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Sea Star has been trolling me this whole time.
No she hasn't you dumbshit. She's trying to figure out if you actually have a point because your stupid a+b produces lettuce as a sum. She's trying to figure out where your logic is broken so she can either agree or disagree with you. As it is, you've just made a stupid assertion and pointed to pajamas as support.
Of course I have a point. How many times do in have to repeat it? The cave art in SE Algeria tells us that this area was lush and green less than 10000 years and that there were grazing herds. 

So this is your summary, or at least your main point. Good. Thanks.

Now please feel free to present your next claim -
what we know about mismanaged grazing herds causing desertification today
with link and summary - be sure to point out the main idea you want me to understand.

Thanks! I was sad when I thought you quit. :(

Lol sure you were. You were already given the link and summary. Now what new questions do you have?

Link and summary about overgrazing?
If it was in all the jabber at the other folks, I told you I didn't read anything but the posts between you and me.
But now that I understand your first claim, we can move on. If you posted something earlier in response to someone else, kindly share it with me now that you and I are at that point. Thanks!

I don't know if you are just trolling or not ... if you are, you're pretty good lol ... anyway, I'll play your game at least for little while longer ...

You say that you want me to "teach"you ... so I guess you are taking the role of "student" ... great ...

One of the most important things I want my "students" to learn is to THINK INDEPENDENTLY.  For example, you could have come up with this link yourself if you had recalled that the article was talking about the Mongolian steppe by Googling "desertification overgrazing Mongolian steppe" ... comes up as first hit ... anyway, you can continue to teach yourself about this topic by changing terms ... try "desertification overgrazing deforestation" ... also go to Google Maps or Google Earth and zoom way out so you can see all the areas worldwide affected by desertification and try adding those regions to your search term ... for example, "desertification overgrazing South Africa" or Kenya or West Texas or wherever you like.

That's the ticket!  Google the combination search terms for the results you want, then ignore any that don't support it!  Easy!

And don't google things like: how did the Sahara form?

That will lead you to hits that tell you the earth is millions of years old, and you don't want those hits.
Hey dave, look! Here's yet another peaceful rally, interrupted by a violent AntiFa aggressor:;topic=1843.0;attach=1174

I know, I know- It's a good thing that 'lawless asshole' was intercepted and arrested before charging that speaker. Who knows what he might have done to him!

If there were cell phones back then, I bet that poor speaker would have had to turn his off.
...But whatever you do, don't google "Milankovich cycles". That's 'stupid ass bullshit', and that's all you need to know about it.
I'll play your game at least for little while longer ...
Then I

A man who is suspected of firing a gun at counterprotesters during the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month has been arrested, police said Saturday.
Richard Wilson Preston, 52, was arrested following the release of a video, filmed by the ACLU of Virginia, that allegedly shows him in a verbal altercation on August 12 with counterprotestors near the Southwest corner of Emancipation Park. In the video, counterprotesters appear to throw objects at right-wing marchers.
After several seconds, the man in the video, who is wearing a load-bearing vest, with a pistol on one leg and extra magazines on the other, turns away from the argument and walks away. Before reaching the edge of the frame, he turns back, drawing a pistol and shouting "Hey, n****r."
With his pistol out and pointed at the crowd, he walks toward them before pausing, taking a step back, and racking the slide to load a bullet in his weapon's chamber. The man aims again, seemingly lower, and quickly fires a shot, before turning around, holstering his weapon, and rejoining the march.
As the camera pans to follow the man, police officers in high-visibility vests -- including Virginia State Police troopers in their distinctive hats -- can be seen manning barricades some 50 feet away. They appear not to react to the shot.
Who's known for killing and maiming people, Dave? Antifa protesters or the Klan/white supremacists/nazis? Come on, you must know the answer to that one.
Both.  (Talking about currently, not in the past)
Who's known for killing and maiming people, Dave? Antifa protesters or the Klan/white supremacists/nazis? Come on, you must know the answer to that one.
Both.  (Talking about currently, not in the past)
Really?  Who has AntiFa killed?  In Charlottsville, there was one shooter, and one person who murdered with a car.
Neither was AntiFa.
No. See previous thread on the subject. You don't get to ignore the previous threads you dishonest schmuck.

6th law!!!
I've posted evidence for the Flood many times before ... some examples better than others ...

Here's one of my all time favorites ...

The sandstone layer that includes the Tapeats but has many different names all across North America ... I was first made aware of the remarkable nature of this sandstone layer by Bill Hoesch of ICR ... ...

This layer is enormous ... covering a majority of the land area of the N. Am continent ...

Also it's incredibly flat ...

And it's incredibly thin ...

There is no process occurring today which could possibly create anything remotely close to such a layer.  (No the Bahamas doesn't cut it)

While you cannot look at this layer by itself and conclude "Global Flood" ... you CAN look at it and conclude ... "Gigantic continent sized hydraulic cataclysm the likes of which has never been equalled in all of recorded history."

From that conclusion, it's only a small step, employing other evidence, to "Global Flood"

You're welcome.
does dave use the FSM form of proof on this forum?

all evidence pointing tward it is placed deliberately so it must not be real