems to me that one way to do it would be to help remove obstacles to enabling people to rise out of poverty ...

A great example of this is already happening with my own county government ... my county government has cooperated with me in allowing me to install a much cheaper black water / grey water system than would normally be required.  Systems typically cost about $10,000 but mine will only cost a couple hundred ... if that.  The county inspector has now visited my site and is being very cooperative and encouraging.  If this thing "gets legs" it could be a great help to the poor.

I'm not familiar with the US, so, Dave, please tell me how many people who live in poverty own a property where they have to install such a system?
Oh yeah ... because I find it fascinating that a professional with as much education as you can be so stupid AND be such a liar ... all at once.
Dave, not only is it boring to read your repetitive claims of someone being a "liar", the claims are not even laughable if you don't quote the supposedly lying statement and provide a refutation. Your screaming "liar" without support is an infallible sign that you have no support for your accusation.
Who the fuck in this thread said anything about China?  God you're a dimbulb.  Look.   Dude.  Here's some advice ...

(1) read people's posts
(2) engage your brain
(3) post intelligently

You're welcome.

We didn't have to mention China. It's an obvious theory that the Syrian waste of money combined with sending US warships to South China Sea is meant to send a message to not only Russia, but to China as well.
Putting the stupid aside for a moment:  Any guesses on whether the asshole hypocrite animal-torturer stuff came naturally to him or took effort?
Brainwashed at an early age into believing that Genesis dominionism takes precedence over rational thought, it now comes naturally.
Dear Dave, could you please explain, in your own words, what you mean by those non-referenced (pseudo?) quotes?
"But but but but but ... "

" National security "

"everyone knows we would be much safer with Hillary as president even though she lied and cheated and stole and possibly murdered in order to become president"

"So national security ...  it's my job"

It's kind of amazing to me how much of a tell "Lol" has become for Dave. It pretty much directly translates to "I'm not informed enough to make an actual response, but I desperately want to seem like I'm running circles around you."
:sadyes:  exactly.
Second those. It is somewhat on the same principle as when Dave uses really abusive words when referring to a post. A sure sign that there was a sane, thoughtful, kind, knowledgable entry.
Also this may be the most blatant and mindless tribalism I've ever seen, and that is really saying something for Dave. He and his fellow Trumpeteers don't even seem to care about the possibility of Russian meddling in our democratic process! And we all know how up in arms they would be if it was Clinton's team that was being investigated for it. My god they would literally be calling for her to be burned at the stake! But because it's Trump, they don't even care! They're all "this is fine" dog about the possibility of Russian interference in American elections, or they just dismiss it out of hand as a possibility, but the suggestion that Trump and/or his team may have had anything at all to do with it? That simply cannot be tolerated! Dear Leader must be protected at all costs!

Dave, when did you stop caring about your country? When did Trump become more important to you than American democracy?

Bolded part. If Russia thinks that Sweden of 10 million inhabitants is sufficiently important to keep an office of Internet trolls and desinformation producers in St. Petersburg addressing us, imagine the resources directed at USA.
Drifting on, my best IKEA memory is from one afternoon when I had bought a chair in IKEA London, and was driving back to Bracknell where I was working at the time. Took a wrong turn on exiting, and got lost increasingly deep in London. No map, no useful signs, and this was way before any satnavs. Fortunately, the sky was reasonably clear, so I realized that I could navigate westwards towards the sun until I hit the M25. I knew that junction, so from there the rest of the drive was unproblematic.
If your much-vaunted methods work as you claim there should be a visible difference between areas the goatbox has been dragged over and areas it has not.

I'm not seeing it.
I suggest glasses. Or contacts. Or perhaps Lasix surgery.

It seems that Dave is the one who might need LASIK surgery. Lasix is a diuretic.
Just as David can do the very same test, by posting photos showing the difference between the 'rested' land which didn't have a goat box dragged over it last year and its depauperate cover, and the lush green tracks left where said goat box was dragged.

