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I'd love to be a fly on the wall tonight at the RNC.

Can they force him out? What would happen if they did? I know people who have already mailed in their absentee ballots. I got mine a week and a half ago and could've mailed it in already.

Plus, I doubt Trump would go quietly. This would be a bit harder to spin into a Hillary-rigged-things! conspiracy.

And on that note, I'm looking forward to hearing Giuliani defend this by saying, "Everybody grabs women by the pussy!" and Christie explain how sometimes you just trip and fall and your hand happens to land on a woman's crotch, and oops!

eta I almost wish I had cable TV so I could watch Hannity right now. :sadcheer:
McCain's latest statement:
"There are no excuses for Donald Trump's offensive and demeaning comments. No woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior. He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences."

In other words, "Please vote for me even though I endorsed this sack of shit. :mason: "

"Son, like I always tell you, you've got to grab them by the pussy. Can you pass the mashed potatoes?"

The thing that people are too brainwashed to notice is that Hillary is just as bad as Trump.
Science / Re: Why don't GPs understand evolution?
I don't mean to be a dick, but this kind of advice could really hurt somebody.

1) Any wound on an extremity in a diabetic person can become serious very quickly. It could potentially become life-threatening.

2) Gut bacteria have nothing to do with bacteria in an infected finger. You could have all the good bacteria in the world in your GI system, and it's going to do absolutely nothing to take care of bacteria in a finger or toe. The body simply doesn't work that way. They are completely different environments. And "good" gut bacteria don't automatically have the ability to out-compete every other type of "bad" bacteria regardless of environment. You could inject lactobacillus into your finger, and it's not going to magically get better.

Telling a diabetic with a septic finger harboring penicillin-resistant bacteria to eat vegetables and take probiotics instead of getting treatment is dangerous. I know Monad isn't going to take that advice and I know it's popular to disregard medical advice from those idiot dummy doctors who don't know anything, but the reality is that, yes, doctors do actually know some things, and, yes, most of us would do well to actually listen to them and not rely on just the internet.
Science / Re: Why don't GPs understand evolution?
My understanding is Flucloxacillin has a pretty narrow spectrum of bacteria it affects so adding the penicillin would have increased the overall range. But what they were ignoring was the fact that I'd been a whole week on it and the infection was just getting worse which was more likely to be due to resistance. The GP I was today recognised that straight away though and put me on Clarithromycin, she seemed more experienced.

Yeah even minor wounds/infections with diabetes can turn major if not treated, even though I now have it well under control I guess the damage to my peripheral vascular system happened before I got diagnosed and will take longer to recover from if that's even possible.

I always take probiotics when I'm on antibiotics to mitigate against the depletion of gut biota, but I doubt they would do anything for the infection itself other than the general but more diffuse benefit of a healthier system.

Diabetes sucks. :(

A week without improvement is scary even in a person who isn't/wasn't ever diabetic. I'm glad this other doctor is giving you something else. Hopefully that'll take care of the problem.

Sometimes I wish it were reasonable and sensible to do a culture and sensitivity before giving antibiotics, but it takes time and usually isn't worth the effort. Instead we rely on assumptions about what the most likely culprit is based on what's going on. Most of the time, that's enough to clear up the problem, but sometimes resistance or weird things happen. I remember one dog we had seen for never-ending ear infections had results come back with multiple organisms involved, including a strain of Enterococcus. How the fuck that even got in there in the first place was a total mystery.
Science / Re: Why don't GPs understand evolution?
Did all the above too, problem is it wasn't getting better and I have diabetes, which is probably one reason why it wasn't getting better. But it also seems resistant to penicillin, anyway they have put me on another one now, this time a different type.

Yeah, you don't want to fuck around with infections if you're compromised or diabetic. I don't know for sure why they'd stick to the same class of antibiotics, but from what I understand, drugs from the same class may be able to target slightly different bacteria. What I wonder is at what point do they do a culture and sensitivity to figure out what they're dealing with.

