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Sometimes I get the distinct impression that I'm back in junior high school.
Why? Were there "manipulative bitches" who tried to get you to understand basic compassion there too?
Sometimes I get the distinct impression that I'm back in junior high school.
you certainly have a "type."
Yeah, we get that impression too, Dave.

Sometimes I get the distinct impression that I'm back in junior high school.
I guess if you skipped over all the obvious differences and focused on the most important one, you'd have to say that humans appear to be a composite, whereas all other creatures appear to NOT be a composite.  A composite of what?  Well a composite of something other-wordly (I call it a spirit) which interfaces with the body.

Right.  So for you, the reason not to kill a human is because a human has a spirit, right? And as that spirit might take up residence as early as conception, then it would be safest to regard "as murder" abortion at any stage of pregnancy?

That's essentially the Catholic church's take - not that "ensoulment" definitely happens at conception, but that as we don't know when it happens, it's best to draw the line at conception.

Would you agree?
Sheep is the next thing now isn't it (at least this week)?

Ii's on his bucket list to kill one of every animal that was in his farmyard animals book as a child.
I suspect Dave doesn't have a cow. It's possible that the person who was going to sell Dave a cow heard about goatschwitz and had an attack of compassion and refused to sell her to him. Of course from now on we will only hear that a cow wads something Dave was "considering", and not a definite goal, despite everything he's previously said.
Haha.  To quote you ... "Jesus fuck you're an idiot" ... Lol
Only - here's the thing, Hawkins:
When Testy says "Jesus fuck you're an idiot", it is always abundantly clear to every reader what it is you wrote  that was so stunningly idiotic.

Here it is not at all clear to any reader what is so "idiotic" about Testy's question. 
Your (non)response just looks like the standard Hawkins knee-jerk IKYABWAI.
Mainly because humans seem to have something immaterial outside of themselves pressing them to do things they "ought" to do, whereas animals don't seem to have this.  They seem only to operate on instinct.  Humans have instinct, but sometimes this force - whatever it is and wherever it comes from - overrides instinct in humans.

"Ought to do".  Does this include getting prostitutes?  Is this something we ought to do?