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Mapping the Educational Achievement Gap

Neighborhoods in which a person grows up affect his or her future earnings, longevity, and educational outcomes--all of which are, of course, interconnected. That's vividly evident in a new dot map showing the distribution of the U.S. population by educational attainment.

This interactive visualization was created by Kyle Walker, a geography professor at Texas Christian University, who made the dot map of immigrants we've previously written about. (Both of Walker's maps are influenced by demographic researcher Dustin Cable's racial dot map.)

Direct link to the map: I think this will take you the San Francisco portion of the map.  If you click the last  link in the first paragraph, it should take you to the nearest urban area wherever you are.

Nothing shocking here, at least about the San Francisco area.

Re: Mapping the Educational Achievement Gap
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very cool.
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Re: Mapping the Educational Achievement Gap
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Haven't checked the link yet, but does it say anything about those of us that didn't grow up in any particular area (i.e. military brats)?