And probiotics will do jack shit for anything other than GI problems, and septic anything needs antibiotics. It's absurd and stupid to throw the baby out with the bathwater just because GPs have a history of handing out antibiotics for viral infections. My SIL had a tooth infection that progressed to sepsis that landed her in the ICU for two weeks, knocked out and intubated, and she almost died. Had her doctors actually treated her infection with antibiotics when she first presented with symptoms, she may not have ended up so sick in the first place.
It wasn't a total waste. I drew out all of the many blood vessels of the canine abdomen on my whiteboard so many times while listening to those idiots that I know it inside out now.
This segment on abortion and adoption is fucking painful and boring. Hey, Kaine, you dummy, why don't you ask him why he doesn't want gays to adopt?
If Kaine doesn't bring up the Trump campaign getting repeatedly warned and fined by the FEC for soliciting foreign donations, I'm going to punch somebody.

eta okay, who wants to volunteer?
What Trump meant when he said Putin isn't going to go into Crimea was that Trump wasn't going to let it happen again.

Because Russia left Crimea and is going to invade it again.

He loves are troupes so much that he wants to send more of them in the military and wants to send them back to Iraq. :awgee:

<---- better at this than Tim Kaine
KAINE: basically quotes Trump
PENCE: *chuckles, shakes head*

I'm loving this pivot that Hillary is soft on Russia and Trump isn't.
Why didn't he clobber Pence on war on coal?

Probably because "war on coal" is making West Virginia and PA swoon, and it's hard to call him out on it without making things worse.

For someone who hates gays, Pence sure does like to suck a lot of police cock.  :hehe:
Yeah, no kidding.

War on coal. War on coal. War on coal. War on coal.

eta Kaine is not very good at this. I'm curious to see if they'll ask Pence about being a fundamentalist whackjob.
According to Reuters, 47% of Trump supporters said their main priority when voting will be to stop Clinton from reaching the White House. And 46% of Clinton backers said the same of Trump.

Imagine if everyone who said "I'd vote for Johnson if he had a chance," actually did? We would win the whole thing.

lol, okay, Uncle Gary.
the third party voter perpetual delusion seems to be that no one actively wants candidates from the two major parties. it's more or less projection mixed with an exaggeration of the significance of the extent to which supports of the two major parties might not be super enthused about them in any given election.

Right, some people actually support the mainstream policies of the GOP or Democrats. Maybe it's because they're all stupid Americans who don't know anything, and Gary is going to save them from themselves.

It's just mind-blowing to hear that people should be elected to power even though nobody's voting for them. Like, do you even understand the fundamental basics of democratic systems, motherfucker? Apparently, my brother doesn't, since he also thinks local elections don't matter. Well, good luck dislodging the two major parties by running an idiot vanity candidate once every four years and doing nothing but whining every other year. For all his faults, Nader's been complaining about the lack of support and action on off-election years for a very long time, but what the fuck does that curmudgeon know about 3rd party politics, anyway?
My brother likes Gary Johnson. His response to "Johnson can't win" is "that's because Americans are stupid and think that he can't win." I argued with him about it, pointing out that the eternal problem with 3rd parties is that there's virtually no real work done at the local and state level and that people show up once every 4 years to vote for a Green or Libertarian presidential candidate but they don't participate in the intervening years. His response was that 3rd parties can't win local or state elections, either, because the only people who vote in those are old people and union members, and they get bribed to vote for the major parties. Nevermind that only a very small fraction of workers in this country are even in a fucking union.

So they can't win elections at any level because people won't vote for them, but that's a travesty because they deserve to win even though no one wants to vote for them because we know that they secretly would vote for a 3rd party if they weren't being bribed and weren't so fucking stupid. And we're supposed to give a 3rd party candidate the presidency as an act of charity, for the sake of diversity, because no one will actually vote for them.

