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he was secretly The Resistance all along!!!!1
I could see Ryan giving the Freedom Cockus a parting "fuck you" by allowing an immigration bill to protect DACA recipients to hit the floor of the House, but impeachment? Nah.

because we all know how deeply paul ryan cares about immigrants
his now being a lame duck changes his calculus for possible impeachment of trump

it should be fun to watch how many outright Nazis end up winning in Republican primaries.

yeah it'll be hilarious until people vote them into power LOLOLOLOLOLOL
I mean I hate Nazis so if you call me a Nazi, I'm going to go shave my head and join them.

Also I don't have a job writing for the Atlantic so I guess I'm also an unperson.
I've been pointing that out a lot lately, and the response has generally been "well that's different because it's just different, okay?". It's a disgrace for Oberlin students to write an opinion piece in their student paper about the cafeteria food, but it's totally okay for Brigham Young to expel students for just being gay and to ban all sorts of student organizations from campus.

Fully confirmed to myself that FIRE is full of absolute fucking shit because they rarely go after schools like that. Search their page for Liberty University, and they have one news release from 2016 and then older shit saying basically that students know what they're signing up for when they go to Liberty, and Liberty has the right to decide its institutional values.

lolololololololololololol fuck all these assholes
These fucking people.

How about you include someone's DUI history on there instead?
kucinich is better than the dem party deserves

I used to like Kucinich back in high school.

But he did have some very special brain worms, especially with the weird hippie woo shit, and it looks like the situation hasn't gotten any better:
Lmbo until I think about how these grifters make so much money off their marks
My BFF from college is literally a screenwriter who wrote this really awesome horror short that's won a bunch of awards and who worked on Hannibal so I should pitch this idea to her.
although if this is actually what finally brings high level people down, lmao

given how fucking bananas everything has been, this is much more likely the case than it would have been otherwise before the great brain worm epidemic
actually trained mine to crawl out of my body at night and fight terrible men
Look at how dumb this man is:

this is incoherent and he should stop trying to be clever because boy he is really really really dumb
just think of all the money the state could save if cops just keep killing people for funsies
that meme is so annoying and unfunny
it's important to maintain the fantasy that no mentally healthy man would ever be a scumbag rapist
I am confused. Isn't that a direct symptom of having a fucked up brain? Or do you mean that if we called someone sick then they wouldn't be morally culpable and so it wouldn't be ok to condemn them. Because I don't see the problem in condemning a mentally fucked human for their crimes.

There's a range of culpability for bad acts that mentally unhealthy people commit just as there is with bad acts mentally healthy people commit.

But there's also a tendency to label shitty behavior by men as just a straightforward issue of them being "crazy" or some kind of isolated aberration when a lot of this shit is either directly learned, culturally sanctioned behavior or an extension of that kind of behavior. As an example directly related to this particular scumbag, how many "normal" men have seriously argued that, actually, teenage girls are at the height of female sexual attractiveness, so it's not too crazy to say so even though I would never go after a young girl myself. I'm just saying it's biology.

And look at the crazy shit he wrote in those messages. Tone it down a bit, and the underlying assumptions are the same fucking garbage I've heard from plenty of "normal" men.
it's important to maintain the fantasy that no mentally healthy man would ever be a scumbag rapist
tbh where i'm from, shiksa isn't really considered derogatory
Politics and Current Events / Re: Trumpocalypse
Here's the worst part of that article:
His remarks reflected a broader Pentagon consensus: In the absence of a clear outcome, winning for much of the U.S. military's top brass has come to be synonymous with staying put. These days, senior officers talk about "infinite war."

Welp, looks like we're just going to literally be at war forever, guys, so get your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids ready to be bullet sponges for their country. :911:
The problem is that some of these publications still want to give obnoxious fucking trolls the benefit of the doubt and rehabilitate them and use whatever edge they have left to generate some hate-clicks, but some readers are sick of this shit and not buying the good faith argument anymore because it's so blatantly fucking obvious that so many of these "intellectuals" are operating entirely in bad faith.
if we start talking about gamergate, i swear to god i will delete the entire fucking forum
I liked Ren & Stimpy, but, yes, it was really fucking weird and often in a creepy way. The creators/writers were obsessed with nipples.
I missed the boat on this one, but looking it up, guy was fired for saying women who have abortions should be killed, and he's expressed that opinion multiple times. It may be valuable to publish people who advocate the murder of women, though.

Not just "they should be prosecuted for murder" or "they should be eligible for the death penalty," but a colorful depiction of the precise method of execution, one that has traditionally been viewed as more viscerally unsettling than, say, a lethal injection. Just another man being emotional like men typically are, but it's important for The Discourse.