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and this proposal speaks their language.

I'm pretty sure, "We'll give more cash to your boss!" isn't the message rust-belt voters are wanting to hear.  It's certainly not what Trump was telling them.

What I keep seeing from friends of friends in the rust best is the belief that we need economic protectionism and deregulation to bring back factory jobs. Not exactly "living wage and ubi"
If we made investment in business as small business start-up assistance and subsidized wages as a feature of unemployment assistance, that would go a long way to creating equity in a market based system. Just saying.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Hugh Grant . . .
Last post by madmardigan -
Love About a Boy. I was and am not much of Hugh Grant fan but I really liked him in About a Boy. From that performance I thought he would have made a good Bond around that time if Pierce Brosnan dropped out or whatever.
I read that cruz was being considered for the AG position, which I hope he takes.
Games / Re: Image Association
Last post by Doobie Keebler -
I hope McCain gets better because he really needs to go fuck himself, and it's hard to do that when you're not well.

What better example of his legacy than a bunch of lovely, thoughtful, principled words that directly contradict his own actions.

Relevant reading:
this is the system working.  this is congress governing around our traitor-in-chief, and saying to russia "no, we're not going to tolerate you screwing with our elections like some failed state".
this, except actually none of this because they're not impeaching him.
Politics and Current Events / Re: The Trump Kompromat Theory
Last post by Bilirubin -

Still looks like nothing but raised middle fingers to me