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  • Talkrational: we are internet drama junkies, and kinda like vultures circling the struggling beast. we don't necessarily need a personal stake in this shit, well other than lulz being serious personal business

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prognosticators (who admittedly have spent the last year and a half wondering whether they really know anything) consider her a decent possible contender for a primary challenge against trump in 2020.
I'll take that bet.
For her programme on religion, the broadcaster altered it to make it more focused on Christianity, she said.
Kris Kobach is now formally held in contempt of court.
I don't get why you'd bother editing that kind of thing like that. It seems completely pointless to me.

Because it's unviewable without a Kardashian or a cheezy competition thats all about the celebrity judges. Totes obv.
A little bit of comfort is highly underrated in this modern culture.
Calamari Jr



That's what I'd expect a mafia henchman on the Simpsons to be called.
Or just after getting back to Glen about the spider tracks.
Obviously they came from the quantum plenum.

Wasn't that a 50's B movie?
I've come to realize over time that I cannot "expect" anything from this crowd.  But I enjoy posting here for a variety of reasons and sometimes I do get good suggestions and sometimes hit on some interesting discussions. I do expect that my practices will help the YY and I hope to launch a project there at some point.
before or after your epic helium/zircon project?