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What's well known is that you are a notorious liar.  So your empty assertion is doubly worthless.  Let's move on.  I see you cannot come up with a single objection to the manus character selection.  Noted.  What do you want to fail at next?
Another issue that is perhaps larger than the others is the conflicting opinions on a number of characters related to the manus, carpus and the tarsus. James and Pourtless emphasize this in Appendix 3.
A total of 21 characters were turned on for the alternative analysis: 1 character for the basipterygoid process, 5 characters of the palate, 14 characters of the carpus and manus, and 1 character of the tarsus (Appendix 2)

This will probably enrage people even more.

What the mainstream researchers do is make up stories and then code those stories into their matrices. But this is well known.

This is well known.
As a sidenote, I am not correcting every misconception and distortion that people post.
trump policy is literally "make liberals suffer."


His policies that he continually hammered on were:
Build a wall
Kick out undocumented immigrants
Dismantle the ACA
Institute a travel ban
Destroy ISIS
Renegotiate trade deals like NAFTA

As much as we don't like probably all of those but one they are still policies that he hammered on during the campaign.

Hillary hammered on she's not Trump.

Enough of your people responded positively to that. That's the underlying issue here.
I've never denied that white people are horrible.

Hillary Clinton is not known as a charismatic person, what on earth are you talking about
Trump campaigned on xenophobia, racism, isolationism, and that is what worked for him. With all the talk of putting coal miners back to work, there aren't enough coal workers nor people that much in sympathy with coal workers to have swung the election, imo.

Hilary may not be 'charismatic', but without all the terrible rhetoric thrown at her, including by the Bernie faction (whether Sanders participated or approved doesn't really matter), she should have been perceived as what she is - a very competent woman with decades of relevant experience, flawed but able and rational.

Trump isn't 'charismatic' either. I suspect a lot of gullible, shallow people voted in all innocence (a lot of people cannot get their heads around paying real attention to politicians of any stripe) for the reality TV version of Trump, and a lot voted for his described agenda - get rid of Muslims and Mexicans, and cut welfare initiatives for all the imaginary lazy non-white steak eating drug using baby having people out there partying on their tax money. The minority of Trump voters seem to have been cynical 'watch it all burn down' people.

But the US really could use a viable third party. Maybe Sanders should have gone that way (years ago!) rather than entering the Democratic primary. He could have led a version of Canada's NDP, and had some real influence going forward.

(I know, dumb Canadian perspective.)
Science / Re: AGW, CO2 theory, basic global warming theory
Last post by Cephus0 -
I know where you're going with this.
No, you don't have the slightest clue actually.

:stare:  Congratulations on the most prodigious of understatements.  This guy just got finished drawing predictive skill parallels between climastrology and general relativity/Newtonian mechanics.

Btw CAGW,/climate change/climate disruption etc. is not a theory.  Without supporting evidence it is a hypothesis.  A shape-shifting jet-propelled goalpost-moving hypothesis.  Well it would be the ultimate chameleon hypothesis were there any in-principle way to falsify it.  If someone eventually puts forward a reliable methodology for separating putative anthropogenic effects from natural effects then it would progress at last into the sanctified zone of hypothesis.  And in the ultimate reach of some supporting evidence being advanced then further up the ziggurat of science to the dizzying heights of theory it would indeed progress.  Meanwhile though it's unvalidated models only all the way down I'm afraid.
Politics and Current Events / Re: How is this NOT extortion?
Last post by ksen -
I don't know man, I feel like there's a qualitative difference between threatening to withhold purchasing a product if the company doesn't do what you want versus threatening to withhold campaign contributions if the politician doesn't do what you want.

But then I could very well be wrong.
Try Google.


Didn't work. Maybe you could name one of the "many".
Politics and Current Events / Re: corbyn won
Last post by gib -
Theresa May signs agreement with Northern Ireland's DUP

what now, corbailures?

Labour is to table an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for the 1% public sector pay cap and cuts to the police and emergency services to end.
Jeremy Corbyn says the amendment, which will be voted on on Wednesday, will be a "test case" of MPs' willingness to oppose further austerity measures.

this post was stolen from,60556.msg3176114.html#msg3176114
Politics and Current Events / Re: Comic relief thread
Last post by meepmeep -
Lol that's my Congressman!  :meeps:
honestly i'd just like people to stop thinking the profession of understanding the past is most useful for predicting the future.
Would wanting historians to help provide context for the present be better?
yeah, context and backstory. hard as it is due to how singularly vile trump is, we need to recognize that he's not some anti-overman springing out of nowhere to fuck everything up, he's the result of a long-term process.

the other thing historians can provide is a sense of contingency and exigency. what i mean is, a look at what has been considered, what has not been tried, and so what might be possible.

a good article about this is "History in the Time of Crisis" although i think it's paywalled anywhere you can get it.