It's Spring David, won't be a better time.
The photos will be interesting. In the last pics of the goat box that I remember, I saw no signs of it having been dragged at all.
The Donald wants to destroy the USofA.

How else can you interpret that, in the running for president campaign, he said that Chancellor Angela Merkel was destroying Germany.

Soon afterwards, on asked if he admired any politician, he mentioned Ms. Merkel.

Interesting alternative interpretations include amnesia, and general insanity.

Not long ago, you implied that there are farmers who use "anhydrous ammonia", as fertilizer if I understood you correctly. I'm intrigued. Please explain how they apply the gas, and what effect they anticipate, and how they avoid getting poisoned.
For the purposes of the current discussion, anhydrous ammonia is the same as ammonium nitrate.

Not long ago, you implied that there are farmers who use "anhydrous ammonia", as fertilizer if I understood you correctly. I'm intrigued. Please explain how they apply the gas, and what effect they anticipate, and how they avoid getting poisoned.
No. You're wrong as usual. And the reason you're wrong is because you ignore data. In this case the data from the Weston Price foundation that I have posted several times here.
Let me guess. What you have posted contains no "data" as everyone but you would define it. And you know it, and so you don't dare to post a link to what's probably just assertions.
All you have to do to find out that cropland which has been under tillage for hundreds of years is depleted of organic matter and plant nutrients is to try planting something and not applying any fertilizer.  In fact why don't you come to my area and suggest that to one of the local farmers. Tell him to plant his corn and not apply any anhydrous ammonia.  And whatever else they apply.  He will look at you really really funny.
He will look at you really funny if you think that he applies anhydrous ammonia anywhere in any way. I doubt that a farmer can buy that very toxic gas in any quantity, much less be allowed to release it to the atmosphere. And if you spray crops with it, it just kills anything it touches before polluting the air.

Fun experiment: Try to order a cylinder of ammonia, and see how many minutes will go before your local anti-terrorist squad contacts you.

Or have you re-defined "anhydrous ammonia" to mean something else than what the rest of the world understands by that term?
Who said I don't believe in magic?  If you want to classify God creating the world out of nothing as "magic" then yes I do believe in magic.

 But that's not what we were talking about. We were talking about poop as fertilizer. Anybody who thinks that is magic is an idiot.

 Nice try changing the subject, you dishonest scum bag.
But Dave, if the creation of the whole universe is magic, and if poop is part of the universe and wouldn't exist without magic, then it stands to reason that poop is magic too. :parrot:

Oh, it's not just magic.

From The Complete Works Of Chuang Tzu, Translated by Burton Watson

Master Tung-kuo asked Chuang Tzu, "This thing called the Way - where does it exist?"
Chuang Tzu said, "There's no place it doesn't exist."
"Come," said Master Tung-kuo, "you must be more specific!"
"It is in the ant."
"As low a thing as that?"
"It is in the panic grass."
"But that's lower still!"
"It is in the tiles and shards."
"How can it be so low?"
"It is in the piss and shit!"

But mine is LOW labor.

Yours is HIGH labor.

Really? How many hours per day do you work, and how many hours do I work? Or do you have another measure for work intensity? Do you for example know how much work goes into growing Jerusalem artichokes?
Farms abandoned a century ago will still have completely untended healthy stands of Jerusalem artichokes, and they are imo a very tasty vegetable.
Labour certainly comes into it when cleaning them for cooking. 1) Select the largest/smoothest ones for growing on, 2) use among other implements a toothbrush for cleaning the multiple crevices, and/or 3) just slice them finely and fry them raw.

Mashed potatoes will for example be a totally new and rewarding dish if you add mashed J.a. (or ditto parsnips).

But mine is LOW labor.

Yours is HIGH labor.

Really? How many hours per day do you work, and how many hours do I work? Or do you have another measure for work intensity? Do you for example know how much work goes into growing Jerusalem artichokes?