Of course, my brother's biggest argument against Hillary was that she's been in power for long enough already and "isn't it someone else's turn?". Hmm, well, I hadn't thought of it that way!  :awgee:

"It all flipped, so fast," said Mr. Odgaard, a patrician 70-year-old who favors khakis and boat shoes. "Suddenly, we were in the minority. That was kind of a scary feeling. It makes you wonder where the Christians went."

How much do we want to bet that this guy thinks racial and ethnic minorities are just a bunch of ungrateful whiners?
This was published a while ago but never got any traction:

Trump would go into the store with his wife, his girlfriend, his...whatever (to use his vernacular). He would then buy her an expensive necklace or wristwatch. Normally, such a transaction would face the New York city and state sales tax, which would be pretty high on luxury jewelry.

In an illegal attempt to evade the tax, Trump "asked" the store to instead ship the jewelry to an out of state location, where no New York sales tax could be collected. In fact, the store would merely send an empty jewelry box to the location, while Trump and his lady friends walked out the door with the jewelry that very day.

The state and city tax collectors eventually caught onto this scheme, and Trump promptly testified against his erstwhile tax evasion colluding partners at the jewelry store in order to save his own skin.

something that annoys me more than it probably should (esp. compared to other things) is that he talks like a fucking child. "very bad things happen," like a 9-year-old describing something he doesn't really understand. "a very against police judge," like "anti-" is a vocab term he hasn't gotten up to in class yet.

eta like even just how often he uses the word "very," something about that just makes him sound like a simpleton.

That's because you're an ivory tower elitist scumbag.

Seriously, though, it annoys me, too. We're used to about a 7th grade level when it comes to politics because that's honestly the most effective tactic at getting information across in mass media. So it's kind of jarring to hear a 3rd grade level instead. And what drives me nuts is that people don't seem to want someone smart to be president. They want someone who's a bit of a dumbass and not any smarter than Uncle Earl, so, hey, this idiot manchild is fucking great! :psyduck:

Fucking deranged lunatic. So many insane quotes in just one little bout of verbal diarrhea.

"I hear too many bad stories, and we can't lose an election because of you know what I'm talking about," Trump said. "So, go and vote and then go check out areas because a lot of bad things happen, and we don't want to lose for that reason."

We can't lose an election because of the blacks and spics, so go harass them!

"She could be crazy. She could actually be crazy."

"How many people have acid-washed or bleached a tweet?" Trump asked the crowd. "How many? That you deleted? So you deleted it but that's not good enough. No, this is getting crazy. Our country is becoming a third-world country."

"Right now, you say to your wife: 'Let's go to a movie after Trump.' But you won't do that because you'll be so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. Okay? No movie. You know why? Honestly? Because they don't make movies like they used to -- is that right?"

And shifting into used car salesman mode:
"You have 38 days to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true," Trump said. "Do not let this opportunity slip away or be wasted. You will never ever have this chance again. Not going to happen again... You have one magnificent chance."

But, hey, Hillary's just as bad, amirite? TPP!!!!!!! :whyyou:
oh btw, trump's 1995 tax return got leaked to the nyt.  he claimed a $900M loss for the year.  people are saying he could have spread the loss over the next 20 years' tax returns and paid no tax in all that time.  (I guess they're assuming he's had an income of ~$50M?  based on....?)

also, puts a bit of a dent in the Amazing Businessman image he's trying to cultivate, to see that he managed to lose $1B in one year.

I saw it phrased as he could make up to $50 million a year and still not pay a dime.

lol, what a piece of shit. If not paying taxes is so smart, why is he so stubborn about hiding his returns? Wouldn't he want to show everyone how clever he is and how he has a terrific understanding of the US tax code, better than anybody, believe me?

And, man, I wish I were smart enough to not fucking pay anybody and stiff just about everyone who does things for me and still manage to lose almost a billion dollars.